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Preparing for a Jenday

Hi all,

So several of you know already, but I am planning on bringing home a Jenday from my pet store that has been there for about 4 years now (he'll be five by the time I get him) and who recently had his mate accidentally sold. He's a bit of a mess. He is physically healthy and not a plucker, but he is extremely timid and wary of people, shakes when you approach him, etc. He will bite if pushed too far, and was very possessive of his mate. I've been visiting him a few times a week for about a year now, bringing him treats and talking to him. The store staff have noticed an improvement in his behavior and he now even tolerates the occasional scritch. Progress

I'm going to continue working with him and then bring him home when the time is right (when I graduate uni and can dedicate a few months home with him). I currently have two budgies. I'm wondering what I can do to prepare for this addition.

My current plan is to keep him in a quiet room where the two of us can work together away from the other birds and my roommates. He is stressed by the commotion of the pet store and I want to give him ample time to feel comfortable before moving him in with the other birds (he and my birds will all be individually checked by my avian vet so I'm not worried about quarantine).

I have installed soundproof foam against the wall we share with a neighbour. They've told me they're totally fine with a parrot, but I know how loud jendays are. The foam will not block him out completely, but it muffled my brother's heavy metal band, which measured 110 decibels from two rooms over. I've measured this guys scream and he's about 80-90, so I think the foam will probably help a little.

I have bought him a good sized nightlight, since he's never been in the dark at night, just the slightly dimmer lights of the pet store. He's coming with his cage, toys, and food. I'm planning to keep the radio on for him when I'm away, and possibly the TV once he's more comfortable. He'll be out of any drafts and such, but will be able to see out the window somewhat.

He has already met my budgies once and was very interested in them, probably because my budgies immediately started flirting with him

My goal is to try and make his transition as trauma-free as possible and I'm willing to make any accommodations for him that I need to. I'm young (~30), but I understand the responsibility and devotion required by parrots and I want to do everything in my power to better this guy's life. He won't be coming home for awhile yet, so I have lots of time to make sure I'm totally prepared and everything is perfect for him. What would make this transition easier for him and what can I expect for the first few months from a slightly traumatized conure?

*Sorry long post!
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The most important thing is to let him settle, in my own opinion. If a bird is taken out of an environment he has been in for years and everything is suddenly thrown upside down, it will only cause stress. Say if he's on a bad diet, keep him on it for now and gradually increase the the variety of foods he gets until you've converted him. I would leave him in his cage for a little while too, let him get to know it

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First of all, please take into consideration that a regular physical is not enough, your AV will have to test for diseases so you can be sure he is not an asymptomatic carrier of something. For another, I would not put him all by himself in the room, I would put the budgies in there, too. Birds like been with other birds, it's the way they are supposed to live. I also would not put a night light in the room, the light from the moon and stars is all that he needs (there are studies that show that birds are VERY sensitive to light and that even very low light has an effect on their endocrine system (-irds that live in cities, for example, which are exposed to street lamp light have much longer breeding seasons than the ones that live in the forest).

Aside from that, I would get the light set up (ceiling fixture for fluorescent tubes of a good quality full spectrum -CRI 94+ and Ktemp 5500 or a bit under and, if you can, set up a second fixture for a good UV light source). I also recommend covering all chewable surfaces (like window, door, base and crown molding, for example) with some type of protection (I use corner bead), the radiator, if there is any in the room (and make sure there are no narrow spaces behind it and other furniture where he can fall), cover all electrical wires, etc... basically bird-proof the room. Oh, I would also start practicing cooking for him, check different recipes so as to figure out which is the easiest for you and healthiest for the bird, etc. (I highly recommend getting a bread machine to make birdy bread).
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The room is completely bird-proof. It's currently empty except for the desk I keep in there. My AV knows to test my birds for everything, I almost always just spend the money to have them vetted rather than quarantine for a full month because for budgies anyway, they get quite upset being isolated when they can hear others in the house. I was worried about birds the conure doesn't know stressing him out, but I think you're right and they'd be better than nothing.

The night light may be an issue. I use a dim one for my budgies because they were previously abused and are extremely prone to night frights. If they have a night light, they spook less often and when they do, calm down quicker. Is there an alternative that would work for both budgies and conure so the budgies can sleep and the conure's hormones won't be effected?

I still need to install some kind of light as there is no fixture in there so I'll definitely check out the ones you suggested.

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I'll be honest with you, I don't believe in night lights for birds. I've had over 240 birds at a time when I had my own rescue and I've never had a single one had a night fright until I moved back into the city and the cockatiels started having them - and I couldn't figure out why! So, one night, I slept in the birdroom and I realized that the tiels cage (they are in a flight cage because they are all old and/or handicapped) was next to a window that allowed the faintest light from the lamp at the corner, across the street. The light that came in was negligible and not even strong enough for people to see by it but it was enough to disturb their sleep and, once I put a black out curtain over it (I didn't over the other window on the other wall), the problem was solved and they never again had night frights!
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