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Weird things birds do

I thought it might be fun to start a thread for people to share the weird little things/quirks their birds do!

Firstly, my ringneck will take a bath every time I use my hairdryer. Without fail. Though he's too big for the dish so mainly sticks his head in it and flicks water everywhere. (I've been thinking he was a she for a whole year since I got him but he's recently been moulting and a ring appeared!)

One of my budgies, even though my ringneck doesn't like him, has decided to copy all of my IRN's noises (the non screechy ones).

And lastly, my lovie is constantly trying to get in my mouth. He pushes at my lips with his beak for ages and if it's ever open he'll try to climb in, almost like he wants to get eaten!

So do anyone elses' birds do weird things?

Also a random thing..I'm selling one of my budgies and someone messaged me yesterday asking if she was edible
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my English budgie squeals when he poops almost every time! it's so strange

my pearl cockatiel does not pluck her feathers but she will preen herself until she screams, and then keep going! we thought it was her new flights growing in (when she first started doing it) because those are obviously larger pin feathers, but she's a year now and does it almost every day. We just say "stop picking yourself!" and she usually stops haha

my budgie also feeds metallic surfaces, like his bell and the stainless steel dishes, and my other cockatiel will lick the "feed" off of those objects, so gross! lol

all three of them will come running if they hear a chip or pretzel bag because they want a treat, or if we use our red cereal bowls because they want to eat out of it.

I guess my birds are REALLY weird!!
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Edible!? Wow! I can't wait to hear what people have to say Bird shaming!

Oh and the hair dryer thing. You're not the only one! A lot of people with birds, especially Asiatic species, tend to find them bathing when they're using hair dryers, hoovers etc.

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Not so weird exactly, but my Green Wing, Ruby Jewel starts chanting, Gotta' go werk" "Bye Bye" when she sees me putting on my grey uniform. (I'm a Correctional Officer ) I usually tell her not to remind me , but I'm just joking with her.

Pretry much the weird funny things that happen with my kids involve talking and saying funny silly stuff at weird times.
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Sierra my White Capped Pionus is a very weird little girl. Basically a Mini Amazon in personality. When I first got her she sounded like one of the Ewoks on the old Star Wars movies. So I nicknamed her Ewok. When I woukd come in from work in the mornings I would say Ewok with the Wok part about 5 octaves higher and she started it too. I really think she calls me Ewok cause any time she sees me she chants Ewok.

So I would ask her, "What does Ewok want?" And I taught her to say, "Ewok want OUT!!", "Ewok go night night", "Ewok hungry", when I ask her. So now if I ask her she goes through all of them one right after the other and we have a back & forth of what she wants! LOL
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well my flock isn't that amazing, but when i come home and i go in my room, leon usually spreads his wings and chirps like "let me out!"

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Love the stories! . Lily my green cheek conure will mumble into my phone when I'm on it and the other person is talking. My sister says it sounds like I'm being rude and mocking her. Lol

She also loves crawling up my shirt sleeve and snuggling in my arm pit.
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Our quaker screams when she flies.
We're thinking she may have been always clipped in her previous home. It took her a long time after we got her and her wings grew out before she would leave any surface or perch we put her on. She's starting to figure it out and can fly quite well but is very loud doing so. We call it her anti-stealth mode.
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My linnies also call when they fly. I think it's a parrot thing, the wild Quakers that fly around my house also make quite a racket while traveling. You're right, it's anti stealth mode..."here I am, follow me..."

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Only may parrotlet is noisy when he flies... I always get the impression he is yelling with pure joy... Like a little kid on a swing
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