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Species Advice for a College Student

I have been interested in acquiring a pet bird for years now, but I have only recently found myself in a situation where it might be possible. I am by no means going to buy a bird right now. I would like to see how the semester plays out now that I no longer have to share a room with someone else, but it is definitely something I plan to do as soon as I'm sure that I can give a bird what it needs.

I was hoping some of you could give me advice on which type of parrot I should look into. Here's generally what I'm looking for:
-On the small side, can hopefully fit in a not-too-big cage (but I plan to have it out and about in my room for at least a couple hours every day).
-Very affectionate, will enjoy sitting on my shoulder (I know, so cliche), being petted, and generally being held and around people. I don't expect to bring it around huge groups of people, but I don't want it to bite my friends fingers.
-Trainable, not necessarily a huge talker, but maybe a few words and some tricks.
-Quiet- I will have neighbors living right next to me, so a bird that shrieks is definitely a no-go. I understand that all birds chatter, but some birds are louder than others.
-Not super messy- This one may be obvious, but I don't have a super large space and it would be much easier if a bird mostly contained its mess to its cage. I know all birds are messy! I am also concerned about the dust issue that some birds, such as cockatiels, have, especially considering it would be living near where I sleep.
-Not super expensive- I am a student, and I understand that with annual check ups, food, and toys, birds can be expensive pets. I would prefer to not spend too much on the initial purchase so that I can save for the continued care of my bird.

I do have a few birds in mind, but please let me know what you think would fit my lifestyle best!
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Hey there!

Two birds come to mind. Cockatiels, if you don't mind something a little more mundane, and any of the Pionus species. Both fit most of your requirements. Especially the Pionus. They're SUPER quiet. Seriously - a screech two or three times but then you barely hear them, LOL! My white capped pionus is the largest of my birds, but he makes the least mess. My pi isn't hand tame (Or he was, but has lost it being a breeder for several years) but I've heard they like their scritches and hanging out with their slaves Talking isn't their strong suit, being garbled and spoken in 'Pionus-ese'. Another down side is that the Pionus species can get expensive. The white capped starts at $500, while Blue Heads can be as much as $900.

Cockatiels, especially the females, can be quiet. Their messes can be small, especially if you have one bird, and female can be quite cuddly. Tricks - check. They're inexpensive as far as birds go. I can sell my babies as low as $75 Average is around $100.

That's all I cna think of off the top of my head. Good luck !!
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I agree with Vampiric Conure a tiel would be a good choice as they are playful and can be very hands on and cuddly and talkers the only thing I found difficult with tiels was the dust factor, get yourself an air purifier for your room as it will help keep the dust at bay.

A parrotlet can be very sweet playful and hand tame and goofy they love hanging upside down in their cages and being acrobats, I like the sounds a parrotlet makes they can be good talkers they have whispery little voices.

Parrotlets are really into fresh veggies and fruits daily as its a large part of their diet they are generally very good eaters so be prepared to shop for a variety of fresh foods for this bird.

Lovebirds are fun and playful and not too loud they can be very hand tame and can learn to speak.

Any birds of this size are suppose to be in the biggest cage you can get so try to get something big, if you can't go too big because of space in your room get something as large as you can but make sure its square or rectangular so that you can put a play center on top of the cage and let the bird out as much as possible to hang out on top of the cage and with you so it can get exercise.

When thinking about getting your bird decide what sex of bird is good for you.

I personally do not get hens as they can cause you a load of worry if they start getting into problems with eggs when they reach breeding maturity. Eggs can form in their vent that they can't lay causing the bird to be egg bound some hens die. You will need an emergency fund on hand just in case you need to get your egg bound hen to a vet for treatment should it get into this problem.

Also hens can become moody and nippy when they go into breeding condition, the temperament of the bird can change from loving to not so loving.

Cock birds don't have these issues.

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