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Smile Long post about my pets

well i tried posting this but i was rejected. thankfully I copied it to see how many words it was (at that time, 2142)

I wanted to just talk about my pets that I've had in my life. Note: this will be long and has sad stuff (deaths but nature happens)

I've owned 20+ cats, 18+ dogs, 1 goat, 7+ rabbits, 12 chickens, 2 lizards, 2 hamsters, 1 guinea pig, 3 other birds, 5 fish, 2 horses, 1 ladybug (i can explain), 5 sugar gliders, 1 deer, and probably other things.

The cats:
Cookie was probably a female persian cat. At that time, we also had Smokey, one of the black cats that we've had, and two others that I can't remember the names of.

Kitty was a random calico that showed up one afternoon and was so affectionate and cuddly. It was like I owned her all of her life. I named her kitty because it was my first thought. We later had a litter of kittens and a black and white kitten got stuck under the house. I got her free and we ended up bonding right then and there. She was my pride and joy as well as Kitty. I named her Mitty (Mittens) just to rhyme with Kitty. No clue where they went.

Insert 50000 generations of kittens whose mothers were black cats.

Midnight/Smoky was a black cat we had for several years. She was old to be honest, but pregnant yet again. One night I went outside to walk around because it was a nice temp outside, and I saw her in the road. We had to bury her that night. It killed me, but I know she's not suffering now. Sad that the kittens weren't born. RIP That was about April this year.

Diamond is a beautiful Siamese that was one of two kittens. No clue what happened with the other. All I can say is that she doesn't like people. There was only one cat in every generation that liked me :I

Meulin is her kitten and there was another that disappeared when it was really young. To think that the cat that will follow me to China used to bolt when it saw me just makes me wonder what happened. It's just one day this cat runs over to me and now I have a cat that tags along everywhere I go. I had to get him down out of a tall tree one night because Isis chased them (mentioned later) across the planet. He was terrified but okay. She did it again and I lost it that time and told the previous owner to take her back. Never happened.

Cokes (Cocoa) is someone's kitten (either Diamond or Midnight) and she bonded with me. She's the sister of Blackie. A few months ago some van hit her and broke her hip. I have never had a cat survive a car so I was thrilled when she came out from hiding. She's a little skittish now and sleeps in the old shed across the yard but is running around and playing and climbing well. Her hip looks like it'll never heal and I"m gonna take her to the vet once we find out how much itd be and when we can afford it. She's back to her normal playful self and still tries to trip me when we're running around the yard. She's a lucky kitten though

Blackie is the typical black kitten that bolts when you get near it. I keep mistaking her for Cocoa because of the way she sits That's about it. She had/has this weird bulgy look to her face kinda like a health condition, but it's hard to see now that she's bigger.

Yeah I've had other cats but I can't remember half of them.

To think I hate dogs.

Ginger was a golden retriever that died from parvo or rabies. Maybe both. She was really sweet and playful. I loved her to death. The day we found out something was wrong was the day she just attacked me for no reason. That's all I remember. It's been eons.

Princess was a blonde pekingese that we had. I'm pretty sure they had her before I was born. I know she was old when I was just a toddler. She died from age, but was a really nice dog. We kept her in the house and I don't remember anything about her.

Baby was another pekingese we had for many years. She had something wrong with her eye. I think it was an injury from one of our other dogs. I'm not sure. She was ill because she was old. Typical stuff. I'd walk her all the time and I remember it snowing and she went outside and she didn't like it. We were in another state when she died.

Chloe was my other pride and joy. We got her from a shelter. Her previous owners abused her and we took her in because of it. She was a shih tzu and the one dog I loved to death. I remember she'd always get into things she didn't need to and eat them She was a great dog. She died about a year later. I don't remember why.

Lilah was a lab that someone gave me for christmas. She went from a small puppy to a wolf in a few months. She was playful and very sweet. She got big though and started jumping on people and I'm too small for that Her death enrages me because she was hanged one day. If I knew who it was, they may have been arrested or something.

Isis was a pain. SHe was a wolf - german shepherd mix who couldn't be quiet and was huge. I just forgot everything she ever did but we had to give her to a shelter because 1. no one would take her and 2. we couldn't take care of her because she ate so much and was jumping on us and hurting us etc. She kept breaking chains, leashes, runners etc. and chasing our cats up trees. I almost lost it one day when she attacked Meulin. She was actually a good dog and just wanted attention, but she was just too rough and big for me to play with (I'm the only one who bothers).

Several other dogs that I can't remember.

Scooby and Fred turned out to be related and were yorkie-terrier mixes. Scooby was kept inside and we found out he had mange and we got meds for that blah blah he recovered. Typical stuff. We rescued Fred and saved his life literally. He was blind, thin, weightless and just in a terrible condition. Trip to a vet, meds, a bath, and food later, and he was running around the house. They both died this year. No clue what happened.

Finally. The goat.

I wanted a sheep though. We got him for some crazy reason that I don't know. His name was Billy and I just don't know why we had a goat. I know he decided to attack me one morning! That's all I remember to be honest.

I love rabbits. I never named them, but I loved them. They all escaped but one died somehow. They were precious babies I want another one! I got the first one because I was at a carnival and I spent 15 minutes talking my mom into getting it for me

About those fish. I had a few glowfish and there wasn't anything special besides the fact that they really do glow. It was great. I also kidnapped a minnow from a lake for some reason (I was young ) and threw it into a tank. It died but I still had a minnow for a few hours. I had a male betta for a short time. No clue how it died but I'm pretty sure I was accused of scaring it. Sibling arguments. But yeah I had fish.

We got chickens from some guy and we raised them up. Dogs killed them. Henrietta was the last one and we got eggs from her. First time I held a chicken. We also had a rooster years ago and I was afraid of it. It chased me one day and I don't know what the heck happened there.

My brother was determined to get a water dragon so we caught petco with one and we got it. Crickets were annoying. It died. We got another. Same story. Yadda Yadda. I just want a monitor.

Hamsters are cute. Hamsters are funny. Hamsters fall off wheels. We had two and I forgot their names. One would run so fast on the wheel that it'd end up flying off of it It was never injured but it was funny. I want another but I'm not sure about it.

Guinea pigs are cute too. Big and fluffy. I forgot her name, but she didn't last long. There's nothing to say sadly.

Priscilla was my first cockatiel and I swear I loved that bird to death. I got her when I was 3 from my aunt who owns her sister. She's still alive today. Cilla was the light of my life. I'd sit by her cage and whistle at her, hum a little song I made up for her, and just talk to her and feed her sunflower seeds through the cage bars. She wasn't tamed, but that doesn't change anything. When she fell off her perch when I was 8, it was shocking and heartbreaking. I don't know if she was startled, but she died that night. I miss her sometimes, but I've gotten over it all over the years.

Honey was my other tiel that I had. It wasn't too long ago. I did the same thing with her as Cilla but she wasn't as trusting as she was. Bunny was a budgie I got from petco at that time. Neither of them made a sound unless there was an argument going on. A mouse ended up giving them both heart attacks one night. I didn't get another bird after that though.

The horses were so long ago. Jewel was my horse that I never rode because I was too small and she was too big for a young horse. Big animals scare me even today. I loved her and cherished her, but we gave her to my dad after her mother, Kiki, kept jumping the fence and running off. Sadly, he gave Jewel to some random guy I don't know. Still upset about that, but I'm not gonna complain.

about that bug.
Y'see...I had a thing for ladybugs. They were interesting to me. Me and my friends at school made this group called the "ladybug club." We'd catch ladybugs and try to take care of them and then wonder why it didn't work out. We'd always end up with ladybugs on our desks. When the teacher would come by, we'd hide them. I had one ladybug that I had for a few days and bonded with it for god's sake.

I just remember having ladybugs two years ago. I was using this app called SketchIt and I had some friends there (Rose and Elizabeth) and we had finished fixing my room at that time. I kept finding ladybugs and I ended up saying "these ladybugs just come out of nowhere" and suddenly I kept keeping ladybugs. I named one Shadow (weird black bug though), Winkle (username of Elizabeth) and Rose.

I was a weird kid give me a break.

Sugar gliders are like mini lemurs/squirrels. We had five of them. Don't remember where we got them, why or what happened to them.

Finally, I want to say her name was TaTa or Sweetie. Whatever her name was, she was a white tailed deer fowl or whatever they're called. We got her from this lady who had some and was giving them away and she couldn't even walk yet. She finally learned and was really nice. She ended up trying to escape and injured herself.
Can't keep wild animals like that though :/

BUT yes I've had a zoo in my life.


I'm hoping to get a lovebird between now and january. I'll be happy if I do. I literally asked my mom if I could get a rabbit or a hamster I just want something soft and gentle to play with.

I may get into falconry if I can. Doubt it.

But these are my pets that I've had throughout my life. I've had a lot of pets. I'm a huge animal person. I love them and I will never live a month without at least a cat.

Now that I think about it...I've never gone a month without owning a cat. Literally.

But yes that's all and I'll end this before it gets five million words long
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That's a lot of pets, you lived in a personal zoo for most of your life.

It's nice you have some good memories of your pets, even the sad ones of them passing but that's all part of owning an animal. Thanks for sharing.
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Are a lot of the cats you've cared for feral/street cats? They sound like cats that hang out in the neighbourhood you guys have been looking after. The best thing to do with them is to have them spayed and neutered if you still have any. If they're feral I'm sure vets would help out with a trap and neuter sort of thing
Why do you hate dogs? I couldn't imagine my life without them. I tried it for 6 months after my border collie of 18 years passed away and I couldn't do it. The heartache they bring when they leave us is soul crushing but for the short time they're a part of our lives they're so worth it. I'm sure dogs are just too pure for this world. When life settles down again I will hopefully add another to the family. I can't believe somebody hung one of your dogs... the things I would do to that person! A few years ago somebody did something similar in my area right outside a school. I cried my eyes out reading the story

How come your water dragons passed away? I don't recommend getting a monitor lizard at all. Unless you can house them correctly and accommodate their needs they aren't going to thrive. The only monitor and the BEST monitor I would ever recommend anybody would be the ackie or ridge tailed monitor. Bit bigger than a bearded dragon but still fairly small with all of the personality of a large monitor. The novelty of owning one sounds fun but those things can mess you up bad...

- Alexandrine parakeets Kona, Peaches, George (missing), Holly (RIP), & Orange winged Amazon parrot Paulie
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I have no clue. Sometimes they just come out of nowhere. I know most of the kittens we've had stayed, but some ran off. A few of them were ferals. The tom that's the father of Meulin is. I honestly don't like him because he always fights with them. Diamond, Meulin, Midnight and the kittens are definitely not ferals or street cats. They were born and raised here.

We've had dogs for the majority of my life. I don't remember a time when we didn't have at least one. I do like small dogs, but the neighborhood dogs always come here and attack the cats. The neighbors that used to live across the street had boxers and the male killed 11 of our chickens. Henrietta was the last one.

I was devastated when I found out what they did to Lilah. She was such a nice dog too. If I knew who did it, they wouldn't be running around free today. It's wrong to do something like that to a defenseless, playful dog. Of course, she barked a lot, but there's no reason for it. She was my little baby and I wouldn't leave her alone, and then one day I came home from school and found out about it. It's really terrible.

I think having so many dogs just kinda made me get tired of them over time. I like them, but I just don't at the same time.

I don't know about the lizards. It was really my brother's and it was in the trailer with him where we used to live until my papaw died in 2011. But I'm really not gonna get a monitor. Lizards aren't necessarily my thing. I'm more interested in snakes, but that'll never happen.

It's just a shame what people do to animals. I think they're all too pure for the torture they go through. Thankfully, there are people who actually do give them good lives and help save the ones that are hurt.

It's hard to lose a pet after owning it for a long time, or even for a short time like with Honey and Bunny, the lizards, hamsters, guinea pig and Mitty, but that's just nature.
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I had a feeling that the cats were just a come and go sorta gang I have an indoor cat and she's SO cat aggressive that I can't have another. Makes me so sad cause I'd love a couple of boys. My cat is stunning but she's not very touchy feely. Very much so a 'nope' sorta cat. I've got the scars to prove it

I can't believe they'd let their dogs kill the chooks! People are so irresponsible. I used to have a lovely boxer called Sammy and somebody broke into our home and stole him. I was really young at the time but it still makes me sad. He was such a big lazy boy, I can't imagine how bad an owner somebody must be to make them aggressive. I also can't believe that somebody would have done that to your dog. So so shocking that in this day and age people can still be as cruel as they are. Did they do it on your property too? That's understandable though, some people just don't suit certain animals. I grew up with a border collie who lived for 18 years and he was the absolute love of my life. I had had other dogs beside him during that period of time but like the boxer was stolen, my moms ex took our JRT cross. When I was really really little we had a mongrel that we had no clue what he could have been and a beautiful German shepherd. I have pics of me with them but I don't remember our shepherd. I had Candy after Shep died and she was 10 when I took her on. We had her until she was 12 and that was so difficult to let her go when she'd only been with us such a short time. She had an illness because her old owners never speyed her and we couldn't do it at her age... I now have two border collie x papillon (don't even ask how that happened... it's so much funnier when you realise the bitch was the border collie and the dog was the papillon!!!) siblings, Bailey and Toby, and they're a riot. I'm actually getting into dog handling for security so I will be hopefully owning a malinois at the end of 2017 or maybe the start of 2018 when I have all of the knowledge I need to start working on my own dog. At the minute I'm working with a GSD

The biggest concern with the monitors is that even if you can house them they can still do MAJOR damage. I am hoping to build an outdoor building eventually so I can have one. My friend has a huge male black throated and he's amazing. Again though, I can't recommend ackies enough. A friend of mine with a reptile shop has a big red male as the store mascot animal and he's such a love. Acts just like a big monitor. I've cared for a bosc before and he was a look at me and you're going to get a tail whip across the face sorta guy

What snakes do you want to get? I have quite a large collection of scaly kids

It is super hard to lose animals. I have tried to take in animals that have been in that bad of condition that they've not lasted the night and I've still cried over them. I've also lost animals in horrendous ways. I used to have a flock of companion parrots that passed away with inconclusive necropsy results. When it was over we smelt gas quite strongly and didn't know where it was coming from. Turned out there was a small hole in the boiler next to the bird room that was occasionally seeping out. We had somebody fix it and then moved out immediately. I haven't had birds inside since...

- Alexandrine parakeets Kona, Peaches, George (missing), Holly (RIP), & Orange winged Amazon parrot Paulie
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Diamond is pretty much the same. She's the one cat from her litter that bolts when you try to touch her. I've gotten very few chances to actually succeed. She's so soft too.

I know. I blame the male boxer for killing Mitty. He was always having to be run off. The sheriff even gave us permission to shoot him if he came back and attacked our pets (we called him because we were tired of it attacking the kits and chickens). I'm glad the neighbors moved, but they just didn't do it soon enough.

They hanged her in the tree we had her tied to. We couldn't keep her inside because we have a rather small house and my mom doesn't want dogs in the house. The only time we kept them inside was when they were puppies, sick or old like with Baby. It's horrible to think someone can just walk onto our property, in our backyard at that, and hang our dog like that. If I were at home that day, I would've called the cops.

I always imagine monitors being the ones who will slap you. I started being interested in them because of komodo dragons, but those are TOTALLY different stories. I wouldn't dare try to get one, even if it were legal.

Definitely a ball python. If I had experience, I'd kill for a gaboon or bush viper. I know they're very venomous, so that's not happening. I spent the majority of this year looking at different morphs and species of snakes. I got too interested in venomous ones though. My mom would drop dead before she'd let me have a ball though. I've told her that they're nonvenomous, pretty small, and aren't aggressive (unless you get that one snake), but she told me no at least 10 times so far.

I'll just have to wait about that one

That's a shame. We can't keep birds outside because of the cats, so my tiels and budgies are in my room. I'd like to keep Cocoa in the house because of her being crippled, but then we're not really sure about it, having birds is a bad thing in that case, and my brother hates the fact that we have any pets at all (not like I care of course).
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