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Why parrots?

Now, by no stretch of the imagination am I putting down parrots as companion animals. But it seems to me like dogs and cats are far easier than parrots. So I'm curious-why do you personally choose parrots over dogs/cats as companion animals? Is it because they're smarter, prettier, or maybe because they're different? Or is it because the reward is worth the expense, noise, mess, and chewed-up furniture? I'm not saying that it's not my dream to have a big parrot, or that I don't love my birds. But I'm really curious about everyone's personal reasons for having these amazing animals as part of their family.
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Why do people keep Cats or Dogs? They are not EASY by any means. Dogs you have to take for walks 1-2 times a day, both Cats and Dogs chew things up, or pee/poo on things, throw up in your house, Cats you have to clean their litterboxes every day or second day. They are worth it though because of their companionship.
It's the same with Parrots. The chores may be different and with a large cage it may take longer to clean but people choose Parrots as pets for the same reason as a Cat or a Dog. They are amazing little companions and they make us happy.

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4thebirds (01-17-2014)
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I agree with KTyne. What is "easy" for one person, might be another person's most difficult task.

I have dogs, birds, and have had cats. I have also owned fish. I have to say that for me, cats were the smelliest, most difficult, and most destructive of all. They are not my thing. Dogs are a lot more needy than small birds. But for me, while I feel dogs are needier than small parrots, I still consider them easier behaviorally than large parrots.

I can't say why I like small/medium parrots or dogs in one small post, lol. I can only say that to me, they are interesting, loving, smart, funny, and the work required is somewhere in the middle, while the pay off is large. They make me smile and taking care of them doesn't feel like work. They inspire me to live in the moment and just have fun.
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I won't comment because I keep all kinds of companion animals and love them all for their own individual reasons regardless of their species

- Alexandrine parakeets Kona, Peaches, George (missing), Holly (RIP), & Orange winged Amazon parrot Paulie
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Abby (01-21-2014)
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Yes, I am like Daisy, I love them all but I do agree that, in terms of difficulty, parrots are, by far, much more difficult than dogs and cats. In my personal opinion and without going into even 'easier' species (like mice -I have 1 mouse), cats are the easiest -I have 6 of them (fresh water, fresh food and clean litter box twice a day and, once a week, laundry their beds, buy them toys and different scratching posts, a few cuddles, a little ear scratching and that's the end of that); followed by dogs -I have 7 (fresh water, fresh food twice a day, three or four walks -I don't walk them, I let them out to the fenced in backyard so it's even easier for me- periodic grooming, laundering beds and sweaters, some initial training, a few toys, room on the bed for them and that's the end of that) but parrots... I spend hours cleaning their birdroom every day, I shop and cook especially for them (expensive supplements, too), I have to keep track of sunrise and sunset and make sure I am always home during those hours, I have to spend hours on one-on-one, I've had neighbors' complaints about them, I need to make sure I have an extra room for them wherever we live and to have it all parrot-proofed, toys and wood for chewing, and, worst of all, I worry constantly about their health, happiness, diet, etc. Very hard, very time-consuming, very labor-intensive, very expensive and very life-changing (my family no longer complains but they will tell you that, in my house, it's all about the birds, the birds, the birds -LOL).

But I did not bring them into my life because they are exotic, beautiful, affectionate or anything, (although they are!) I brought them in because people asked me to and they needed somebody to take care of them, somebody to love them for what they are and not for what they can give. Parrots are the animals that suffer the most in captivity and there are way too many out there without a home because of the neglect, abuse or bad conditions they were kept before so I took (I no longer take any in unless it's a real sad situation) in the ones that were considered unadoptable/unmanageable for one reason or another. I don't regret it because I love them all but, in truth, I hope I had never found out about parrots' plight in captivity.

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Uno (01-18-2014)
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i have an array of animals my easiest animal is my crested gecko. but i agree with Kayla i choose parrots because i enjoy their companionship to me they are no harder than my dogs or sugar gliders. my parrots, dogs, and gliders all need food and water, all have to be cleaned up after rather it is fur, feather or litter box, and all need my attention, and exercise. my dogs are hunting dogs so they have to be hunted or worked with daily,the parrots need to be gotten out daily as well some of them prefer just to cuddle some like to play. and my gliders get out before they get up at night we do tent time and they run and jump all over us and the tent. i thank though each person sees caring for parrots different than another person to some they may seem like more work others it may seem like less and to others it may seem the same. it all just depends on the person.

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I can understand you asking why and in my situation the bird is a lot more work, but it is totally worth earning their trust and love!!

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I only have a small parrot, two cats and a 27g fish tank. I find that it takes me the most time to conjure up the energy to do fish tank maintenance even though the require less attention than anything lol....In my opinion, cats are the easiest animals in the world...clean the litterbox each day, fresh food and water and they follow me around the house so I play with them and give them loving anytime. My husband, who had never had a cat his entire life before living with me, now says cats are his favorite pet because of how easy and funny they are. I LOVE my parrotlet, but I do need to put aside time everyday to get him out, prepare fresh foods, clean up after him, etc...It's totally worth it though. I have only had family dogs growing up. Some day when we live somewhere we can have a dog, I would like to get one. I think they are a lot of work though...especially since I would have to get a medium or larger breed...not a fan of most small dogs.

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My dog is more work, in a lot of ways, than my birds. Cats are super easy because... well, they're cats I have pretty much one of every family in the vertebra, except for amphibians. Mammals, fish, reptiles, birds One of the biggest reasons I love parrots is their intelligence. Dogs will give you selfless love and affection, cats sometimes too. Parrots are more intelligent - you have to earn their love and when you do, it's the greatest reward in the world. I love how you can practically have a conversation with them, they have a great understanding of what you mean and your intentions, they can read tone of voice and body language so well. They're also a companion for life depending on the species. A friend that will be with you every step of the way

Goober, my macaw, has been with me through college and working 3 jobs to make ends meet, moving across the country, getting married and next she'll be here through having kids and expanding our family. It's very much almost a human relationship, with it's ups and downs. During breeding season she gets hormonal and 'wants a man' so she will only let my husband carry her around, not me. But at the end of the day, when it's time for bed, she won't settle down to sleep until she gets kisses and snuggles with mom, no matter how rough our day has been.

A bond with a parrot is unlike any other... that's why I love parrots

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I love all animals, but am more concerned about the impact of dogs and cats on the environment than the impact of housing and feeding small parrots. Birds are a "greener" choice for a pet in my opinion.

M-Nature and her feathered flock:
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Oooh! Good question!

Well... I have/ have had cats, small fuzzy animals, lots of fish, crayfish, newts, a frog, and I spend a lot of time with horses and I have been around a lot of dogs....

BUT! parrots are the best! The funny thing is I never really liked birds and them I started to, and then I got one. And the. Like potato chips- I got a lot more!

There are so many reason why i love them...
- they are beautiful
- they can bond with you, which words cannot describe how great it is
- they are smart
- they are not the typical 4 legged animal, and have beautiful wings
- they have an amazing personality, watching a flock, you realize that parrot have the same behavior as people; only parrots are cuter and smarter
- they can be really cuddly (which I think parrot hugs are addictive!)
- they can talk, which is always cool
- and there are a ton more reasons...

I think people who own parrots are smarter in a way. Especially with larger parrots. Parrots are so smart and clever and somehow we can show them who's in control, but still be their best friend. And we dicipline in a different way because parrots are so smart that they will either keep misbehaving to get the same reaction out of you or they will start being aggressive like you. It's a complicated animal.

I think there is just one thing about parrots that we love, but thereare no words for the feeling, well, maybe it's the bond between us that can't be described. It's like having a true friend for life

Leon Butch Baby Bird Pickles Bowie Bobby Leo Ace Cheerio
for my other pets: cat, rabbit, 6 fish tanks, 2 fire belly newts, 2 african dwarf frogs, 22+ crayfish, fish
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We started with one inside cat. Easier and cheaper than a kid, in 40 yrs of marriage never had one of those Nor a dog too much work. But our cat family has grown to a small herd of inside only cats. Had 4 fish tanks, 100 gal, 60, and 2, 40 gal. fish tanks after over a decade too much of a hassle to keep. And I would clean ALL 4 tanks once a week so no more fish. I fell in love with my friend's bird. Now I have a parrotlet (8yrs.) and 3 linnies. Planing on getting one more green female linnie to round out the group. Birds have their own room with a screen door to keep the cats out so the birds can be out and about. We are happy!

owned by linnies: Levi, Skyler Karma, and Bindi
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I foster assorted parrots (mainly cockatoos and other related birds) and personally keep smaller birds. All members of the parrot family are my favorite animals because of their complexity. People have dogs, cats and horses figured out. Parrots are an unopened book. I learn about them everyday and likely will for the rest of my life. They continuously amaze me with their behaviors and how similar they compare to people. The wear their emotions on their sleeves and are so intelligent. And the way they make decisions. They know what they like and will not hesitate to tell you so. They choose to spend their time with you, when they have the wild instincts in them. They are not completely tamed and they can still pick you as the one they want to spend the rest of their shockingly long lives. They fill your home with loveliness, and give you love in return. The big guys are a ton of work, and I only have them a short time, but you will be rewarded with more unconditional love than one can retain.

❤ In memory of Baby Girl the U2 ❤
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I live on my own in an apartment/flat and parrots seem to fit my living condition.

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Personally, I love the crap out of Ren and Stimpy even though they're not bonded to me yet. I can hardly imagine how I'll feel about them several months from now once they really become part of the family. The other day my dad told me, "I wish someone would take care of me the way you take care of your birds and lizards!" Of course he meant that in a good way. :P
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gemini1 (01-23-2014)
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I never thought I'd become so attached to birds, but mine have become such a strong part of my life. The daily clean up, feeding etc. is what I call "fun work". I enjoy the closeness of their cuddles and smiles they give me from their antics. Boosh96 my hubby has said something to me that is close to your dad's comment. Yes it's meant in a good way!

owned by linnies: Levi, Skyler Karma, and Bindi
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