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Bird Toys Store Bought and Homemade

So you have a bird or birds and you need some toys for the cage the play center where your birds hang out daily. Store bought toys are fine as well as toys you can easily make at home, just be cautious in what you choose.

Store Bought Toys

If you have smaller birds like budgies tiels lovebirds many pet stores will offer lots of brightly colorful plastic toys that often have a mirror on it that can entice your birds to look at their reflection while they play and interact with the toy.

I like to buy the types of toys that usually have moving parts like sliding beads or colorful spinning mirror disks that hang down in different sections with multiple options of activity for the birds to entice them to touch play trim their beaks or preen. A healthy happy bird will want to play with toys of all types.

Most toys from pet stores for smaller birds will often have a bell on the bottom of it. I don't think I know of any birds that don't like noisy bell toys! I only know a few bird owners who dislike noisy bell toys!

When purchasing toys from a shop make sure there is nothing your pet bird can bite off and chew or swallow as this can lead to you having a sick bird.

I never thought a plastic lattice ball with a small bell inside it could harm my birds until one of my budgies bit off a few of the plastic lattice pieces cutting its tongue that caused it to have a serious injury in its mouth. Since budgies eat by maneuvering their seeds around with their tongue this was a serious problem with the injury making it difficult for the bird to eat.

Off to the avian vets we ran to deal with the tongue as well as having the bird x-rayed to make sure there was no plastic bits in the birds crop or stomach. My bird was fine without any plastic in its body but the injury to his tongue made me worry for weeks for him while he healed. During this time I realized I needed to keep a closer watch on my birds toys.

If you are unsure or don't think a toy looks safe just don't give that toy to your bird, its just better to be safe then sorry.

I always make sure the small thin multiple looped rings are tightly closed together on anything toys that hang in sections or have bells dangling. These small rings can be sharp if one end isn't properly pinched tight against the other ring sides.

toy 1.jpg

If you think the toy has a flimsy hook at the top that is used to hook on cage bars or you feel your bird could break it then change it.

I often buy inexpensive small steel carabiner screw clips from a hardware store, you might recognize them as key ring hook these are sturdy clips you can hook on any toy or perch or swing then clip on your birds cage. They close by your spinning the clip down or up you can even close it extremely tightly which can help prevent your escape artist bird from unlocking your cage doors as well.


Homemade Toys

A lot of people like to make toys for their birds I loved to do this as its a good way to ensure your bird is getting a safe toy that you have put together with things you can easily buy online at many bird site or craft stores that sell all sorts of things for this very purpose.

You can use popsicle sticks drinking straws, hemp rope colorful beads, wooden blocks pine cones as well as egg cartons coffee filters dixie cups cupcake or muffin papers and cardboard boxes.

A lot of bird owners use either coffee filters cupcake papers or dixie cups to make foraging toys that have treats hidden in them making their birds work for special treats. This keeps your birds busy and active tearing digging and ripping apart paper or cardboard boxes which is fun for them as well as gives your bird the feeling it would have if they were searching for food in the wild.

You can soak wooden blocks or popsicle sticks in fruit juices and let this dry before you put them together so when your bird licks or bites at the toy it will give them a little taste of sweetness that can encourage more play or chewing.

Always make sure to keep a close watch on any toy in your birds cages, even if you make them yourself. If you see there are sharp edges or too much chewed areas and wear and tear then change the toy, move the toys around in the cage to different areas to give the birds different views for them to play so they don't get bored of the same toys in one place.

Toys and play time for our bird friends should be fun and safe. This helps give us bird owners some peace of mind knowing we have safe toys in our pet birds cages that offer fun and activity to stimulate them while we aren't there to do just that.

There are a few members here that make tons of toys for their birds. The member "ilovepets" makes excellent DIY bird toys so give the links a try and see what amazing toys and perches you can make yourself.

~ Mr Peepers
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I mentioned your name in the above article with links to your many useful threads on homemade toys.

Thank you for the great posts.
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who knew i would be on the news! lol

i would be happy to answer any DIY toy questions the further back you go in my list of threads, the more toy threads you will find. or threads about my trees (which i am super proud of!).

check out my new thread!
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