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Selection process

This is an addon to my prior post a few months ago called "Prepping best I can for next year"
Good news, the date still hasn't changed, so still lots of time lol

So I've done a small amount of research and have gotten this far.

Pros: Chill birds. Perfectly content with sitting on your shoulder and just hanging out for as long as you want.
Not super loud birds

Cons: Apparently very prone to be protective of the person they are around the most often
I don't have a child nor do I expect one so I'm not concerned there, but what about my pets? I want them to play with each other.

Which bring me to the next bird on my list.

Pros: Very outgoing and goofy
Can play with the animals.

Cons: More outgoing means a little more Vocal

Cons to both birds is the size, I'd like a bigger parrot.

I think I likely have about an hour in total thru-out the day I can dedicate specifically for the bird. Other then that time it'll be out socializing with the other pets or just hanging with me while I do what I need to do. As I said in my last post, I'm not looking for something I can leave in a cage and look at.

Now what I'm looking for, I want a bird that's resilient, social, smart but not to attention hoggy. I'm fortunate enough to have a lot of freedom with my career and hope to spend multiple weeks in a motor home exploring the costs thru Canada and the United States and I can't have a bird that will be stressed while out and about. (Please list any birds that would undoubtedly not be a good fit for me in response to this, it would be appreciated.)

Now for a breakdown of my life.
I have about 20 minutes in the morning I dedicate to my animals (Not including walking my dog which I'd like to bring the parrot with me if it's capable) for things like feeding and general play time with the bunnies and the doggo.
About 8 hours later I get home from work, walk the dog for about 30 minutes (Again, I'd love to bring the bird when temps allow). the animals will be out and about playing with each other until bed time between 8-9pm. With the exception of any grocery trips.
For dinner I'd like the parrot to be able to eat with myself and my wife.
Is a larger bird like a Macaw an option?
PLEASE list some suggestions I can look into. This is a big commitment, so I need the knowledge and experience of the people on this forum.
I want a companion bird that can be resilient, social, and somewhat laid back.

To everyone who reads this, thank you. And I look forward to the responses I get.

Edit: I'm looking into Eclectus parrots right now as well. Feel free to leave opinions.
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Hmmm this is an interesting topic. Choosing a species. I don't know enough about the different species as pets to answer that, though there is a lot on the internet on the subject which I've read. I do know which I would never be able to keep well enough and that excludes almost all of them.

My parrot chose me, which means I didn't get that choice either, just as well he suited my lifestyle, circumstances and temperament or I would've had to find him a better home.

I'm wondering if you have the time for a parrot, though?
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So I decided to get a cockateil.
With what I read online they are relatively easy to care for (Compared to larger birds that is), they are caring, and don't require an absorbent amount of time. 2 hours broken up thru the day is the collective middle ground that I've seen online, however more is of course better and I had planned to spend more then that anyway. The fact they don't require me to spend the equivalent of a part time job 7 days a week is amazing. Honestly my perception of size for birds is clearly scewed because the bird is much larger then I thought it was and I'm quite happy about that.

I've had the bird now for about 12 hours, gunna leave her for another day or two to get used to her surroundings then I'll give her a go taking treats from my hand for the remainder of the week. After that comes the fun part of learning to handle her and learning body language.

Wish me luck!
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Tiels are great birds and a lot of fun, they can be really great talkers if you put the time in chatting to them daily. They love fresh foods or chop so check around for some interesting recipes for your new friend.

The only thing I didn't enjoy much was the fact that they are extremely dusty birds and the dust can be a bit of an issue for some people. I had a tiel a long time ago and I had to buy a good air purifier to help keep the air fresher and keep the dust at bay in the room where the birds cage was. I also was lucky that my hen liked to bath so this helped keep the dust factor down.

Cockatiels are very well known to have night frights. A slight noise at night when they are sleeping can spook them easily and cause them to thrash around in their cage which can harm them. So I learned to cover the top and sides of the cage with a cover and leave a good part of the front of the cage open or exposed. I would leave a small lamp or night light on beside the cage so the bird could see if it got frightened by anything. I also left a small radio on a classical station that played music and no commercials so there was a constant source of sound that could block out anything from outside.

This cut down on the night frights greatly.

Find out what she likes to eat the most and hand tame her to come to you for this food daily, she will be happy to come to you and be your friend in no time.

Good luck with your new girl, I hope she settles in well with you quickly and you bond well together.
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I think that's a very good responsible choice. Well done. When I was a kid I got a cockatiel. The first time I tried to handle her she flew straight out the cage and back to the breeder some five kilometers away. There she stayed as I reckoned she liked home best. I longed for another one but dogs horses came along and I never got another bird till one landed on my head and stayed. I never forget the sound she made as she flew straight into the sunrise, full of excited bliss I reckoned. So take care hope your bird has been handled already because it can be risky otherwise.
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