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You've gotta keep your bird happy, right?

I posted this in another forum, but thought I'd share since it's an example of when a bird starts bonding with one person, and then becomes a one-person bird..

I had to do something hard, but it was for the best.

I got Keiba (Indian Ringneck) when he was a wee 7 weeks old. From go, he was attached to me, he loved me and was always close-by. I had to give him a few feeds a day, but that is what I loved most since it brought us so much closer - as he started weaning, he started getting independent, he'd play by himself, try new things out with me, and I even ate some pellets along the way - which helped a great deal LOL!

As he's gotten older, he's been weary and started on his "chosen" people, he doesn't like my brothers, he liked me, but my mum, she is his most favorite. I had been taking him out, spending extra time with him, but it didn't change the fact that, I am no longer his "chosen" one, so he started avoiding me, he would bolt when he seen me go near the cage, that or he would lunge and try and bite me, it was quite obvious he dislikes me.

I felt quite sad, sad that.. I didn't know what I had done, had I let other people interact with him (which I had no choice, this was what he chose to do) maybe this wouldn't have happened, I can't chose who he should like, and who he should dislike, so this is one of those things that "just happen". As hard as it was, I decided, it's best off that he goes into my mum's care, I couldn't have an un-happy bird that disliked me, and didn't want to be near me, no matter what I done. I would rather him be happy, I didn't want him to start getting really aggressive. He's a lot happier being with my mum, my mum doesn't spoil him rotten, but he knows with her that he can't get away with everything when he's with her so she's working with him a lot.

I feel like I've given myself away, the bird I raised, and thought would be mine, but it took a huge turn all of a sudden and now, there's no light at the end of the tunnel.. because I'll never get to that light having him be with someone else, be happy with someone and not me. I'm jealous, yes, and I would've been selfish to keep him and try and force him to bond with me again, but I couldn't do that, I knew the longer I tried, the worse it would get, and that's exactly why he's now been put into my mum's care. I can only hope he continues to be as happy as he is, I know my mum will take terrific care of him, she didn't like birds at first, but with the flock I have, she has fallen in love with birds and can't say no to them. She loves Keiba, just as much as he loves her, it's amazing how a bird can love a person so much, and dislike another.
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Awwww, so sorry to hear this.... I know the feeling - raising the birds in the shop, one day, they would decide they just plain don't like you anymore... A lot of people don't realize that this is the downside to personally hand feeding birds - when they decide they're big, tough, adult birds, sometimes they want to leave the nest and be away from Mommy, just like people do... It's absolutely nothing you did wrong! They just see you coming and think 'i don't want baby food! I don't want all that! I want to do it myself!' :hammer:

Goober wasn't my bird, at the shop, nor did I really want to be her person at first (I actually had a rather intense dislike for Severe Macaws ). She had girl who worked there who loved her and was going to buy her... Well, she quit and couldn't afford her, and Goober decided to latch on to me instead. Took 5 months to win me over, but now I couldn't be happier! Birds just seem to choose people, and that's that!

I'm happy to hear Keiba chose your mom - someone you know, love, trust, and can be in (relatively) constant contact with! Who knows - maybe after a few months settled in a new home and happy, Keiba will lose that fear and wariness of you and decide you're not so bad after all!

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Oh no, I'm so sorry!
But I think it is amazing of you to think of Keiba first. I've never had that experience.. so I can't say much. But birds are confusing
And at least you didn't have to give her away to someone you don't know! Your mom has her now, and she'll be happy there.

Thanks Becca!
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We took home a baby Blue Crowned Conure 14 years ago. When Artie turned about 2 years old, he decided that he was in love with my then 12 year old daughter. Out of the blue one day, while perched on her knee, I walked over to help her with her homework and Artie took a chunk out of my hand. His display of aggression could not be mistaken - my daughter was HIS!

My response, like yours, was dismay, rapidly followed by fear of the bird. So I turned to clicker training (after all, my daughter was just 12 - she would not be the one taking care of him!) It took me two weeks to gain Artie's trust back using clicker training.

I started with Artie in the cage, then clicking and treating (he loves those soft berry treats so I would crumble them and just give him a tiny bit). Once he knew that click meant treat, I added a stick (wooden chopstick) to touch before he got the treat. Then he had to follow the stick around the cage. This took several days.

A week or so later, I opened the door and repeated the stick-follow-click-treat routine outside the cage. Soon Artie was flying to me to get the treat. After several months Artie would tolerate me and allow me to train him and touch him without attacking me, but my daughter is still his favorite person.

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I'm sorry I hope Keiba and your mum keep on having a great relationship. It's sad he didn't choose you, but fortunate that who he did choose wanted him as well, and will take excellent care of him

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You did a good thing for Keiba. I am sorry that being unselfish for the benefit of your bird has also caused grief to you. It actually makes sense, when you think about it, that a bird would choose another person to attach to than the handfeeder. After all, in the wild it would prevent birds from inbreeding if they separated themselves from their parents. This is quite common, so please don't think you did anything wrong.
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How is Keiba doing now? Is he still happy? We had a Sennie that loved me for 4 weeks, by week 6 he hated me and was way to aggressive to keep so back he went to the shop. I still miss him. How are you doing?
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He's doing really well thanks. He's very happy with "his person" my mum, they spend lots of time together and he's not aggressive towards her one bit unlike how he was towards me. I've been able to get semi-close to him, like once when he was outside in his cage, but he started lunging at me so I backed off, and then a few days ago my mum had him in my bedroom for a few mins and he was fine for awhile, and then when he felt uncomfortable, he started lunging at biting at me.. I was trying to get some photos of him.

For the most part, I'm okay, as long as he's happy I suppose I am as well.
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