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New Member - Sad First Post - My Conure Died


I'm posting because my mother's (I just moved out two years ago, so Our) Nanday Conure died last night. His/her name was Beeko and we loved him. He had been re-homed several times, but he was with us for the longest - 16 years. We estimate his age (at the youngest) as 25-30 years so we are happy for his long, healthy life.

I know many parrots do not exhibit many signs of illness before dying, but I just have a few questions. He died very suddenly. Does any one have any information on parrots dying from old age? What are the possible causes of death if there were no previous signs of illness? Is old age a possibility? Or is it almost always a disease if they die very suddenly?

Also, we are heartbroken, but my mom can not stand to have a home without a parrot or bird in it. I am curious about what types of birds might have a good home with my mom. The Nanday Conure was sweet, but very, very loud. I think it was part of his/her personality too, since I haven't encountered another one that was quite as loud as Beeko.

Do green cheek conures have a similar temperment? I have heard they are not quite as loud, which would be nice, but isn't a requirement.

Also, what are the differences in intelligence/temperment from a nanday conure, green cheek conure, and, like, a cockatiel?

Just thinking of some options. I would love an african grey, but I don't think we have the time, energy, or resources for such a large, intelligent bird.

Thanks for reading!!!
Sorry for the long post.

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i am so sorry for your loss fly free Beeko. as far as what it could have been you would have to have a necropsy done to find the casue. as for another bird if you plan on using anything the other bird had you would need to scrub and sanitize everything before you get another bird just to be safe a green cheek is quieter and smaller my green cheek likes to play and talk she is a silly little clown and very cuddly however green cheeks do go through a nippy stage and for some people this stage makes them want to get rid of the bird. some birds just nip some will bite if you can handle it you do get your sweet little bird back. now not all green cheeks go through this stage but most do. i love my little green cheek she is funny and playful and a cuddle bird

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Hi Lisa

Thanks so much for the response and for the condolences. Beeko was a screamer and a biter, and we adored him anyway. So dealing with a bird with a few behavoiral problems is no big deal.

We are not going to reuse ANYTHING we had with beeko, cage etc. because I just think the sanitary issue is too serious to take a risk with.

Thanks for the advice on the green cheeks. I know all birds have different personalities, but I was just wondering if green cheeks are generally a little quieter, and if they generally have very similar or very different temperments than nandays.

I obviously plan to try to meet some birds and shop around when I am more emotionally ready to start this part of the process, but I was hoping some bird owners could help give me an idea of where to start.

Thanks again!
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Hi... Welcome to the forum.. I am very sorry for your loss. 25-30 is a good long life for a conure... I have a green cheek, a tiel, 5 budgies and a parrotlet. My green cheek is very quiet... The quietest of all my birds! She is very tame, a bit mouthy but not to nippy... She likes to mouth your hand or finger and I usually caution her about being gentle when she does, she knows not to nip .. But she loves to he held and petted, loved on , kissed and hugged. She loves to hang front the neckline of my shirt just under my chin and cuddle, or sit on my shoulder.
My tiel is a sweet love bug who adores her people but is afraid of everyone else. She will follow you if you leave the room and land on your head. She is quite independent, in that she will play by herself and amuse herself.. She is less clingy than my conure. She does however love to be near or on you... Loves to be held in our hands and petted.. She is very gentle but throws a hissy fit every now and then when you tell her like a 2 year old in a tantrum. She loves to run around on my hubby's desk and steal his pens, pen caps, paper clips etc and throw them off the side of his desk... She is a real goof ball! Very lovable and sweet!

My parrotlet is a sassy nippy little monster! He loves one of my budgie hens and she loves him... I have caught them mating!! He tolerates the other budgies s long as they don't push him to far... Which they try, when you see all the budgies scatter, you know one has pushed his buttons and he has gone postal on them... They know to not let him get too close so all is good there.

My next door neighbour has. Jenday conure who is also very tame and sweet... Will go to anyone and loves attention. Her granddaughter uses it as a living dolly and she is very good with her. However she is extremely LOUD! My in laws have a quaker.. He is funny and can be sweet, however he is very nippy... He never bites the man of the house but does bite the woman.. I quit handling him when I go over cuz the little booger always bites me! He is full of personality and quite the talker.. They love him to death!
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Sorry to hear about your sweet little Beeko. But, 30 years is a very good life span for a conure.
Anyway, I have heard that certain mutation of green cheek conures are quieter than others. For example, cinnamon and pineapple. They are also very very pretty.
I have two cockatiels. Sweetest birds. Very quiet too and cuddly. Though not terribly independent. Can be needy.
When the time is right, you will know what bird to get. I am sure one will soon capture your heart, just go with an open mind.

My Fids -Candy and Tony
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to our forum!
I'm sorry that Beeko flew over the rainbow bridge, but he had a long and happy life with you. Fly free, little Beeko!
Dear Katelyn, I hope we can help you to find a bird that fits to your family.
If your mom could imagine to get small birds, I would suggest to meet linnies.
They are very calm and friendly, not loud.
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Thanks so much everyone for all of the helpful and kind responses.

To: Flapping MamaI have a parrotlet (and a cat, both named Jared) at my house, so I immediately suggested a parrotlet, and my mom insisted that she need something "more substantial."
Also, we got Beeko when I was 10, so if she gets a new bird now I will be able to help her out with the bird more directly, rather than when I was a little kid and sort of intimidated.
I will also look into linnies, the reason I didn't suggest one to my mom is because I personally don't know really anyhting about them.

To All:
I will try to refrain from insisting that my mom name her new bird Jared.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. It's always hard to lose them

I would personally have a necropsy done if you intend on having other birds come into your home. It can be a tricky thing to do for you (emotionally) but it will help

I've already seen that you've fallen for a GCC, so I won't comment further on that
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Sorry for your loss. What about a Senegal. They are big enough to be a substantial, they are not very loud, and are very sweet.

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Originally Posted by Jessica E View Post
Sorry for your loss. What about a Senegal. They are big enough to be a substantial, they are not very loud, and are very sweet.
I second that, but I could be biased
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Welcome to the forum and I am so sorry for your loss. It is very hard to lose a parrot who has been a member of the family for so long.

When an older bird dies suddenly like that, I would tend to think it is due to some kind of organ failure or internal problem....and not from a contagious disease. Usually, with a disease, you get some symptoms that clue you in to a problem. It sounds like everything was fine up until the time he died.

Of course, you should disinfect the cage, perches and dishes with a proper disinfectant that kills viruses and bacteria. But, I don't see the need to toss out anything except toys that cannot be easily disinfected.

Sounds like your mom wants a medium-sized bird like another conure or a sennie or a pionus. I would recommend you check with a parrot rescue organization to see if there is a bird available for adoption that your mom might want to take on. Glad you joined us!

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RIP Lilly Peepers
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Yes I started researching sennies as well and I know we want a rescue not a baby, so I'm looking at some shelters.

We removed all of beeks belongings just for sanitation purposes, I won't reuse anything.

My mom is going to look at a green cheek I met by accident the other day soon, I'm in love but it's her decision, so I'll see what happens. He's at a pet store but he's in a situation where I would think of it like a rescue, if it doesn't work out then I will keep researching.
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