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Thinking about possibilities...

Most of you know we lost our cockatiel, Muffin, recently, and she is very missed. She was my fiance's bird, she chose him as her human and she was honestly the first animal he had ever made a connection with. We did have Chip before her, and Chip will choose him over me any day, but my fiance honestly had like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Muffin haha he loved that she would seek him out and want attention and was happy just being with him. He is taking her loss much harder than I am, I think because I have the other 3.

A little about them:

Chip is 4, he's kind of like a cat in the sense of being content just being out of the cage and having free roaming when we are home, he does come to us, but isn't necessarily attention seeking. He is more entertained by his bell toys

Chewy is almost 2 and completely my bird, she is a spoiled brat diva and she knows it, she will go to him but will scream her head off if I leave the room. Total velcro bird. She lives with Chip in an F040 flight cage. Unfortunately, he is resenting her a little now because I think he is jealous, totally understandable, and he said he would trade her in a second for another Muffin

Kissy will come to both of us, she is almost 2 and we're still kind of learning her because we have only had her 2 months, but we do like her. She's definitely needy, we don't let her out as much as the other two because of her massive poops, she is happy with coming out for 10-15 minutes to be with us and then actually wants to go back in her cage for a few hours. She will call when she wants to come out. She is partially clipped (because she drops a poop bomb whenever she flies out of the cage, and would immediately try to fly to us, clipping was our option for trying to control the poop splatter). She does choose my fiance over me but is considered a neutral party.

So getting to the point... my fiance wants a Sun Conure (or Jenday) because he loves their appearance, but it's just not possible where we live. We are in an apartment with neighbors on both sides and I'm surprised they haven't reported us for Chewy's screams yet. If we could get a Sun Conure without the Sunny voice, then we would haha

My question: based on your experience, is there a medium sized parrot that is not severely loud that would get along with my current birds (obviously not in the same cage, but just not try to kill them being out at the same time) that is similar to a Sun Conure? I think he's just looking for something else to bond with, which I don't know if he would have time to do anyway because he works so much, and this isn't happening ANY time soon, but just thinking about for the future. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated, sorry this is SOOOO long!
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I would flag the Sun Conure idea.
I have one in right now. She is here due to her screaming.
I have three weeks to turn her around, then she will go back to her owner until she starts screaming again, which I pick she will do due to a change in the attention she gets. Or should I say the lack of it now her owner circumstances have changed.
Other than that they do tend to make super company birds.

Can you afford to go with a bigger bird?
If so you consider an Alexandrine, Mustache, Eclectus.
Will they get on with your other guys? Huge question. With no certainty. Always have plan 'B' in place.
I do trust my Alexandrine with my Tiels and the Budgie. And Percy the Eclectus was good with them as well when here as a home stay. (But he was young, which may of been why he was good with them).

A tribute to my lost ones. RIP.
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The birds you have now are good, friendly, quiet birds. I too find the need for quiet number one priority (because of my tolerance, not the neighbors) and was looking at all the species you currently own. Other quiet, social birds would be doves, bourkes (but I don't think they would fit your needs in terms of bonding). Also parrotlets, green cheek conures (although they don't always get along with other birds). Maybe a pionus, but they are bigger. Or you could always get a second cockatiel/linnie/budgie.

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I know, it's so hard thinking of adding a new one (sooner or later ) when we have such a good thing going here! Personally I would love to get a Senegal or Red Bellied Parrot because they fascinate me but I'm leaving things up to him. Most likely we will not be getting anything, but it's always nice to learn and do LOTS of research!
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Sun conures are too loud! And they are going to be a lot more demanding than Chewy. I would agree with wyrinth, a bourke or another one of what you already have.

Male lovebirds who are hand raised and socialized well then kept single also tend to get along better with other species than parrotlets (but it all depends on personality of the bird and how they were raised)---when you start stepping out of your currently owned species and bourkes, you run a higher risk of the new bird not getting along with the others.

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I know, that is what I am afraid of. He says he doesn't want to get another cockatiel because he's just going to be looking for it to be the same as Muffin, and obviously it won't be an exact personality. He's also afraid we're going to get another screamer like Chewy (Muffin wasn't much of a flock caller). I would get another of anything but that's just me. If I could find a bourke, I would get in my car right now! They are so scarce, but beautiful!!
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Jill, I wouldn't get a parrotlet- I hear they are aggressive little buggers. I was thinking of getting one but then decided against it.
I think it will be hard for mike to bond with a bird that needs a lot of attention due to his work hours.
I hear small alexaandrines are pretty quiet and friendly.

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I think any new bird would ruin what you have going. Also, Linnie's are big parrots in small bodies.

I think he should work on bonding with Kissy so she can get more "out" time. One of our Linnie's is Velcro and very loving with my hubby.

Also, Linnie's can learn to be potty trained. Our loving one, Comet is, but he isn't the one with the ginormous poops!

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