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Weird Solutions

We all have issues with our birds. From minor flock squabbles to wanting to pull our hair out some days when nothing seems to go right. Every bird has its 'thing'. Asher and Ares like to sing loudly, at pretty unfortunate times of the day. One well before the crack of dawn, the other after the sun goes down. Or a big one here, Reptar likes to go through screaming fits through out the day, regardless of time with me/time outside the room/etc.

We all have our issues, some minor and some extreme. The typical website responses just don't work. So I'm curious. How do YOU deal with bird issues as they happen. Not a situation where you cant put off a question to ask here and wait for a response, I'm talking about the vile attitudes, snippy dispositions and general bird hell that we all experience at some point (as much as we love them otherwise).

How do you handle it? What weird ways to do you deal with the attitude?

When Reptar is getty nippy or angry, usually pretty spazzoid, I flip him onto his back for scritches, he calms down instantly. Otherwise, shove him in my sweater (usually wear big baggy ones at home, cause I can). He finds a corner in the folds, falls asleep and I can bring him out a few moments later as a whole new bird. He's currently fully pinned and flattened under a blanket around my shoulders, by his choosing. Or I can grab his beak and just hold it, he freezes and seems to calm down until I can scratch him. Just kinda minor things that help me deal with the attitude, where general theories have failed.

Obviously, we can't pretend we follow the full on 'Parrot Handbook' of training 24/7. I'm just curious about some solutions that you've found work with your birds as individuals in more problem type situations.

lindsay, owned by three conures
six tiels, two dogs & two tortoises

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When my conure gets nippy I also will grab her beak gently.. She can pull away any time but does not.. She meets my gaze directly and just calms... She loves beak rubs ... I can also gently tap (this is a redirecting touch, not a whack or a hit on her beak, just a light touch) her beak to tell her it is unacceptable... She understands if I make a sharp ut ut sound it means "knock it off"... Lol If all else fails I plop her on the floor and ignore her for a minute and she is immediatly contrite and sweet again.
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With my parrotlet, usually all I have to do is hang my head and act sad. He will scoot over to me, give kisses, and want reassurance that he hasn't disappointed me tok badly. I absolutely can not act angry or raise my voice around him, even if it's not directed at him, because he cowers. This is his third home and his last home was horrible. I can't start down that road or I'll get angry about it again. Let's just say that it wasn't a good home for a little bird.

My gcc, Lily and I play a game where I grab her head gently and "meh!", then the says "meh, meh!" and nibbles my fingers. She loves to do this over and over. It works pretty well to redirect her attention from what ever she is doing at the moment.

There is no redirecting the budgies, but I'm prettty lucky to have a pair of really quiet and sweet budgies. I rarely have problems with them, unless Olive is picking fights with my parrotlet. She can be a bit of a stinker sometimes. He usually puts up with it, but will fight back if she is relentless. I just keep those two separate most of the time.
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With my female parrotlet Gemma, I usually have to snap her out of her state when she gets into it and nothing like gentle beak will work. So I usually just cup my hand around her back and tip her backwards for a few seconds and she calms right down. If she isn't too worked up just a little bitey, I can press my index finger to her beak lightly and say, no biting thats not nice in a disappointed voice. Then when I do something right after and she doesn't bite, I say yes! Thats a nice girl! In a very excited voice and you can see her eyes understand.

My budgie and linnie don't need much correcting. They are well behaved. I may sometimes just have to let ne them have an alone time period after out time...especially my linnie seems to need some downtime sometimes. Hard to explain but she likes to go and snuggle and peep by herself after long periods of activity and interaction for a few minutes. So respecting that prevents all issues with her.

My male plet is really good. I just lightly hold his beak and say got your nose, and he is fine. He rarely ever bites now. He did more in the first year I have him. Now maybe once a month if that.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~Anatole France
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I ignore them! Being meany here

- Alexandrine parakeets Holly, George, Koda & - Crimson rosella Kasumi Orange winged Amazon parrot Paulie
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I should add though that my linnie, although pretty perfect now, did go through a rough few months during puberty. During that time, she did bite sometimes, get a little territorial over her cage, and then sometimes I'd have a hard time getting her form Cozette's cage to hers. The only thing that worked with her (because she is way more sensitive than the parrotlets) was ignoring and also luring her into her cage with millet. Any other corrections only upset her more.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~Anatole France
Owned by & slave to: Oliver, Gemma, Cozette, & the English Budgie Crew
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We tell Chewy daily that she is going to have to find a new family to tolerate her screaming for NO reason!

She is a spoiled brat, honestly. She will throw fits when she doesn't get what she wants... like when you are in another room and she can't see you and she will scream like she's dying until you come into view... or when she wants to be on my shoulder on the couch but I won't pick her up off her cage and she will chirp for EVER!! it's like a baby crying and you can't make it stop

when she does that we try to "snap her out of it", I will either put her on the floor or give her something to play with to get her fixation onto something other than what is annoying me

She also gets snippy sometimes, if she is on my shoulder and I don't give her pets she will nibble my lip or like flick it with her beak, which hurts!!! or if I turn my head she might hiss and lunge. Then I will put her on the floor. She is our problem child

I know exactly how you feel though, there are days when I love my birds and I want more, and then there are days where I honestly wish I had stuck with my single budgie. I think every PARRONT goes through those feelings and it's totally normal. You don't love who you live with every day

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