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Lory/lorikeet update

I have been getting on with the remaining 3 birds very well. Whether that be because they actually value me as a companion or they just see me as somebody filling their food bowls every day, I don't know, but it does make me feel a bit more comfortable with them that's for sure

Pip is a bit cage aggressive and doesn't like me putting my hands in and she will mob me for some lory food. She has started to be a bit more quiet now and has stopped contact calling for Dusty. I did leave her and Lory together in a cage for a little while to see if it would help her feel a bit better but she was very neutral about him and they didn't really get on. They avoided each other for the most part. Pip now steps up readily for me. Since the first time she laid an egg she hasn't laid a second, which is good! She loves to sit out on top he top of her cage and isn't very playful. She doesn't like toys much either but she doesn't seem unhappy. I hope to encourage her to play with more things over time but she can be a little bit fearful of new things!

Quick clip of Pip (and Dusty) ~ Instagram ~ Dusty and Pip - YouTube

Lory is still pretty much hostile towards me but if I have food on me he does come over. If not he will happily enjoy me talking to him and will come over to listen. He's a gentle bird, but he does give me a threat display if he doesn't want any contact. He will step up occasionally but much prefers to hang around on my shoulder instead. He is no longer hissing at me. He has this really, really cute thing where he talks to his food. He can talk really well and very fluently but again he isn't very playful, like Pip

A clip of Lory ~ Instagram ~ Lory talking to his food - YouTube

Jake is a beg. I love him dearly but his constant baby begging can be really, really irritating at times. Darwin is exactly the same and it does go through you and I feel like I can't even interact with him because he's either grabbing my hand and violently head bopping for food or he is vigorously humping me (which may I add seriously hurts!). He loves to battle with my fingers and roll around. He's really crazy. He does freak out on occasions at the slightest thing and can go into a bit of a panic mode where he frantically flies around. The sort of thing that would set him off would be say a door closing downstairs or something. Once he is spooked he is very hard to settle. I learnt this the hard way a few days ago and he chomped me pretty darn good on my finger! He's very loving though. He's very, very similar to Darwin in his personality but Darwin is a bit more independent. I have also found out that Jake absolutely HATES metal toys. I put one in recently that had a bell on it and I was woke by loads of banging and very high pitched screaming. Turns out he was just holding the toy while in a very bad mood!

All in all though they appear to be doing pretty well and I am definitely enjoying their company. Due to the weather though they have been attracting some unwanted guests... fruit flies! EW! I absolutely hate them. I managed to set out a trap which was a large pasta bowl with a little bit of wine in the bottom and an orange segment inside. I then put tight clingfilm over the top and pierced little holes in it. Surely enough they'd all gone in there pretty quickly and by the next morning most were dead in the wine. I'm going to keep setting them out because the last thing we need are flies! I absolutely hate the summer, we don't get this in the winter

I will have to take a ton more photos of them soon. I really want to be given the okay to post photos of Jake but for now you can have a peek at him in my Avatar
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They are so gorgeous!! Their tongues are so silly to me :P
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That's great that you're doing well with them! Hopefully as time goes on they will warm up to you even more and settle in better.
They sound like a crazy bunch!

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Oh yeah I can understand why they might not like me too much right now but I've found that lories and lorikeets will usually go to anybody, so it's a bit of a shame in that sense but they will come around. I hope to have a nice big lory aviary at some point so they can all go out together but have the room to not have to be near each other if they don't want to be

Their tongues are really freaky. They tend to clean their beaks with them too
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Lory's definitely have a mind of their own Daisy. I also found with mine that they like order. If you start feeding them in a particular order they don't like it if you change the order. I would often get a nip if I did, as if to say how dare you, you fed him before me.

Also be careful if you do put them in an aviary together. Lorikeets can and will hybridize. And the offspring are fertile. Many of the mutations we have here came about through hybridization. The Scaley Breasted Lorikeet developed some different mutations and these mutations were then cross bred with Rainbows, Red Collars, Musk lorikeets etc. to get those colours into these birds as well.

Also with the toys, often beating the toys up is their form of playing with them. They beat them up and yell at them at the same time. You get a half a dozen weaners in a cage with a toy and listen to them go. Really ear shattering. One of my favourites was putting the cardboard centre of a toilet paper roll in there, one bird has its head in one end and another has its head in the other end and they yell at each other in the middle.
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Yeah I have to to really stick to set meals otherwise they're in a real grump with me! I won't be breeding any of these birds though. They all rescues and I think I'd have them taken off me if they bred that's why I was paranoid about housing the dusky and Swainson's together, even though they were totally in love. She was/is an egg layer and I can't risk it so no nest boxes (may not stop her but I can nick the eggs!)

See I'd been told that he was 'phobic' but I thought if he was beating them up he would be enjoying it. Darwin batters his toys, but Jake does it in such a weird way. It's like he holds on to them and screams at the top of his lungs while frantically flapping. He sticks his head in tubes and screams a lot
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