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Sweet linnie aggressively trying to mate with me.

My lineolated parakeet, Pickle, is just the sweetest little guy, ever. He's not perfect, and we're waiting for our clickers in the mail so we can train him more.

He's always had a tiny bit of aggression towards my husband, and is definitely nervous around other people, but with careful training, he has gotten a lot better.

He has never, ever bitten me, and is generally just the sweetest most doting bird with me. We know he has imprinted on me, but I have been careful about how to pet and handle him so he doesn't see me as his mate. He prefers me over everyone else, but we've ensured he's been spending time with Dad too, as well as guests, to encourage him to be more social.

We've noticed he's been a little out of sorts lately, and he's started humping one of his toys, which is kind of hilarious, except I wish I hadn't taught him how to say "hi baby boy" and "that's a good Pickle" as well as wolfwhisting because it is very disconcerting to hear your baby bird whispering these sweet nothings into his toy during sexy time.....

Yesterday, it was like I woke up to a brand new bird! At first, he was his normal self, so I was repeating phrases to him which he has been learning to say. I took a break, and he basically barked at me. It was strange, so I kept making the sounds he's learning. When I stopped, he started making aggressive sounds, and nipping at my lips and ear. Not hard (and he can bite hard), but attacking my face, all the same.

Later, he was on his perch, and we were heading out. As per usual, I leaned over to rub my nose on his head (this is how I say goodbye every time I close his cage door). That little dink BIT my septum, and hard!!!

This behaviour (attacking) has continued on throughout the night last night, as well as this morning. He keeps turning his back to me and looking over his shoulder - I'm pretty sure he's trying to mate with me, and he's mad because it's not working. It's hard seeing him in distress - he sooooo anxiously wants to be with me, he's jumping off his cage, he's flapping when he's in it, and you can just see the stress he is under. He doesn't understand what is going on, any more than I do - I don't want to punish him for natural behaviour, but I also don't want him to eat my face off, or to positively reinforce this behaviour.

Also: my last bird, a budgie, became very randy right before he passed away. My breeder told me they often do this when they are about to pass away to get their genes into the genepool. So, because we're sensitive to that, I'm all nervous and freaked. Pickle is about 18 months old, though - and I know this is sexual maturity time, so i'm hoping that's all it is.

Anyone have any thoughts? I want my sweet bird to be happy and content again! And right now, we're 'on a break'.

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and welcome, Patti!
It may be hard to believe for you, but Pickles shows quite normal parrot behavior.
He is hormonal and wants to mate with you, because he choose you as his partner. And that's also the reason why he is jealous of other people. Parrots don't share, in nature they are with their partners 24 hours a day.

I recommend you to get a nice linnie bride for him, otherwise it may happen that the problems won't pass or even get more.
What do you think about that?
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It may pass and it may not, hard to say. Like Flapping mama suggested a friend may be what he needs.

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I recommend giving him other outlets for now. Plenty of different things to do and see so he is taking his mind off being a bratty, horny little bird! Shorten his daylight hours too hopefully it will pass. My Amazon hit sexual maturity a few months back and would fly at my face if I went near another one of my birds. I was his and if I even glanced at another bird I'd get a darn good telling off!
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Aww, poor Pickles. You will have to be more careful with him near your face when he is hormonal like that. I have gotten very good at reading the body postures of one of my linnies to avoid a bad interaction.

Now that she is all grown up and has normal adult hormones, she has become a biter and quite aggressive at times. But I have learned what she will tolerate and what she won't. Our relationship is still very warm, and she is my friendliest bird. However, I can't do what I used to do with her when she was a younger bird.

I am glad my linnie doesn't talk (English anyway) because I sure she would cuss like a sailor, especially when it's time to go back to her cage for the night.

Note: I have two female linnies to ensure that they each have a friend when I am not around and to avoid having fertile linnie eggs to deal with.

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Patti, I am sorry for your woes with Pickle, but I must say hearing about your bird saying "that is a good pickle" when he feels amorous was hilarious. My conure has hormonal problems too. He starts plucking feathers as soon as spring hits. My vet told me to limit the time up at night which did not really help. We have had to collar him during the spring. We are pretty sure it is hormonal as he is not locked in a cage, and he has two parakeets that he chums around with. I think the best solution is to get them a mate, but my vet told me that this could back fire for me as I have had my conure for 6 years and now he thinks I am his mate, so the vet said he may attack another conure if I bring it in my flock. But yours is so young maybe it will work.
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Hello Patti,

I had the same thing going on with my linnie Sergio. He would try to hump my hand any chance he could get and he started going after my husband. Also, he turned into a bit of a screaming maniac.

After about 6 months or more of this behavior, and I did try everything recommended, I decided to get him a cage mate. He was instantly cured! LOL...

Any way, right away he bonded with Lafayette, another male linnie. It's been over a year and Sergio turned into the sweetest little love bug. It was like a switch was turned off in him. He stopped going after my husband, he hasn't tried to hump my hand since we got Lafayette and he rarely ever screams now. Plus, they are just so stinkin' cute together-- inseparable. Sergio started feeding Lafayette from the start, since he was a year younger, and he still does each day. So sweet.

Sergio and I still have a bond but it's now more appropriate and he keeps his cloaca to himself.

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reading this is hilarious Poor little guy!! I would also recommend shortening his daylight hours. There are some good threads over on Talk Cockatiels about hormone reduction that I'm sure would also work for Pickle. Hopefully he will get over it and just understand that your not his "type"
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I forgot to add! I wouldn't allow him on your shoulder at all if he's biting your face. It should be more of a reward for being a good bird to be up there
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Good advice. When I first got my guy he was banned from my shoulder because he would get angry at my ear and attack it......since he's handshy I would keep him on my sleeved arm, with my arm against my body for security (kind of how you would hold your hand if it was sprained). He liked that, and would snuggle into the crook of my elbow. After he learned to behave himself he was allowed back on my shoulder.....by behaving I mean he wouldn't attack my ear and he would get off when I leaned toward the cage.

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