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Favorite noises your parrots make?

Not sure if this is a topic thats come up recently here before but I was curious. Parrots make a whole lot of sounds, from screaming to singing to chirping, and some are fun to listen to and some just aren't.

I was wondering what your guys favorite sound was? Least favorite? Whether its when they sing a particular song, or say a phrase, I dunno! Just wanted to hear what you guys though (:

Personally, my favorite bird sound is when Reptar is half asleep and trying to protest to scratches but his annoyed little half chirps get softer and softer. Or when Asher, one of my tiels, makes his daily 'alarm clock' noises letting me know to get up.

Least favorite is when Bird finds his reflection for the first time in awhile and straight up just screams at it non stop.

How about you guys?

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All the noises my linnies make are my favorite! Especially their little croaking noise. I also love their little exploration noises when they're walking around my desk. And I can't forget Stitch's little "love" noises--those are cute too.

least favorite, I guess would be their contact call--when it's right by my ear. (Oh, and Pikachu does this laugh/cackle noise which I was not a fan of, but since I associate that noise with her, it's become her signature noise and I have grown accustomed to it)

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I like all of the noises my parrotlet makes. He sounds like a squeaky toy, lol. My linnie and my budgie copy some of his sounds, so that is pretty funny.

My budgie also makes linnie sounds almost 90% of the time. I think she is confused about her identity.

I like the Linnie peep peep sounds too. Very cute.

My least favorite sounds are the contact calls of my linnie and parrotlet--the linnie's is much louder, but parrotlet's is more high pitched. Luckily they do it very infrequently. My budgie contact calls more often than they do but it isn't bothersome. My budgie makes the most noise of all three and makes linnie sounds most of the time (she hasn't learned the contact call of a linnie yet tho, and I am hoping she does not). In the morning, my budgie can get loud with her typical budgie squawking, but it really doesn't hurt my ears in comparison to other birds.

I don't own a GCC, but my one of my favorite bird sounds is the scratchy sounds that they make. I do not care for their contact call tho, let me tell you, lol.

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I miss my Hermes' talking and cat calls and whistles. I also really miss my Budgies' constant chattering.

Can't wait to have birds again!
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I know a lot who find the beak grinding annoying, but it's very relaxing to me. Guess it's because it lets me know they are happy and healthy. I really love it when they curl up under my collar and snuggle in close to my neck and then start grinding away....pure heaven for me.

I only have 1 bird who talks and that's my oldest male P'let M'éanín (although my new baby Síocháin is showing signs of trying out his sounds) and I just love his little robotic voice. P'lets aren't considered "great" talkers compared to other species, but they can hold their own if they want to and I love how it sounds when he's practicing his words. Reminds me of the old time radio news announcements with the static...strange I know.
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You might think this is weird, but I absolutely love that really loud RAAWWWWK scream macaws make I know I'm an odd one. I just love it though

My least favourite is when lories and lorikeets scream blue murder! It's so so high pitched and violent

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