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Looking for parrotlet

Hi folks: It's been awhile since I posted. My 3 parrots are doing well. That is Eclectus, Kahli 21 years old who had the injured foot and is sill perching although rests on his bed on the floor of his cage that I made for him. He sees an out of state Avian vet for his foot. Teshi my Senegal is very cuddly, and my Cinnamin Green Check Taja still comes to me when called. They are all so sweet

I am thinking about having a Parrotlet in my life but wondering where to get one on the east coast. I live in Maine. Maybe someone here can help?

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Warning to you parrotlets are very aggressive birds, it seems you have a nice flock now I would reconsider and get a cockatiel or a Meyers parrot they are friendly birds. I just rehomed my parrotlets they were very cage aggressive. No matter what I tried they still attacked me. FYI
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Just googling parrotlet breeders in Maine should help you.
Make sure you are absaloutley certain a parrotlet won't affect the flock dynamics first!
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Actually, the only celestial parrotlets I have worked with haven't been bad at all. I've had two breeding pairs, both were very timid and didn't like me coming near them (out of fear) so would disappear into their nests when I came close and I have got a companion celestial who is not remotely aggressive. I saw him at a sale a year ago and he was being sold as a breeder but something just screamed out to me that he was a gentle soul so £25 later and he's mine. I'm looking for a companion for him now that hopefully fits the same criteria as he does haha! I've also had hands on experience with a few and they've all been nice. Granted, every bird is an individual. Some celestials can be nippy and have little bird syndrome, they think they're macaw sized haha. My experience with green cheeks hasn't been the best. I loved them, don't get me wrong, but I found them to be a very sharp species. I then see a few individuals over the internet in various places that are the most sweet, loving and mellow birds!

There's a website called birdbreeders.net and I recommend putting in your species and search area

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Hi, Parrotlet owner here!

Parrotlets do have a tendency for cage aggression, but it can be trained out like any other behavior. I got my P'let at a petstore who took her in after she was abandoned there, and they let any person handle their birds, letting them grab and poke them. When I found her she was extremely aggressive to the point that they told me I shouldn't buy her. With lots of time and patience, she understood that biting will get her nowhere. I taught her that I will not react in any way to biting and if she bites me I will refuse to give her any attention for 30 seconds or so. If she bites outside of the cage I would place her down (not back in the cage) and ignore her. Parrotlets love attention and she realized if she wants to have social interaction and be let out, she needs to stop the biting.

She enjoys coming out to play, and if she is ever uncomfortable with me I have taught her that a light beaking or moving away is good communication and I will back off and let her do her thing. She's now become the biggest cuddlebug I've ever seen.

I'd say that introducing her to your other birds is going to take some time, but if done correctly, you should be alright. P'lets will not hesitate to be aggressive to larger birds, so you should either take yours out completely separate or introduce it to the flock one by one in neutral territory, slowly. Set each bird on the opposite side of a neutral room, likely on the floor if they'll allow it, and let them meet each other themselves. If any aggression is shown I'd remove them and try again at a later time so that nothing dangerous occurs.

Let me know if you have any questions about parrotlets! There's an entire talkparrotlets forum. I don't know any p'let breeders in Maine but they do tend to be given up at rescues because people don't understand how to deal with cage aggression/territorial birds as Julie pointed out.

Also, not all Parrotlets have this issue! It's just a trait that is within them in the wild and shows itself in captivity frequently. Parrotlets are not flock birds and tend to have small groups in the wild with lots of territory to roam. They are in an enclosed, small space in captivity and need to be respected for it, to feel safe in their cage knowing that it's still their choice to come out and they're not being forced and that you'll listed to them if they don't want to come out etc.

<3 hope it all works out with your birds!!
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