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Why parrots?

Someone asked me today "why birds?". I'll post my answer if you will too.

I love birds. More specifically, parrots. Other birds are nice. I like them too, but I swear I must have been a parrot in a past life. I like them that much.
I mostly like that they show joy with their entire being. I like watching them eat, play, fly, hop, and run around like little crazy baby dinos. I like that they out smart me on a regular basis and are proud of themselves for it. I like the look on their little faces when they are content just to sit with me.

For some reason, parrots flirt with me. I don't know why. Maybe they see that I find them adorable and they respond to that, but I think it's sweet. Funny thing is, I have the same effect on little boys up to about age 7. (I kinda think they're adorable too. ).

There are lots of other reasons, bit those are my favorites.

Why do you like parrots?
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because I can't have a dog where I live

I think they are full of personality, they are capable of showing affection, they are beautiful and all unique in their own way, they keep us laughing constantly and I feel like they are my kids they are a huge part of my life!
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They are gorgeous, smart, funny, personable, social, exotic, and a bit unusual. I don't know, I've just always loved them.
I have always really liked any and all animals though so I don't really pick out certain things in my animals which makes me like them. It's hard to think of why.

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FEATHERS! I love bird feathers, they have beautiful colors, such a fascinating design and are silky soft. And even though the molt is hectic, I don't mind feathers floating around as much as clumps of fur.

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I feel the same as you! I have always had a sort of affinity for birds. For as long as I can remember, I have had the same reoccurring dreams/nightmares about birds. Either them being left in harms way and I stumble upon the scene trying to figure out why some one would do this or the birds need to be fed and for some reason I can't or am not feeding them so I am full of anxiety in the dream. I have had these dreams way before I had any tame parrots of my own and they were always non-specific birds in my dreams.

Why do I like parrots? So many reasons. They are just amazing! Little but fierce (kinda like me lol) and despite their size and vulnerability, they command respect and sometimes even fear. They have a wariness about them that makes you want to get to know them. I love having to be a thoughtful, creative pet owner. I have always been into health and nutrition and so being able to be creative about their diet and enrichment is fun for me. Plus bird people (love the niche communities) are just great people. I really wish I could meet some of the people I have met online in person, because they would truly be the kind of people I'd like to have as friends. In many ways, parrots are the perfect pet because they are so loving and interactive but you don't have to potty train or be home several times a day to let them out to potty, deal with shedding, barking, scratching up furniture (I have small birds)---deal with smelly litter boxes and expensive monthly grooming bills. They go to bed early so you can still have some time to do your own thing, etc. There is always the reason I am drawn to most pets, their pure innocence. Animals truly have hearts of gold.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~Anatole France
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I absolutely love my two cockatiels. Best pets ever. As mentioned before, no smell, no smelly, huge poops, no shedding fur that sticks to your clothes and blankets, no walks in the rain or snow, lol.
Easy to maintain, and yet so affectionate and entertaining. Curious, loving, loyal, gentle, beautiful. My male has a beautiful whistle. They are mostly quiet during the day. Just happy to hang out with me and watch TV or be petted.
I also love the smell of grains and seeds they eat. It reminds me of my childhood. I love to sniff at their feathers, watch them perch, look at their little toes grip the perch. Listen to them grind their beaks.
Just love them.

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I chose birds because I can't afford a dog, pythons although they make good pets and are cheaper in the long run don't show affection, never been a cat person and every other animal I want to own as a pet I cannot (ferrets, reptiles, scorpions etc.) I have quite the exotic taste when it comes to pets that are unusual. So I chose birds because they don't require as much time as a dog, show affection, can be trained to do tricks, are small enough to perch on you, they can fly! Haha and have a huge personality. They are just that kind of pet that has it all and more you can love them and they can love you back as well as talk and make us laugh over the funny things they do.

I also choose parrots because if you are a person who finds it hard to have friends or are a bit on the introvert side, or "sad". Birds or pets in general actually improve your health because they make us happy just by them interacting with us and doing what they do. Parrots especially because they can do a whole range of things other pets cannot. That and they aren't that big that you would have trouble finding room for one. Just my little spin on the topic and why I love parrots or birds in general
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Too many reasons to list. They're outrageously intelligent, beautiful animals with personalities to match.

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I pick birds for all of the reasons given, but also more. I love that they communicate so readily with all their squeaks, chirps, calls and grinding. I love that fly and run so cutely. Also that birds do not love unconditionally, you truly have to earn their love, and although it's a challenge, it's so rewarding when you do!


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