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Should I get a 2nd Green Cheeck Conure?

I recently got a male green cheek conure. He is a fun bird, very playful, kind of hyper and not too snuggly. Maybe he will get more snuggly? I don't know. He hatched in January. But now, someone who had a sister from a previous clutch would like me to take that bird. They say she is a super snuggly bird, which I would find hard to pass up though I need another bird like I need a hole in my pocket. Oops, those are the same thing right? Anyway, not sure how it would work having a male and a female. They would have separate cages, but would the presence of another bird of the opposite sex be a problem? If they got along, could they have any time out of cage together? I have no idea about these things. Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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Hi, I have four conures, 3 green cheeks and one black cap. If your guy was born in January he is still a baby and yes hyper!! and yes not too cuddly. That will change some as he grows up and settles down a little. I am guessing he also likes to chew on your fingers or hands? Mine all did and one still likes to gnaw on the skin between my thumb and pointer finger. I let her as she is not biting, just a quick gnaw ma!

If you decide to get a girl they may or may not like each other. That would also apply if you got another male. If you get a girl you don't want to house them together unless you plan on babies. It just happened to me. My little guy is a girl, thought I had 2 boys. Three eggs later I am sure he's not a he!

They will enjoy having another conure to talk to when you are gone, even if they hate each other they will talk. If they get along all the better for play time.

How many birds do you have right now? One thing to consider is how a new bird in the house will affect the others. They do get upset when a new bird comes into the house. You have to be sure to give the birds you already have plenty of attention to reassure them they haven't slipped on the ratings chart! I have found that at my house it takes the flock a few months to adjust to a new friend.

Hole in your pocket? I don't buy much other than my food and spend all the rest on my flock. We have 20, so you can imagine that while you ponder your next bub!
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I don't know what to advise. I've always been told that as long as you keep two birds in separate cages, you can have whoever you want and they will still remain tame. That being said, someone on the linnie forum recently got a male conure and her female conure almost immediately stopped wanting to interact with her.

I will tell you this, I have been told that when it comes to mating, birds are not like dogs. They will not mate unless they are bonded. I think I believe that.

Thanks Shivani for the awesome siggy!
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I was told when I brought Libby home not to get another Conure because they would bond and I'd be left in a ditch. It makes sense though, why bother with a human when you can have one of your own kind to play with! I don't know if it's true or not, but I'm not going to chance it -- I'd be heartbroken if she no longer wanted to snuggle with me!

I don't have to worry about my P'let, Angelina and Libby bonding -- Angelina will not tolerate any other bird being near her! I'm lucky she likes me!

That being said, I guess every bird is different and I know it'd be hard to pass up getting a snuggly Green Cheek!

Keep us posted on you decision!

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I have 2 linnies in separate cages and they both love and snuggle me and like to get scritches. They are both still pretty young but I hope they continue the way that they are. They will be on the playstand together but pretty much just ignore each other and both would rather be with me than on the playstand.
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If you want to get another bird, then go for it. Just consider all the factors of keeping one first. But I cannot see a problem with getting a female conure as long as they're kept seperate because I know that if they do bond you may find it very hard to be your conures best friend.

Just make sure you give everybody equal attention, because otherwise they may get jealous towards each other and jealous birds aren't very nice birds!

I also don't believe my birds a hole in my pocket. I buy all my food etc pretty cheap though because I get it in very large quantities so it lasts me longer but the only thing that costs me much is the cages etc, but still, I get those pretty cheap. I get my toys from a really good pet store that does a lot of natural toys, and they're really awesome for prices. The most expensive thing is probably the birds, depending on where I get them from. I get my aviary birds from an auction I go to on Mondays for my bird club, they have all kinds, but if I want a hand tame bird I usually go to a breeder or a store I can trust.

Well, whether you choose it or not, let us know
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I don't really want another bird. But I had heard such great things about this one and went and met her today. She is just a year old but such a calm bird and really loves cuddling and getting her head rubbed. She says a few words. And followers her owner around like a dog. Really sweet and calm. So I don't want another bird, but this one's temperment is much ore in line with me. But... since I don't really want another bird ( I already have 2 cockatiels, a parrotlet and my green cheek) and even though I have only had Tookie three weeks I can't imagine finding him another home...I guess I am just going to have to pass.
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It's good that you thought it through. At least you know that you did the right thing to suit your preferences
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