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Paco and Heavy Metal Toxicity

This all went down back in July. But I did not post here. These are my comments posted else where.
Paco is in the vets and may not recover.
I see him yesterday convulsing on the floor as if he was in a death throw. Wings out and head bent under.
Got hold of him and checked him out as best I could. nothing to see, except his breast bone was prominent, so on the scales. That is not good! He is down 19g. lots of cursing! What next? Ok he needs to be hydrated and something liquid for food. A quick search of the net, and came up with a few things to try.
First was Fresh squeezed Orange juice, Honey. A few 1cc syringes of that and into the hospital box on the heat pad. Cover and put him down beside me so I could listen to him. He had a few more convulsions and I decided to hydrate him again. This morning he was still with us. That was a relief.
I gave him another couple of syringes. This time with an electrolyte added. And put him up my T shirt for a bit of comforting while I had a cuppa while waiting for the vets to open. As luck would have it I got a 8.45am appointment.
The hydrating at least got him to give us a pooh sample. And with a few more tests we both ended up at the same thought. He's swallowed something.
And is suffering from Heavy Metal toxicity. I like my vet he's as good as I am, because as an x ray later and sure enough there is a bright shinny thing in his crop on the x ray. I left him at the vets, and Berand called me to tell me what they had found and our next moves. They are force feeding him and treating today and just waiting to see if he will survive. If he does hang in there he will be going onto injections. And I will be the one to give these when he comes home. Freak, can I run for cover about then? If he dies I have given the Ok to open him up and see what it was.
I do not have much confidence that Paco will recover, as I am not sure what is going to happen to whatever is in his crop.
If only Jeremy.
I trust my AV 100% and know if he is in any doubt he will consult with Innis? Another very good AV at another branch of vets.
We are talking about a very small bird, so I am not sure what can be done.
I missed the vets tonight. Bugger! I was going to go in and see him just to let him know he is very much loved and missed.
I will be on the phone in the morning though. But will not be in town until after mid day.
Paco is in one of the best places that I know of, so lets just keep praying he can fight this.
Sorry Jeremy I did not mean to come across as touchy. Though to be honest I have had one of those days where I am on edge
And when I think about Cockatiels can regurgitate food from the crop.
A stomach pump for a tiel? I wonder?
I did not go out of town in the end, so will be going into see him as soon as they open.
I'll spend an hour there with him and lots of cuddling. If they will let me I'll take and we can sit in the car.
I got to see and comfort Paco this morning. And I took Dexter with me.
Paco is holding his own and seems to be a bit more comfortable.
Last recorded convulsions were just after mid day yesterday. And at weigh-in this morning had gained 1gram.
He is to stay in another day, and just maybe one more after that. They want to hold him until he starts to eat by himself.
I will push to bring him home Saturday as the vets are closed Sunday and he will be better off here.
the photos are not that good as I used the phone and took them through the plastic.

Angel is missing him, and has been looking for him. I must admit I was tempted to take her in to see him. But she is not that tame. Being the scatty one the breeder did not want to sell as she was so mental. She has tamed down so well with Paco around.
Things are looking great.
I have Paco home. Weight 79g He will be on the scales everyday for the next few days.
When I went to the vets I had him up on my shoulder after some cuddling, and getting told off now and then. He was sitting there and started to beak grind. I am so happy to hear that grating noise. And he is much perkier and active.
He will have to stay on heat and in the hospital box for two more days. He has only eaten a little, not much on his own so far. So I will be feeding him, but it looks like I will not have to crop feed. Sigh of relief. BUT! I do have to inject him twice a day in the chest.
It was so good to get him home and hear Angel going off, calling him. That has to be a boost for him as well.
He is stressing and wants out of the box. That is a good thing, but that is not going to happen and I have covered him to settle him down.
So treatment for another two days then we leave him for 5days and watch to see what happens.
I am picking he will be OK. I did ask about what was in his crop and what would happen to it.
Ready for this! The injections will help it to dissolve.

If he had died I would be saying I did not act fast enough in noticing that he was not well.
But on the other hand I may now feel I did take action soon enough.
The vet did say it was very much a case of touch and go that first day.

Angel has just come round to us calling for him. Love is a very magic thing even in the bird world.
Yes! It is good news!
Paco is doing well.
Lots of pooh in the Hospital Box this morning. Love the mess.
I have just force fed him breakfast.
Yesterday I let him out in the bathroom, caught Angel and let her go in there with him for a few hours with the heat lamps on, while I cleaned his box out.
He has been eating on his own I see this when I did put him back in the box.
Two more injections to go. I will also force feed him again tonight, then if all seems right I will let him back to fly with the flock tomorrow morning.
He has not gained any weight upto last night. But will weigh him in an hour when I get to stick him with the needle for his morning injection.
I will update this later.
But for now will say I have given him his last injection and let back into the flight.
He was so happy. He was talking away.
I do have some vid to sort out of him chatting away and Henry was first to come to him.
Angel was there and also Missy the new girl flew over. You will love this.
A vid of him preening and looking very happy with life.
And I have a couple of photos of Paco and Angel.
They were also down on the concrete floor foraging for bits and pieces.
When you see these you have to wonder that he was so close to shutting down only last Wednesday. How he got through Thursday is beyond me.
All good to see and hear.
I am sort of back. I just had another Blue Screen event?

Anyway here is Paco being welcomed back into the flock.
This is a must see.

I think this one may answer your question Maxollie.

He is back to his normal self and looking great.
Stunning that he has bounced back so well.

He Has gained his weight and is back to. Wow! Just tipped the scales at 118g. He came in 18/4/14 @ 87g came up to 95g 29/6/2014 dropped to 76g 31/7/14. and now is up there with the big boys. As soon as I got hold of him I thought 'Man he is a plump little bugger'. Never thought he would get that big. Just goes to show, just how well he has bounced back from deaths door.

A tribute to my lost ones. RIP.
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wow. So glad everything worked out.

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Wow, kudos to you for helping him thru his illness. So happy to hear he is feeling so good now!
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Yes so glad all turned out good in the end .
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Glad that Paco recoverd, thanks for sharing his story with us.
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Wow, that is amazing that Paco made a recovery from such a horrible event. So glad he did!

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I can't see the photos Don't know whether it's just me or not!

So good that you managed to get him sorted in time. How scary that must have been Very glad to hear he's doing better (he sure looks it in the video)

- Alexandrine parakeets Kona, Peaches, George (missing), Holly (RIP), & Orange winged Amazon parrot Paulie
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