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R.I.P Luna (August 5th 2011)

I completely forgot to post about this, I apologize, this is a pretty late thread.

Some of you may know I got Luna (Cockatiel) last month, she had been dumped at our landlords house and she was ill. Our landlord eventually brought her to our house for us to take further care of her once she was better.

3 weeks ago, not even a week after having Luna home, she escaped out of her cage ó the door on the cage she was in doesnít close properly, there are 2 latches that you clip into the holes, but on one side, it is all haywire and I WAS using a peg to keep it closed, but someone didnít put the latch in the part where it clips in properly, nor the peg, I realized the peg wasnít on (I was going to do it as soon as I had her outside), but didnít realize the latch wasnít clipped in, I had taken her outside and the door flung open all of a sudden and she was gone before I knew it, I didnít even get a chance to grab her.

Myself, my mum, and my mums boyfriend looked high and low for ages, I had to go out, but my mum kept looking and I looked again as soon as I got home. Late that same afternoon, we heard her chirping and we followed where it was coming from ó turned out she was sitting in an extremely tall and thick tree behind the neighbors backyard next to our block of land. We could hear her, but couldnít see her.

We stayed out there calling to her and trying to encourage her to come down, we were shaking a container with seed, a container with pellets, I had taken Mishka out in the harness, but she just wouldnít come down. It was starting to get dark, so we got a torch and continued to call her.. we ended up coming back home at about 8PM. We hoped she would stay there for the night, we left her cage out, and I was up and down all night.

My mum was up early the next morning (5am) I got up at 6am, mum was outside already calling for Luna (at the same spot) by the time I got up, but she had moved.. where though? We had no idea. We uncovered the Aviary Cockatiels to see if they would call out at least, not long after we heard chirping from right at the back of our yard, she was in yet another tall tree, but definitely there, she had called out when I whistled.

Fast forward an hour, she still wouldnít come down, we called over and over, but didnít give up.

Then it happened..

She went to fly off, and 2 huge Crows came out of nowhere, and they got her.. I seen it all, she was screaming so loud and all I could do was scream and cry.

I am slowly getting better, I canít look at photos or videos of her without bawling my eyes out, or feeling so sick I want to throw up until I can no longer bring anything up.. videos and photos are all that I have left to remember her by, I wish to god I could have remembered her by having her until she passed on, with us, in a warm place where she is loved and cherished, she canít even remember us by that, only that she was free and killed. My heart, it feels like it is has been ripped out, stomped on many times, and cut into pieces, that is how I feel. I have days where I wake up still thinking she is here, it has only been 3 weeks, it will be 4 weeks tomorrow, and whenever I go out to the backyard, I picture her being attacked and screaming, all I can hear is her screaming over and over again. Luna had nothing against 2 Crows at least 10-15 times bigger than her, I would NEVER want anyone to have to see what I seen happen to my own bird, it is gut wrenching and the worse thing yet to have had happen. We miss her terribly, and she has left the utmost biggest hole in my heart ever.

I am so sorry Luna, I wish this hadnít happened to you, you didnít deserve it at all. I wish you were still here. R.I.P.

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I am sooo sorry! Poor girl... and to have to see it ... I am just so sorry for you both!
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I would've been sick to my stomach! I even might of taken out a 20 gauge after those crows. I feel so bad. I'm very sorry!

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This is so sad. My sympathy goes out to you. It is so horrible for you to have bear it all . Rest in peace Luna.

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Oh no... I am so sorry for your loss... little Luna. Don't blame yourself - accidents happen and you can't control everything. Luna doesn't remember you for this accident - she remembers you taking her in when no one else wanted her, loving her, caring for her, and spending days outside doing your best to reach her with all your power

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I am sorry that you had to witness this. Jenny is right. Luna remembers all the good things.

Thanks Shivani for the awesome siggy!
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Oh no....poor baby....that's awful I'm so sorry you had to witness that. Poor little Luna, she just didn't know. She was only doing what birds do, she wanted to fly free. If only we could somehow tell them and warn them about all the dangers out there.

RIP little bird.
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I totally agree with Jenny on this one. We were once flying our friends best Harris' hawk out and he started climbing pretty high until he was almost a speck, then a flock of seagulls took him right to the ground. It was absolutely awful I'm sorry for your loss, she loved you for taking her in and it wasn't your fault at all. Rest in Peace Luna!

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I'm so sorry Luna was so beautiful, such a stunning albino. May she fly high and free and

Missing you always

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