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Angry does anyone have these kinds of days?!

as some may know, i am dealing with a flock of super hormonal budgies. pickle is laying and sitting on eggs, the boys are breeding with cheerio- who now has her own cage and the boys fight with each other- drama drama drama. pickle and cheerio are now in another room and since then they boys are now getting close with each other. baby bird and leon are obsessed with each other and Ace tries to join, but usually a fight just starts between baby bird and him; the full on fighting where they lock onto each other and fall to the ground today baby bird and leon didn't want to go back because they were so occupied with being together and i couldn't separate them, so it took 20 minutes to put them back. it made me really frustrated and i even sunk low enough to try and grab leon with my hand while he was on the tree or flying i have been putting Releaves in everyones food AND i just tried doing the 72 hours of light with not letting them out of the cage... it did NOTHING

it was so nice when i had (at that time) all 9 birds out for the whole day, sometimes even 12 hours, and they would get along fine and play together. now a days, i have to separate everyone, and watch everyones move. i don't know if i will ever be able to have all 8 out again, or as of today, all 6. when the 6 do come out it is only for about 3-4 hours. its really saddening to me that pickle and cheerio never come out and the rest only have a small slice of time to come out. it might be shortened due to baby bird and leon's behavior (i will have to let 3 out for a while and then put them back and let the other 3 out. i really don't like having some of my birds cages for 23 hours or more a day

back to what i wanted to ask.... do any small bird owners have those days where they wish they just had 1 medium or large sized parrot?!! every time my flock gets "out of control" i always think of the time i cuddled with a cockatoo at a fair or when i played with the quaker at the shelter.... it was so nice and relaxing

or visa versa? do large parrot owners which they had a flock of little (hormonal!) ones?

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I have 3 canaries and they can be very cranky with each other the linnies too sometimes frustrate me when they are being particularly shy. I too, sometimes think a bigger bird would be easier. But then i think, i would only have room for one large bird and birds do better with other birds. Also, although i have a very large cage ( enough for an amazon ) it wouldn't be enough for the bird to fly around in like my current birds can. So I would feel guilty if i had to stay out, like I usually do on the weekends. Even when i would let the large bird out, I don't think my living room is large enough for it to get enough exercise like little birds can.

Big birds also have big, destructive beaks. While i can let my canaries and linnies out without worry, at one point i had a irn and i had to watch her like a hawk so she wouldn't destroy things (like my chairs) and irn are not even that large. They also need larger toys and they destroy them faster! They need more, more expensive food.

They are also LOUDER. Yes, some little birds have loud, high pitched voices, but in general the larger the bird, the louder.

And many large birds have psychological problems...its more common to see self mutilating cockatoos than budgies.

so, to answer your question:
Yes, sometimes i think owning a larger bird would be cool, but i also used to think that about owning a horse and in my current living situation and time in my life i don't think that is feasible.
Enjoy your little parrots

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I think about it because I still miss our Cockatoo, and one large bird demands lots of your time. The little guys are tired after a couple hours of flying and playing and ready to get food and take a nap.

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