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Angry Soooo Angry!

I'm allowed to take our senegal Merry upstairs sometimes now when he's being too loud and I'll bring foot toys up and let him chew things like bottle caps and lolly sticks and shredding paper for fun. He is normally very good when he's upstairs although he still bites sometimes but I don't give him any reaction at all, so that's probably why he doesn't do it as much as he normally does.
So how come when he's downstairs and screaming my parents have started yelling "Shut up" again? Yesterday my dad was here. Merry was screaming and he yelled shut up. I told him to only give him attention when he talks or makes a noise that isn't loud. Dad said he doesn't want him to make ANY noise!!! I explained to him that parrots need to naturally vocalize and if you can't allow it to vocalize then don't have a bird but he doesn't care. So I took Merry upstairs.
Now today dad is not here but mum is. He was screaming and she said "shut up Merry" in an annoyed voice. I said don't give him any attention as that will reinforce the behaviour. She said "shut up. I don't care about the parrot and if you try to talk to me about parrots I won't take you to Birdland on your birthday." I am so peed off right now. She shouldn't have got a parrot if she doesn't expect it to scream or bite, and when I showed her what it said in my parrot book, she said she didn't care about parrots. I love Merry and he's a good bird, but without training the behaviours will not be reduced, but no, she's not willing to train him, so I train him upstairs. I feel ashamed being related to two people of such ignorance. If we ever do move, I am going to have him in my room, not let out at the same time with Moshi though. What would you do in my situation?
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I will never understand why somebody would buy a parrot if they didn't want one It might sound mean, but could you move him into your room and move your budgie downstairs? They might enjoy the chatter of a budgie more than screaming of a Senegal and your budgie would have plenty to see and do ? OR you could get a stacker cage for them?

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Is this the same one your dad used to hit the cage bars and it got covered up all the time?

Honestly if this is your mom birds and she doesn't care about it try and talk her into rehoming him, it would be far better for him to be in an environment where he express natural behaviours without being shouted out and covered over for it.
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All you can do is try and do what little you can to help the senegal and that is all you can do. I know it's must be hard for you to try and teach your parents about birds - they're the elders in the house so they're not going to listen to a teenager. As long as your dad doesn't keep on banging his cage then there isn't much distress to the bird if he is only telling the bird to shut up. I must admit sometimes when my quaker constantly screaming down my ears, I have in the past told him to shut up (I shan't do it again)

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I want to add. When my senegal is scared of something he would not make a single sound. So what I'm saying here is, if your senegal is screaming in front of your parents then he is not at the slightest scared of them at all. Still, they shouldn't be yelling at him, it's not nice.

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Adults often have a lot going on in their lives, worries about bills, work etc. Sometimes patience runs very thin. You sound like a very kind and caring person, and your sennegal is very lucky to have you. You are doing the best you can for your bird, and you should be proud of yourself. Try to be patient with your parents, this is your life with them right now , I am sure they love you and are doing the best they can to provide you with a good home. When you start living on your own and get a job and such, you will have all the freedom in the world to set up your own rules of behavior in your home For now, I think you are doing the best you can!

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Yup...I love Sydney my galah to pieces but have snapped at him to shut up a few times when he's trying to compete with the kids for attention or have a scream fest with them when I'm trying to calm them down.

I know at the back of my mind it's counter productive...but as a mum and a human being...some days there is only so much annoyance I can handle!

It doesn't just have to be noise that starts winding us adults up...bad news in a letter...bill worries...having a lot of places to go in one day especially if the weather is bad or you're not feeling all adds up and can mean that a little noise suddenly feels like unbearable noise.

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Thanks for all your understanding comments, I feel a lot better he has been quieter today and mum hasn't yelled at him and she was saying "Merry" to him when he said it. My dad did say the other day that when he tidies my room he will try to find a way for me to have the senegal's cage in my room. He doesn't bang the cage anymore, because I take him upstairs if he gets too noisy.
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