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Originally Posted by vivekpro View Post

I tried to gets some more pics...not sure if it helps. please check the links below:
These pics are clearer and it looks like they are all hens.

I have a concern here for this blue hen in the pic you posted. She looks like she has Scaly Mites this can be dangerous for her and it will spread to the other birds and infect them as well.

Depending where you live you should try and order some Ivermectin - Spot On or Scatt for budgies either buy it online or try and buy some in a pet store. If it goes untreated you will have a problem in the future with the health of these birds.

You could take all the birds to an avian vet or regular veterinarian for treatment of these birds but it can be very expensive as you have to take all of them to be treated 3 times each in a 3 week period.

The cages have to be cleared of all objects and everything must be steam cleaned to kill the mites. Steam the perches and food and water dishes and toys, buy a new cuttle bone and mineral blocks after you have sterilized the cages and cleaned everything and the birds have had their 1st treatment.

Mites can develop into air sac mites which will suffocate your birds to death.

Sick birds shouldn't be breeding as this will be passed on to the chicks.

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