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I am lost on what bird to get. Please help

First i wanted a congo grey because of his intelligence but then realized he has huge feather plucking problems and needs HUGE amounts of attention of 5+ hours a day and if he doesnt get that he might become crazy and unhappy.

Then i thought get a timneh grey since they are a bit smaller which i like and doesnt have a lot of the problems of the african grey but i am still not sure since they will probably also need as much attention.

Then i thought about getting a Senegal because i heard they were very loyal companions but then i heard about how they are very agressive towards other pets and family members when they mature since most of the time he becomes a 1 person bird (and sadly since i basically live with roomates, chance of socializing him will be only minimal to whenever i take him to my family house which is like once every other week. But i do like it that senegal parrots are very loyal companions who actually like spending time with people.

then i thought about a caique but they seem way too loud and i live in an apt.

So now i am lost to what i want. The ideal bird for me would be a bird that makes a great companion , Likes to be cuddled and touched and likes to spend time with people. I have had many budgies before and all were tame enough to scratch their head to an extent and their bellies and would step up. But all of them never really wanted to socialize with humans much. They were far more happy left alone. Sure they would go to another friends hand but they would fly back to their comfort zone any chance they get so i think budgies are WAY to independent for me. I rather have a bird who wants to interact and even seek me out to interact with me but in the other hand is fine if i leave him alone and let him be independent. I am well aware of all the problems that can arise with birds who wants too much interaction since if they dont get it they will scream and all that but i want some sort of a middle ground. I can spend many hours a day with him but most of the time i might just keep him next to me in a perch while i work and occasionally would talk to him and scratch him. Also i would want the bird to be quiet enough for an apt and also be kind of acrobatic and energetic but not to the extent where they rather be with themselves. I want the bird to like my company and want to spend time. Also lastly the least important thing would be that he has a decent chance of talking. this is not important at all but would be nice if the potential was there. So please guys help me choose a bird.

ps: Also i am well aware that every birds personality is different but i just want to increases the chances by getting the breed thats the closest. As in if i wanted a less aggressive dog, then a pitbull (even though i am sure they might not be aggressive if raised right) would never be a top option.

I dont even know if there is a bird that fits this description but if there is please let me know of what comes the closest.

ps: looking for a parrot similarly sized as a Senegal. (little bigger or smaller is fine)

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Glad to see you are thinking this through and thinking what is best for you and the bird

As for birds- I think a green cheek conure fits your description. They are mostly quiet(can be loud sometimes but depends on the bird), they are smart can learn tons of tricks, they are big cuddle bugs, but can be nippy at times.
Some do learn to speak but is isn't as clear as a African grey, it mostly sounds raspy and mumbled

But all around they are great little birds :$

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Yeah, gccs are reaally good apartment birds from what I hear. Also quakers are a perfect size and match all descriptions. They can be loud if there is two or if one doesnt get enough attention.

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The Green cheeks I have met have been wonderful, cuddly and playful and total clowns! Sounds like a Green cheek would definately fit your wants in a bird!

I have cockatiels and I couldnt be happier with them! They are super friendly, cuddly, and love human attention but arent as needy as larger birds. They arent very noisy, males whistle and some of them are good talkers. My male is very high energy and acrobatic, he loves hanging upside down but my female is more laid back.

Maybe you can find somewhere where you can observe and maybe even handle the species you are considering and see which bird you are drawn too most.

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i would say a green cheek conure would be perfect for you , they love their people and are not that loud

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If you can deal with the poop! Then I would say go with a Lori, get it at an early age and train it you will be over the moon with the way they interact with their human care giver, if you treat them right.

Both Zammy and Potato were not my birds, but interact no problems.
And here is one of the more fantastic shots I have of Zammy and throwing him up in the air and he just falls down knowing I will catch him.
I do have to say 'Do not Try This'
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What more could I say? They can be loud and need lots of love time.
I share my home with the six Tiels in my siggy. And I am very happy to have them, they are so well behaved, so they are free to roam the house 24/7. I do not think there are many birds you could trust this way.

A tribute to my lost ones. RIP.

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I would say get a Cockatiel. They aren't too noisy, they can learn tricks, they are not overly dependant on you and males have the ability to learn to talk.

You will find with a lot of larger Parrots such as greys etc that once they mature they will very much become bonded to one person, they can also go through a very bad bluffing stage once they hit sexual maturity, some of your larger Parrots will not tame back dosn after this stage. They all need a lot of time spent with them to ensure you have a well adjusted Parrot.
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You're right, every birds' personality is different - my budgie isn't very independant because he always wants to be with me. He will sit n my finger for hours (maybe not hours but he would if he could) sitting giving kisses and preening me. He doesn't like being touched, but I'm working on that. Also you cannot guarantee that any bird you buy will be a cuddly companion. I'd suggest go for a cockatiel. These are great birds for an apartment and most are very cuddly, though you'll get some who are nippy and mean. A small conure (not the aratinga conures - these are very loud for an apartment)like a greencheek or a black capped or blue crowned. Lovebirds can be cuddly but again can be very nippy. Parrotlets have large parrot personalities, in fact they behave a lot like amazons - I refer to them as minizons They have spunky and fiesty personalities and can be aggressive, but are also very active and playful. But most are very cuddly too. Another option is the lineolated parakeet. These are small, loyal parrots. They have an almost primitive way of moving hunched over. They mostly love to be cuddled and petted. They love to play, and they are not loud at all. Although you will get some quiet chatter. They are very acrobatic and love to hang upside down like a bat. They also spend more time on the ground than other parrot species, so mind where you step if you do get one! All in all they are dear little birds. Another possibility is a pionus parrot.These are also loyal, loving and affectionate and not too loud. There are also the polytelis and brotogerous species. A cape parrot could also be your perfect companion. We have a senegal and he loves attention, but he does bite when he's on you. Another poicephalus species could be right for you - Meyers, Jardines, Ruppells, red bellieds - There are so many parrots that could be right for you! But only YOU can truly decide what you want. Here is a link to a website caled "crittersonthings" that has information about all types of parrotsthat may help. http://www.crittersonthings.com/lineolated.htm
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I personally feel that maybe a female cockatiel would be good for you. I won't say male because all of mine scream like you're murdering them whenever I turn my backs on them males are definitely more likely to scream than females. Tiels are usually cuddly, a good size, very gentle and easy going and they come in all different mutations! Either that or one of the pyrrhura family of conures. Most will say green cheeks and although I love mine to bits I would definitely not say that they are quiet. Most of them are, but like any bird it depends! Mine scream and shout all day long regardless of everything I give them. It just gives them a bit more fun I guess. I just ignore it. The screaming can't be heard from outside though, and so would be good for an apt. But there are definitely others in the same family who I feel need more looking into. I won't list all of them because there are a lot but the most commonly kept I will list. There's the maroon bellied, crimson bellied, pearly, painted, black capped, blue throated too! Have a look into all of those. They're all gorgeous birds that fit the description for you. Look into the blue throated legality though. I'm not sure whether you guys can get them or not!

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Definitely a quaker!

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I would recommend a linnie to you! I have 6 of them, and my landlord who lives above me never hears them. What I love most about them, is they can be cuddly, stay smaller, but they also can amuse themselves, if you need to leave for work or school. They can be independent when you need them to be, and cuddly when you get home. My linnies love socializing after I get home, but they dont NEED me the same way my macaw did. They are a true delight to own! They walk face down the cage, hang upside down to eat (kind of like bats), and they LOVE to shower with you, and hang upside down with their wings open to get every drop of water into their feathers. Their calls sound like giggles. They are wonderful birds! For larger, a cockatiel, hand raised female. Here's my flock of linnies going to bed: Bird Bedtime Routine - YouTube
And here's Starling, my Creamino linnie practicing talking: Starling practicing talking - YouTube

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I have a Parrotlet and he is my constant compainion around the house. He's pretty quiet for a bird. Likes to sarenade me in the mornings though. I'm a high school student in the band program and a lot of my days run long. He's been pretty cool about my long days and is usally very friendly. Towards my family and many new people (a little more catious then though) I say parrotlet. Hope my account on my bird helped some... lol if any. But 'lets are really cool birds
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