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Why A Second Hand Bird?


This question is asked all the time.

Generally, the myth that "second hand", (or third, or fourth hand) birds, will not bond to a new owner is patently incorrect. While they may carry some "emotional/behavioral baggage" and may need additional patience and lots of love and compassion, most of them are "redeemable". They have evolved to be able to eventually adjust and bond to new partners, speak "care givers", by instinct alone. If their mate dies or is eaten by a predator, they have to be emotionally able to attach themselves to someone else in the flock. It is no different here. It does take patience, sometimes over many months.

Please consider this: There are literally thousands of unwanted birds that were often bought on impulse. They all desperately need a permanent home. Successful relationships do require an understanding of these birds and an absolute willingness for unconditional acceptance. Anyone who is prepared to seriously commit him or herself, who is ready to love, understand, respect and have patience with their new charge will end up with a rewarding and wonderful experience. Prior to acquiring any bird, baby or mature, we as care givers have the ethical and moral obligation to familiarize ourselves and be aware of the challenge that faces us. There are excellent books on the subject of keeping parrots and it is incumbent upon all of us to take advantage of the outstanding work already done in this field: To be aware of their physiological and psychological requirements. These requirements are identical for bird babies and "seniors". The same mutually painful consequences for ignorance and the same rewards for being informed and treating the bird with respect, compassion, patience and understanding for and of the species invariably apply.

There are some who insist that "rescued" birds know what has happened and that they are grateful to those who gave them security and a real loving home.

We must always remember that parrots in general and greys in particular are not just birds, they are highly evolved and extremely sensitive, intelligent and perceptive creatures who deserve to be treated as what they are: Someone very, very special.

In summary, there are no "second hand" birds – there are only birds in need of a loving home. Some of our best known avian behaviorists are strong advocates for the adoption of unwanted birds – in many cases over the acquisition of babies. There is a very good reason for that: Firstly, they desperately need us and secondly, adult birds, albeit rejected by their owners, have the potential to becoming outstanding companions!

It is all up to us!

Why A Second Hand Bird?
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One day I really hope to adopt an older bird

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Good thread,
Taming Bob is so rewarding.
Sometimes hard but never boring.
I've often had to go about things a different way.
I urge anyone to think about adopting.
Lots of my birds are rescues.
They are amazing.


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I especially love this thread. Great one to put up Solace!

Almost all of my "second hand birds" have been amazing and bonded very quickly to me. I have had 3 birds who I have not been the first home to, and 2 of the 3 have been amazing. Krissi (my foster) was immediately happy to let me give scritches and loved to be on my shoulder as much as possible. And now Allie, who you'd expect to hate people and not know what to do with herself around them is very very social and does not want to be away from people.

Taz, who I got before both of them, is a little jerk. But it is just his personality and I got to interact with him before I took him home..so I knew what I was getting into (kind of, the lady told me he NEVEr acts this way).

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Almost all of my birds are second hand, if more hands haha! They're mostly breeders people didn't care about and threw away, as they do. They just want the money for them usually. The only babies I've had brand new are Spudgie the budgie, who I raised my self and will in the future be a breeder, Dexter my green cheek, Harvey my current cockatiel I am hand raising my self and bred my self, and Bandit my American kestrel. Oh and Axel, my Indian eagle owl who passed away a few years ago now. Everybody else is a rehome. I find it extremely rewarding and although they may never come to love me, they will always be special. A few of my birds are store bought too, but as breeders, not hand raised babies, and that is my kakarikis

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"Secondhand" birds are just as good as little babies in my opinion and should be given just as much of a chance. I've always wanted to invest in a larger parrot that, like Daisy said, is considered a "breeder" and is being "thrown away." I've seen a lot of them on Hoobly and Craigslist; they ask cheaper for them anyways.

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Aww this is great. I have to admit, I'm guilty of buying both of my birds from a breeder but I honestly tried to adopt a second hand bird from craigslist several times! You would think people who put up posts giving up their birds would interact better with people interesting in giving their birds a good home but 2 out of the 3 people I contacted just stopped contacting me. I hope to give a "second hand" bird a home one day
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It is still perfectly fine to buy from a breeder, and I don't feel you should feel guilty about it really. I do, because there are so many who need saving but if you can devote your time to that bird and not give up on it then you'd be perfectly able to have rehomes and babies!

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I'm considering adopting a "second hand" bird as my first bird. In my case, the adoption of a "second hand" bird involves some volunteering, classes on taking care of parrots and an in home pre and post inspection. (I really like this idea as even though I've been thinking about it for years and I know most of the basics, I still feel like a noob)
I'm curious....when you adopt a bird from someone else, is it ok to change his name? (I know it seems like a weird question )
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My grey is a rehome...I am his third person. And it has been almost a year that I have had him and we are making progress...slowly! But I love him My 2 parrotlets I got from breeders as babies. They still need work too....but again I love them too!

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Love this thread

Ice was rehomed to me and she is an angel (on most days) HAHA

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I can't imagine why you wouldn't be able to, unless they knew it! When I got Joey the cockatiel I was gunna change his name but as soon as I got him back he kept shouting his name!!!

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I find it heart-breaking that the overwhelming majority of parrots are rehomed within the first year. I read somewhere that there are more unwanted birds in the world than dogs!

The cockatiel I'll be getting in a couple of days is a third-hand bird, and he sounds lovely. I also have a second-hand English budgie that is not tame but is a very entertaining little fellow. Today I made an inquiry to a local bird rescue, requesting to be put on a waiting list of they ever get a rose-breasted cockatoo in. While I have certainly purchased some from breeders before, I do believe adopting an animal is one of the most rewarding things in life.
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