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All of my rescues, over time! WARNING: Includes reptiles! lol

Starting with my first I ever had:



Willy aka "free willy" was adopted from the pet store I worked
at by me at 8 months because some took him back because "hes sick"
And he was, very sick! Had Coccidiosis. Willy just was
put to sleep last July, 15th, because we think he had a tumor and his intestine, and it burst. He started bleeding from his rear and lost a ton of weight all at once. I said goodbye to Willy at the age of 6 years old. He was one of the best companions I ever had. I cry as I write this, because I miss him so much.

Next probably was Sunny!

Sunny I got from a pet store in courtenay BC that no longer exists, partly because of this lizard right here, and the news that spread about him. Sunny was emaciated, and very neglected. Yes its true, I paid the fee to get him out of there. Sunny I adopted out to a good home, only to find him in a neglectful home 2 years later and in need of saving. Luckily the rescue I know took him in.

Next after sunny would probably be Kohana!


Koh came from a home where she wasnt really neglected, but the child had lost interest, and the mom didnt want to keep her anymore. Kohana was a blood cross, and very pretty! Adopted her out to a very good home.

After Koh, came Tamale (pronounced Tah-mahl-ee)


Tamale I actually got from a breeder, and was supposed to be a friends graduation present, but at the last minute, his dad said he could not have her. Tamale was a cute little baby, she was a sandfire cross, and one heck of a stunning little girl! She was adopted by a good friend, and is growing like a weed!

Next was Kaida!


Kaida was another victim of that nasty pet store. I went in there, just to do a snoop, seeing what was there, and I found Kaida almost dead in her enclosure, that was covered in dirt and feces. Kaida was an emergency situation, here is a photo of us reviving her with a calcium warm bath:


Kaida actually turned out to be a big male! As Kaida aged, he got a nice casque on his head! And big jowls.

Next was Keet

Keet was a very sad story...


Poor little Keet was the worst victim of that same store. I got him from there, emaciated, and skin falling off. He seemed to be getting better, but I think in his tiny state (he was also way to young to be sold) it was all too much for him. One day before work, he just seemed to crash. I knew he was calcium deficient, but he jaw actually came apart in the front all of a sudden, and then he just crashed once I gently started to fix it. Poor little Keet, your story will not be forgotten.

After Keet, came Hurricane aka Kane.

Kane had much a similar story to Keet, in fact, I think they came from the same clutch... Kane from the same store, and he was kept with 6 large iguanas, about a foot long each of them, and there is no surprise that Kane was missing half his tail from that scenario... Kane was rehomed to a good friend, along with Kaida, but later died of unknown causes, I assumed he never really had a full life because of that place...

Now in the middle of trying to get this store shut down, came Freja, the most neglected reptile I have ever seen still to this day.


I was contacted by the owner of this beardy because she wanted to rehome her, because her son had left her behind after going to college. What I saw when I went to get her shocked me, and still does to this day. She was very emaciated, nails curled, and her skin patterns were BLACK and I mean BLACK. She was blind in both eyes from improper nutrition, and only 13 inches long despite being about 5 years old. She was also covered in bird poop, because the women had been letting her lovebirds climb all over her. Also, the women had gotten all her information on how to care for her from the internet care sheets BAD BAD BAD!!!! (many of them are wrong, and contain information that can KILL a bearded dragon) So we immediately started fluids and proper food. My one friend that rescued her found a FULL SIZED PEA POD stuck in her throat.

Sadly, after lots of care and food, it was too much for poor Freja to try to keep up the fight, and we lost her after a few months of round the clock care. I will say in the woman's defence, she did not know what she was doing, and did not intentionally try to harm her.

After the sad story that was Freja, came Ajax.


Ajax came from a pet store in Victoria BC, and ended up being an interesting case. Ajax stands for everything that says basilisks are NOT pets. Ajax was nasty, she bit and drew blood, took chunks off you, and was very fast. People that say they can be friendly, Ajax is here to say bulls***. Ajax got rehomed along with Kaida and Kane.

So now you are caught up to when I moved here to vancouver:

Next came Lagoona.


Lagoona was found in a small waste water runoff area, she was extremely cold, and bluish black when I found her. I took her into care, and tried warming her up slowly. She awoke briefly for about an hour, and looked at us, and wanted us. She would not take any food. She went back into hibernation, and then crashed. She stopped responding to stimulus, and in a few days she died, despite all the care we had given her. Turtles arent meant to be abandoned in ponds in November folks! (not that they are meant to be abandoned any other time either...)

Next came Lola and Tango!

These two little guys came in as rehomes, after someone was moving and couldnt take them. Lola is a Carrottail, and Tango is a Tremper Albino. Both are very poseable!

And last, but certainly not least by any measure, is Shasta!


Shasta is not blue actually, just the way I edited the picture!

Shasta is a 5 year old Leopard Gecko with Enigma Disorder, a genetic neurological disorder that happens when people try to breed coloured geckos. Shasta will turn in circles, fall over, stargaze (tilt her head back), head tilt to one side, and wobble when she walks. She has to be hand fed. Shes very sweet, just a little special.

WOW! so thats it, you are caught up on my scalies!
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A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
- Lou Holtz

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love them very nice pics

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I just want to say that you are fantastic for rescuing all of those guys! Well done!

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In the pic Shasta looks like she has a smile on her face too cute .
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They are all so cute, good job
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Thank you all! Rescuing reptiles, amphibians and birds is very fun, but sometimes very hard work!

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
- Lou Holtz

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I love reptiles! You did a fantastic job taking them all in. Thanks for sharing!

- Alexandrine parakeets Holly, George, Koda & - Crimson rosella Kasumi Orange winged Amazon parrot Paulie
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People like you are one in a million.
Rescuing unwanted animals isn't for just anyone.
Thank you for sharing


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they are all beautiful , thank you for doing what you do

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Thanks all! Reptiles need love too!

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
- Lou Holtz

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