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Originally Posted by Chard56 View Post
Wow if you greet every new member like you have on the two posts I've made comments on how do you keep them? I never said anything about not affording one let alone worrying about a vet. Out of the thousands of Parrots I sold back in the late 70's and 80's and the few I've kept as pets since I think I may have taken two of them to a vet. Taking proper care of them and avoiding a vet related problem is utmost in my book.
ALL new birds I get go and have blood work done, all larger parrots have to go and be microchipped. Lots of my birds are rescues so they also have to go for general check ups on top of the chipping and blood work, that tends to include beak and nail trimming.
So add a couple of hundred onto whatever bird your thinking of buying, purely for a welcome home vet visit. Then if your lucky enough to never need a vet again, good for you! And if not make sure you have a couple of hundred aside for emergencies, it doesn't matter how careful you are sometimes birds just fall sick or injure themselves.
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