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Thread Description: I think i have been reading to much..

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Tired of looking at poop..lol

So i have been reading all about knowing your birds poop..I start reading and i think maybe that might be my (sun conures) poop..Than i get scared..Than i look again and i think no that does look like that..than i read some more and the cycle goes on and on and i get so mixed up and so confused..

I have a 2 maybe 3 part question? I bought a block of different colors of wood from a pet store for a toy for my sun conure..He sure loves it but he has torn that thing apart and i notice that when it drops on the bottom (as he tears it off) when water hits it or it falls into his water the dye is all over the place..Even though i bought it at a petstore and it is for birds is that healthly? Dont seem so to me but i am new to the bigger birds..

Second i thought i read somewhere that if the birds are using colored wood or toy that it can turn their poop or urine a color? not sure if i read that or not..

I also wanted to know..When my sun conure poops the water is clear but after it sets awhile it seems to kinda turn on the white paper that i have..Just wondering if that is normal or should it stay white all the time around the poop even if it has stayed there for awhile..I was looking to see what normal poop looks like but it is very hard to find on the net..I think his poop is normal for him..I know for sure when it comes out it has the white and the fluid is clear when it first comes out..( i have seen some pics of birds that have pooped when people show their pics and theirs looks linda turned after setting with the poop too..

I also wore myself out trying to see if my bird had undigested seeds..even look something and smeared to make sure..wow this could make a person go crazy..They must be a better way to tell if your bird is sick or not..if so (please let me know)

My litte parrotlet poops different of course..i don't ever remember worring about his poop or looking at it 10 times a day..Do you all do that or just kinda spot check it when you clean out the cage?

Thanks for any advice..i think i am going crazy over bird poop..lol
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1) The dye should be organic food colouring, or at least I hope so. Different places will sell less trustworthy toys unfortunately. The colour does run like mad though!

2) I wouldn't say that the wood would do it as they shouldn't be eating it in the first place. Shredding yes, but eating no. The thing that changes poop colour is usually coloured pellets

3) That's normal. If it's more watery to start with is it because you're giving him fresh foods? Fresh foods = watery poops!

4) He shouldn't have undigested seeds in his poop. That would be a serious problem! The only way to guarantee whether or not your bird is 100% healthy is to have blood work done with an avian vet I'm afraid

5) I just notice really. If I'm looking at them I will look at the aviary floors to see if anything is looking any different

I wouldn't worry too much, but do be careful

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My birds get colored pellets so sometimes have rainbow poops, keeps things interesting...lol
I don't really inspect poops unless there is a problem with a bird, then I pay closer attention. I do give a quick glance when feeding and changing papers to see all looks normal. I get pooped on a lot so get to see it up close everyday also..lol
poop and urine can sorta change color a bit as it dries... thats normal. If there are seeds in the poop it will be fairly obvious.. just make sure it is not seed hulls or seeds stuck to the outside of the poop.
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I've become a poop watcher too since Janosch (green) felt so bad a few weeks ago because he couldn't poop.
I also found out he has a liver issue because of the color of his poops, so watching makes sense. But don't worry too much, if you are not sure whether your conure's poops look healthy please post pictures!
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I know what you mean, I get scared ocassionally when these guys eat something. Two days ago my plet ate a blueberry and her poop was black! I almost panicked when I saw it until my mind went backwards and I remembered what she ate lol.

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