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Thread Description: How to change baby Parrot Diet From Handfeeding formula to normal pellets and seeds.

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Exclamation Newbie needing some help

Hello everyone, I have a 20-week old African Grey that I just got yesterday; named Grey. A close friend of my dad got it as a farewell gift, I was really happy and I gladly accepted it. He gave me some info about his diet and I was surprised to find out that Grey was still hand-fed formula. I did some research and I read that grey should be weaned at such age. I still hand-feed him with a syringe, I tried feeding him Pellets as well as Sunflower seeds but he just doesn't eat them (he doesn't know how to??). The guy said he also eats Carrots and Pomegranates; but I haven't tried giving him any yet. I really need some help, and is it okay for him to be still hand-fed at 20 weeks old? I'm also looking for as many weaning tips as possible.Note a mixture of pellets and seeds are in his cage but it seems as he is not interested in any. I'm really concerned; is he going to starve if I just stop his formula feeding? As much info as possible will be of so much help; much appreciated!
Quick question: Is there any need of injecting him with an antibiotic in an avian vet just to make sure he is okay and bacteria free...?
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Hello and welcome to the forum

Firstly, it shouldn't matter how long a bird takes to wean! I used to stick to schedules as other breeders had told me to do so but from what I have learnt birds will wean on their own time. If I hand raise a bird I like to abundance wean, here's a great link on it here for you ~

I think it's essential for all breeders to know this but unfortunately most just want a bit of money in their pocket and get another bird off the conveyor belt

And regarding antibiotics. If you can go and get a full check up at an avian vets they will be able to tell you if they need antibiotics for anything. I recommend having at least blood work for psittacosis done as it's such a common illness and it is zoonotic (basically, YOU can catch it from them). It can be treated with a long course of antibiotics. It's worth having it checked out anyway. I wouldn't give them antibiotics for the sake of it, they can build up a resistance to them. If they get ill and the antibiotics no longer work for them then you will have difficulty treating anything!

Hope that helps

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I agree Daisy... birds will let you know once they are ready to wean. I got Gizmo at 4 weeks old and still on 4 feeds of formula a day. She slowly started eating less, and when that happened i put soft foods (mashed veggies / fruit) and fresh water into her cage and she eventually went over and explored on her own. As she got used to that I gradually "upgraded" her to raw veg and pellets... After a while she simply stopped wanting her formula except just before bedtime... I imagine that was just a comfort thing. My point is, introduce Grey to other foods but keep on giving the formula as long as he wants it. He'll let you know when he's ready. Forced weaning which is advocated by some breeders really just ticks me off!!
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I just put a deposit down on a blue fronted amazon. He is 6 weeks old and growing like a weed. I saw him 3 days ago and tonight when I held him I could feel he had gained weight and was bigger with more feathers.
He is being feed a mix of formula,baby rice cereal,pureed baby veggies or fruit with pellets twice a day. Morning and bedtime. The mid day feeding is cooked diced carrots,peas,corn and green beans all fed by hand. He has pellets and water in his cage at all times.
I fed him his formula tonight from a spoon while the breeder observed. She told me whenever I was ready I could bring him home as long as I was willing to do the formula feedings 2x a day.
My plan is for him to wean when he is ready. I will introduce new veggies and fruit (soft) until he can pick food up in his feet to eat it. Then introduce the greens and some raw.
Even after he is weaned I plan to still handfeed him at least once a day. My purpose of this is for bonding and comfort. He will be out of cage for play and cuddle time then put back in to sleep and learn to play with his toys. When he gets a bit older and doesn't need as much sleep he will be out more and the training perch will be introduced. In the beginning, I want to hold and cuddle him to make him feel secure and know how much he is loved.
The breeders told me tonight that they knew he would be very spoiled hehe
He has a sibling that is 4 days younger. He seems more needy so during my visit tonight he got extra cuddle time from me. At one point I had one on each shoulder nestled in under my hair...cooing away and very content. I wish I could get both of them because this youngest little fella clung to me and was very sad when I put him back in his cage. He is going to need an owner with a lot of patience and time to spend with him. I literally had to pry him off my hand. When I put him in the cage he got back on my hand and held on tight. Then sat by his food dish with his head down and watched every move I made. Broke my heart.
From what I have said do you all think I have a good handle on the feeding and bonding issues? I want my little fella to grow up happy and content with a great feeling of security within the household.

Oh my babies name is Gizmo .
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Sounds like you have a solid plan in mind for when you bring Gizmo home. Good luck.

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Hope the feeding is going better for you & Grey. I have a 1 yr old Conure and I brought her home with formula and she basically told me that she wanted nothing to do with it and went right to seed and Avi Cakes. She was about 6 wks or so. I had started to hand feed her myself at the bird farm when she was 4 weeks.
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