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Its yummy I swear!

so another thread which makes me sound like I have no idea what I'm doing. Seriously I've never been more doubtful about my capabilities to look after an animal before. I've raised cockatiels, a rainbow lorikeet, puppies, horses, hell, even wombats and wallabies before but never before have I been so stressed out about my babies progress before!

So I mentioned in another thread that Loki doesn't really take to new foods. I just figured that he'd eventually try the stuff I give him when he was ready if i kept offering it to him, but the last few days ave been an absolute nightmare. I had virtually no money and ran out of his regular Lorikeet dry mix the other day. But I figured it'd be fine, he had pellets and heaps of fruits, veges and other fun stuff to eat, but he hasn't really taken to any of them before. I figured if I just wet down the pelllets I might be able to trick him into thinking it was his wet mix. anyway I kind of watched him for most of the day, had him out and about as I usually do but he didnt seem to be eating anything I offered him. I kind oof assumed the "When he is hungry he will eat" but I was wrong. I gave him fresh food the next day and still he just kind of looked at it, realised it wasn't his wet mix and started to squeel at me with his wings fluttering the way they do when he wants food or attention and it really started to scare me because I didn't have the money to buy more dry mix and he wouldnt eat anything I prepared for him! I eventually had to ask my friend to buy his dry mix for me and pay her when my pay goes through because I was so scared that he would develope some sort of psychological thing about not being fed and it was obvious he wasn't going to eat anything else I gave him.

I have tried every method to try and get him to at least try and eat some fruits and veges (the pellets I dont so much mind cause fruit and vege are much easier and cheaper to come by). I've tried mashing them, cutting them into smaller bits, mixing it with his regular mix, offering it instead of his regular mix. nothing seemed to work.

Well one thing did kind of. I had a small section orange that I jammed between the bars of hi cage (just cause I was being a retard and trying to offer it through the cage instead of just opening the door like a normal person) and when I went back a bit later he had nibbled sections of the orange. I have since tried to offer him oranges but he didn't seem interested. Havnt tried stuffing them in his toys or int he bars again but I think it might be worth trying again on a whim.

He also hasn't learned to mix his dry food on his own yet either which is also worrying. I don't know if he ever saw any of his siblings do it so maybe he just doesn't know to but I'm at a loss!

Any suggestions as to how to get him to eat new foods, or how to teach him to mix his dry foods, or is all this just something he will figure out on his own? Am I being too much of a worry wart?

Oh also he's about 16-18 weeks old... Maybe I'm rushing him, trying to push him to fast... oh dear I just dont know...

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Try putting all kinds of fruit in a blender and blend them

My GCC loves this and can lick it up for hours

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Organic baby food pouches. They're super cheap and you can get him eating tons of fruit and veg that way if he won't eat solids. I don't feed mine pellets, I don't think lories and lorikeets should but that's just my opinion. Mine only eats grapes and soft pears so far and he is young. He flaps and whines too also, my lory eats his food wet at all times, the breeder never said (nor have I heard that anyways) about them eating it dry

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I've been lucky to have a few Rainbow Lorikeets in my care, 1 which I owned and 2 others that were rescues (and much older). The dry mix can be served dry or wet because they can mix it on their own by taking a mouthful o food then dipping their beak in the water. though Loki isn't very smart so I dunno if he is smart enough to figure that out haha. I dont like to offer it to him dry because I dont want him to choke on it but I try and show him to wet it himself when I give it to him but he doesn't seem to understand -facepalm- But yeh they can eat it wet or dry, usually the younger Lorikeets eat it wet (ya know, like baby food) and as they get a bit older they start to mix it themselves usually by watching other birds do it but I got Loki before he really had a chance to start eating it dry and watch his parents and siblings do it so I'm not overly sure how o teach him. I've been dipping my finger in the dry mix, offering it, taking it away then dipping it in the water and then offering it to him until he finishes eating it but he hasn't started doing it himself yet.I hope he does soon though.

Like I mentioned last night, I tried putting fruit in the bars near where his food is and he had a good nibble and lick at it so imma take that as a good sign? haha. I havnt tried offering it blended together before Kennedy, thats actually a good idea... I should give that a try xD no guarantees he'll take to it though, i offered him juice and stuff before and he didn't really seem interested in it. but I guess its worth giving everything a try!

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