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IRN info needed

hey everyone i have been doing lots of research on IRN and have a very good idea on what to expect but there isnothing like talking to people that have them. this is what i want to know is your IRN loud like cockatoo loud or do they just get loud now and then . are they quiet or kinda quiet what would you say they are like in this category example are they like a lovebird loud high pitched calls sometimes or quiet like a female cockatiel trying to get a ideaon this i keep hearing different things. what size food do you feed size for like a tiel or larger like for a grey no completely sure which size food is better. are your irn loving and sweet or do they just don't care for cuddling. any other info you can tell me would be great and helpful.

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I am probably not the best person to give you an answer here as I am not a real fan of the IRN. They are beautiful looking birds but I don't think their temperament or attitude lives up to the beauty. I would much rather their bigger cousins in the Alexandrine or Derbyan.

Saying that they are noisy. Not loud like a cockatoo but more high pitched. I could hear the IRN's over in the next street. When I had them here they were noisier than my Rainbow Lorikeets and definitely made more noise than my Cockatoo's. And it wasn't occasional but most of the day.

I have hand raised lots of IRN's and have found that they don't make great pets. Only 1 in 100 make really good pets. Where the Alex's get nippy at puberty, but after that they do settle down and are very gentle, but most of the IRN I have known don't outgrow the nippy stage.

These are just my opinions and as I said I am probably prejudiced against them.

As for food, I don't feed pellets but I feed seed. I use a Cockatiel Mix, which I give to all my birds from the Cockatoo's down to the GC Conure, except for my Lorikeets of course that have an entirely different diet. I combine their seed with fruit and vegetables in season.
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Same here. I did not enjoy the irn voice. I did have two at one point, both females. One was parent raised and never was tame and if i came too close while cleaning the cage she would scream bloody murder until i left (also, she would scream the entire time i would hold her for grooming purposes...i became really quick at trimming nails ).

My other one was tame and clever and beautiful...and had a voice that would melt your brain out of your ears. It was extremely high pitched and loud and she would use it whenever my husband was on the phone, or when we had company, or right when i got the baby to sleep......

I kind of like the irn personality. She was very independent and "sassy" (read: you better watch her for subtle signs she was about to bite). But i prefer that to clingy, dependent birds. She was also a very clever bird and i find them breathtakingly beautiful despite their lack of different colors.

That being said, i would probably get an irn again IF there were mute ones available, but i would NEVER get an irn again because of that voice. I also wouldn't get a peach faced lovebird because their voice is similar to an Irn.

I've read that irns are not considered very vocal, but the amount of times mine vocalized was too much for me, so whenever i find a potential new species i youtube them screaming and imagine if my bird did this all day would I be able to deal with it?

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I have a hand raised IRN whose turning 1 year in a few months and I agree with the previous posters . They do need someone experienced . They are extremely independent and will only do things on their terms. The most trouble I had was during his 'nippy' phase. He was almost impossible to deal with . I got bitten a lot and it HURTs.

Now that he seems to have outgrown that phase , I must say hes an absolute delight. He loves being around people , talks up a storm and also follows commands up to a certain point. Fortunately , he doesn't scream as much since hes has better things to say . I guess teaching him words diverted the screaming .
I have lovebirds and tiels as well . I'd take my IRN's screeching all day over a lovebird's metallic shrieks or a tiel's shrill flock calls. My 4 tiels and 2 lovebirds can be heard 4 buildings away :/ .

He isn't 'cuddly' to speak though he loves being on people and . He'd rather chill on shoulders or sit on peoples' feet . He usually sits on my foot and speaks/dances . He does tolerate petting but only from me. Personally I prefer this kind of attention . I'm not too fond of overly cuddly birds.

Regarding food , I feel IRNs are the best eaters by far compared to other small birds. I've found that they eat anything and everything . My baby took to pellets after 4 months of a seed diet without any hesitation. Fruits , veggies , nuts , human foods ; he loves it all . The only thing he doesn't eat is millet and that too only because his beak is too large to shell it properly.

Another thing to watch out for is if you have other birds. My current bird as well as other IRNs ive had in the past were beyond aggressive to all of my other birds. I've once had an IRN who actually opened it's cage , go into my budgie cage (which was closed ) and proceeded to bite off the toes of all the little ones. It was a bloodbath. Even my current bird tried to kill one of my tiels when he was a half naked baby lol . I would not risk keeping anything else in the same room as an IRN.
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do you thank if a irn and grey are raised together they can at least be out together

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Indian ringnecks tend to go out of their way to attack another bird so I wouldn't try letting them out together. They have a very territorial nature and see anything with feathers as a threat. People actually struggle to keep pairs of ringnecks together, even in aviaries, so as you can imagine they don't do well with any other birds

Noise-wise, they're up there with the sun conure for noise level and high pitch. Obviously videos aren't going to give you the experience but they can give you a rough idea. I found a few out

The second one is probably the best but I wanted to compare at least 2 so you know they all have that same yell. My first IRN, Echo, would only scream every now and then but she was a very frightened bird in a busy environment so as you can imagine, she wouldn't want to scream and draw attention to herself. The Indian ringneck I have now has come from a very bad situation and she unfortunately can't go into one of my aviaries. She is petrified of people so she lives in the conservatory which is separate to the house and has plenty of light etc. She can see the aviaries from in there. She contact calls almost all day and you can hear that around the house, in the street and if you keep walking up the road you can still hear it. They are more noisy than people seem to think. I blame YouTube videos of the odd one nice IRN out there that you never hear screaming, only talking I've never heard a single one talk in person

They're not usually hands on either, let alone cuddly. They can respond well to clicker and target training to get them to sit on you but once they're out the babyish phase they tend to want nothing to do with you

Food-wise they're very good. They'll eat just about anything you give them. Mine have had a good quality cockatiel mix mixed with some hemp, crushed chillis etc. to bulk it out a bit. They love pumpkin seeds. They eat fresh food like it's going out of fashion and will choose it over seeds any day. Most of the Asiatics I've encountered have been like that though

If you want a bird that looks like an Indian ringneck but is considerably nicer, get an Alexandrine. They may be a lot larger and will require more space but they're gentle giants. They can talk okay. They're hands on and want to be with you but aren't too cuddly. They don't like other birds but they're far more tolerant than an IRN. Although they do have a voice on them, it isn't as shrill or annoying as an IRN. They are also less likely to scream. The only downside to them is their housing, but the same could be said about the IRN. They all need tall, wide cages to accommodate their tails

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Well I must say it is good to see those who have posted are all in agreement about Ringnecks.
I have to agree, not that I have had much to do with them. Certainly read enough to know what has been said here seems like good advice, from sound knowledge base. There are a huge number of these here in NZ, but very few tame.

I had not looked at it from you getting one of these and the Gray. I think that will be a challenge. If clipped I guess you could keep them apart, but flighted just sounds like trouble if the Ringneck can get to the Gray.
I go with Alexandrine, moustache or Durban as better options.

A tribute to my lost ones. RIP.
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