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Meeting Digby

Read this thread if you don't know who Digby is...

I finally met Digby on Saturday! I was excited, so excited that just a few days before, I dropped over $80 on toys and treats for him. He's not even home with me yet!!

So first, here are the toys I got for him. I put them all in the big tan basket. The plastic basket with the foot toys came from Parroteelia... bought it a while back but it was never used! But everything else was bought new from the specialty bird store.

I was excited to show Digby's owner and give Digby the toys, but I also figured that if he managed to get comfortable with them at his current home, before he comes home with me, that it would be less shocking than if I tried to get him comfortable with the toys when he arrives. I hope that makes sense. So yeah, he has all those toys now! (I love toy shopping for birds!)

Next, I waited impatiently all week to be able to meet Digby, and Saturday finally came. He's about 20 minutes away from me so not far at all. Digby's "dad" as I've said in the last post, is extremely nice. He was awesome to talk to, I had been talking to him off and on all week over Facebook, so figures that we ended up talking a TON when I visited.

I have learned that Digby's dad is extremely worried about Digby and where he is going. It's breaking his heart to have to rehome Digby. I reassured him he'd be okay with me, and that he'll always have Digby updates, get to visit whenever he wants, and if I need to for some reason rehome, I'll give him right back. I know what it's like to lose a bird when you are forced to rehome, and unfortunately I know what it's like when you have to rehome and then lose their whereabouts completely. Digby's dad really trusts me, and he even said something to the nature of "I've had over 20 people interested in taking Digby, but after meeting you and talking to you for the past week, this is the most comfortable I've felt about rehoming him." It was really touching. I'm ready, things are much different and I'm excited to have this lifelong addition.

Anyways, Digby is a very nervous and sensitive bird. If you read through the thread I've linked, I think I talked a bit about the situation he's been in. His current owner/dad raised him and has had him all his life. Unfortunately, the owner and his boyfriend broke up and since their separation and all these crazy life changes, the owner having a full time job and going to school, there is no time for Digby. Digby is plucking now and is a bit more hesitant. When he saw me he started shaking a bit. He was clearly nervous. But after I was there for a while, he stopped and I could tell he got more and more comfortable. He'll step up in certain circumstances, at least onto his dad. In fact, he stepped right up for his dad when I visited. He loves head scritches, and I saw his dad give him some. But obviously, Digby is much more nervous around strangers, like me. I wanted my visit to be as positive of an experience as possible for Digby. I stood near him and talked softly to him and his dad. I gently offered him a few treats. He would hesitate, and I wouldn't pressure him, just slowly move forward with it. He took them every time, but dropped them immediately and sort of moved away. He doesn't quite trust me yet, and that's what I was expecting. By the end of the visit he started moving around his stand more and looked a lot more comfortable having me there.

I'm not surprised, nor am I disappointed with the visit. In fact, I'm quite pleased! He has really only been exposed to men in his life, I was afraid he would really dislike me since I'm a stranger AND a female. On my way there, actually, I began imagining all of the horrible things that could happen, like maybe he would see me and attack me. But that didn't happen.

I still will have a lot on my plate with him. I am determined to do everything I can to stop his plucking. He's not bare, and not mutilating or anything, but there's always that chance it could develop into something worse. I am working out details on how I'm going to transition him to my home, what I'm going to feed him, where his cage will be, anything I can actually plan. Some things will obviously depend on how he reacts to things. I have a feeling he will be a very stressed bird during this transition. I got the impression he's lived in the same house with the same owner his entire life (he's 3.) So anything I can be prepared with to ease his transition will be useful.

I'm still shocked with this whole situation, and extremely happy. As I've said, it's like it was meant to be! I will probably take him home in 1-2 weeks. Woo! It will be a long wait but worth it.

DIGBY 4-year-old male Congo African Grey
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yay that is so exciting!!
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Abby (08-05-2014)
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So happy for you and Digby! What a blessed little bird to have such a loving home to go to! Can't wait for more pictures in his new home with you!

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I'm glad it went well for you Abby. He's a very emotional bird and I can imagine that it could take a considerable amount of time before he settles in with you. Alex was just a baby and was learning about the world around him so not a lot could stress him out (at least not obviously) whereas Digby is slightly older and has had to deal with more emotional stress. I'll be writing some more blog posts soon on plucking in parrots and my experiences so I'll let you know when that is up and hopefully it will help you. He still has his down, so I think you'd be able to encourage some distraction and get him to stop. As for working with him being timid around you, please get a clicker and target if you haven't already. Best investment ever. Training a bird can work wonders on their emotional well-being, it can give them something to do, give them something to think about etc. and it can also help them get over their fear of you without you having to use any force what so ever

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I can't wait until Digby is home....I think that you two will have a wonderful bond and he will really "come out of his shell" once he sees he can trust you.
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Wow this is really exciting. I am happy that the best possible outcome is coming from this situation. Congrats.

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