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How often do you folks bathe your birds, and how do you do it?

I was told that Daisy needed a bath badly before we took her home, and they did it at the store. They have a "birdie spa" service in which they bathe really dirty birds. They use some type of soap. They did not think it was a good idea for me to do that to her, nor to any of my birds.

I was told, however, that if I bathe my birds regularly they should not need that type of bath. Daisy is older and had been a breeder, but the others are all young and I should be able to keep on top of their needs.

I had not been bathing as often as they recommend, so I am planning to start to bathe them all once each week.

I can put them in the shower. I had had them all in the shower before, but they said to rub them while they are getting wet to make sure the water penetrates down to the skin. I had never done that. We also bought a spray bath solution which can be left on the birds. This week, I got them soaking wet by rubbing the water into their feathers, then I sprayed them with the bath solution.

None of them seems to really enjoy going under the shower spray, although Roni probably seems to like it the best. I didn't shower Daisy this week because they had just done her and she is new to our home, but I did the others. I did spray Daisy with the bath spray.

No one seemed to mind the bath spray. Rubbing the water into their feathers was tolerated, though not particularly liked.

How often and how to the rest of you bathe your birds?
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I spray the tiels twice daily. Our conures bathe in their water dish everyday. Nanna gets sprayed the least, maybe twice a week. she does not like it at all. She could use it more. All the others get sprayed daily even though some use their water dish. I do a lot of dishes!
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Goober gets a bath twice a week, the linnies once a week, my tiel once every 2 weeks or so since he HATES it but I hate his dust so... lol!

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Sounds like once a week might not be enough?

What kind of spray do you use? Is it just water?
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I run Levi under the tap twice weekly. The Budgies hate to be sprayed so I don't...they bathe rather infrequently in their water bowl. Charlie bathes every second day, as regular as clockwork, in his bowl.
I spray Freddie, but haven't worked out a schedule yet. I'm obviously not doing it enough to suit him, as he says "Freddie wants a shower" at least a dozen times a day....

Now that summer is here, I will be spraying all the birds when they're outside in the sun. They thoroughly enjoy that!

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My Pineapple Green Cheek Conure (almost 4 months old) takes a rip-roaring bath every day in a shallow pan in her cage. She LOVES it! If I don't offer the "bathtub", she'll try to cram herself into her water dish!

Now my 3 Parrotlets (all caged separatly) are a different story! They HATE baths! If I put a bathtub in each cage, they either poop in them or throw food in them. One of my females, Kiwi, is a plucker, so I try to mist her every other day or so. If I try anything more, I'll lose a finger! For my other two, I hold them in my hand and under a very slow running stream of water and rub their feathers. I don't put any water on their heads. Yes, I get bitten during the procedure!

It's funny, for my birds that hate the water, even if I rub their feathers, they don't seem to get very wet. With my Conure, who loves her bath, she gets really really wet quite easily. Maybe they have some way of "opening" up their feathers when they want to get wet!

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Thanks for all of the responses.

I must admit I was shocked when all of the birds allowed me to rub the water into their feathers, even Roni. I would have thought that would have bothered them a great deal more than it seemed to. It still didn't cause the water to penetrate the feathers much, though.
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Pickle bathes in his water dish at least every other day. Sometimes once or twice a day in the summer. When he's out of the cage I often put a dish of water out for him as well, to bathe or drink from (whatever he's in the mood for).

As for showering... well, I haven't tried having him take a shower yet. He doesn't like to be misted with my little Misty Mate but he does like to be misted with the garden hose. If outside temps are warm I'll take him out in a secure carrier and mist him while I clean his cage. We stay outside in the sun for a while so he can dry off.

Beetle, my PFLB, bathed at least once a day in his water dish, usually when I would be taking my shower. It was kind of funny

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