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Can't Decide

I'm wanting to acquire another bird (or two...or three hahha) but I'm having difficulty deciding upon a species. Of course my dream bird is a Hyacinth, but who has that much extra cash lying about?

I've eliminated Conures (just don't care for them), Cockatiels (already have 4), Parrotlets (will have more in future, just not now), Lorrikets (have owned in past, diet/cleaning needs are to much for me at this time).

I'm very interested in the Indian Ringnecks, Alexandrines and Plum Headed Parakeets. Others on the list of possibles are Lovebirds and Pionus.

I want the good and bad from people who actually own and live with these species, not what breeders or websites will tell me. Thanks
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I've kept peach faced lovebirds, a hybrid peach face x black masked lovebird and black cheeked lovebirds. Here I'll write about the peach face, as the other species are considerably different

The good ~ Small bird, big personality! Very fun and energetic little monsters, they love to interact with you, climb all over you etc. They're playful, love love love toys. They can be fairly cuddly, but most of the time just want to spend time with you just hanging out. They are fantastic eaters and will readily eat anything you give them

The bad ~ Horribly loud for such a small animal They are not social with other birds and can, do and will kill them. I've had a lovebird kill his brother after years of being really bonded to him! It was awful. They have a horrible way of going for other birds feet (I'm not talking birds on top of cages either, they just do it anyway!). When they're hormonal, they're hormonal to the max. They are very destructive creatures and if you have paper on the bottom of your cage, expect it to me torn to shreds within the first 10 minutes of you cleaning them out haha!

I had a female Indian ringneck, Echo, who was a 'store rescue' if you get what I mean. I bought her, but somebody had it. She had a fake band around her leg and it was on so tight I thought she'd of lost it! Awful. She wasn't hand reared but I do have a bit of knowledge on them I can share

The good ~ Can be excellent talkers. Very independent and don't need much from you to keep themselves happy. Entertain themselves providing you've given them plenty to do. Loud, but not too loud to the point where it is usually a problem, lovebirds are worse! They are very expressive and have easy to read body language. They too are good eaters and will eat most things offered to them

The bad ~ Even a hand raised ringneck, once reaching maturity, can be hands off. They're a bit too independent for most people. They also 'bluff' a lot, so at times when you ARE reading the body language, you never really know if you're going to get bitten. They require larger housing (which shouldn't be a problem really) because of their tails. They are terrible with other birds, even other ringnecks

I have also kept 2 Alexandrines. Now they are my favourite birds, I think, and I can't think of a better companion parrot next to cockatiels!

The good ~ Giant big lovable lumps! A lot more social than the ringneck. They're not necessarily cuddly, but they will give you plenty of smooches and preen you. They love to be on you and ride around on you. They can be very chatty and pick up words, though not as good as a ringneck. They are expressive and again, easy to read. Also fantastic eaters

The bad ~ Need VERY large housing because of their tails. Being a bit less independent, they can be quite needy at times and will shout to let you know they're not happy with you. They also bluff, like the ringneck. They are okay with other birds, but don't let them get too close because they have one strong beak! To be honest, I can't think of much wrong with them. I recommend them to people a lot of the time

I do know bits about the others, but as you want personal experience I just thought I'd have a little input on those 3

- Alexandrine parakeets Kona, Peaches, George (missing), Holly (RIP), & Orange winged Amazon parrot Paulie
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I have read up on Pionus, they seem wonderful birds! The only thing is, they are kind of hard to find.

My Fids -Candy and Tony
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There is a rescue near me that has a large assortment of birds in need of homes.
As much as I would love a hand reared baby, my heart is telling me to look at the rescues. My female P'let was a rescue (She was adopted 3x before I got her) and while she needed a bit of work in the beginning (health & behavior) she has turned out to be probably one of the sweetest most loving birds in my flock.
Just trying to decide is all...
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Go to the rescue and interact with them. In lots of cases, the idea we have in our head about a particular species doesn't end up been 100% true in the long run and, when a bird likes you from day one, you are starting off with a huge advantage. Let chemistry be the guide and use mutual attraction as the main prerequisite, it's anybody's best bet.
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