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Thanks guys. I have found that bullet is cage aggressive. That is when bites happen, once out of the cage, he no longer bites or lunges while sitting on my hand. And the treats seem to work to distract him from biting while getting him in and out of the cage. We don't forcefully take him in and out the cage, I just open the cage door and bullet comes out. Once I do get him on my hand, he loves sitting next to me. I have not let him on my shoulder yet,due to the fact that I am scared my ears may get bitten. Kermit is allowed everywhere now, he no longer bites even if your not his favorite person. I am sure just a week is not a long time, so most of the time I just talk to bullet while he is playing on his play stand and eating his veggies. Thanks for all the advice. Hoping to get some more photos soon.
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