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Thread Description: Getting skittles out of the cage.

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My finger is getting sore...

Ok heres the thing..I can reach my hand in the cage..I can stroke his beak, feed him different fruits and veggies but when i try to touch his body he is not a happy

I am wondering how do i get him to let me touch his body without getting my finger bit off..Sometimes he will take my finger in his mouth but will not put any pressure on it..When i try and pet him or tickel the top of his head he wants no part of that..Than he does bite my finger..

I thought about leaving he cage door open but than if he came out how would i get him back in? My big concern is what about them POOPING in your house..These sun conures poop is alot bigger than my little parrolet..Wondering what to do about that..maybe put them on a sheet or something..That seems like it would be hard to clean up..ewww..

I have only had skittles for 8 days..maybe little longer..

Also the bird seems very very happy and eats just about everything i give him..Looks and acts healthy..How long does it take before you know if your bird has some of those diseases that are on i didnt even know some of them exsisted..thanks so much for any info you have for me..I am game for anything because i am excited to get skittles out and start playing with him..or they say it is a
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Firstly, don't stick your hands in his cage at all. I know some birds will accept you doing it, but it's best for him to come out in his own time. It is their territory and so they don't particularly enjoy you being in there with them. Just open the door as you've already thought of already. You'll find he's a different bird once he's out. You can also target train him to come out from the cage and on to your hand so he does it at his own pace. You may also be rushing into things. Birds can take a long time to settle in. He will come around eventually

As for poop. Birds have very high metabolisms and so they will poop far more frequently than other animals do. They have to. They burn a lot of energy through flight. You'll also notice that he may poop just before he takes off too in an attempt to lose a bit of weight before he flies. It's just nature. You can buy poop-off wipes which are pretty good for disinfecting and removing faeces easily

It doesn't matter how happy and healthy a bird is, or how well they eat, they can still have a disease. Being prey animals, they are reluctant to show any signs of ill health and when they do you will likely find that the disease has really bought them down. It's a last minute sort of thing in a lot of cases. The absolute best way to be 100% certain that he doesn't have anything, especially considering you have other birds, is to have a full blood work done with an avian vet

Hope that helps!

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wyrinth (07-26-2014)
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Please give him more time to settle and don't pressurize him. You've only had him for 8 days, he already is a bit trusting.
In nature parrots are prey animals, their instinct tells them to keep distance to a "predator" like us.
Concerning the big poops I say: Welcome to the club!
South American parrots often have large poops because the eat so much fresh food. My linnies also have although they are small.
We featherless have to learn how to live with that.
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wyrinth (07-26-2014)
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Poop. The one thing all birds have in common and do really well!

I don't think it matters what you do you will find droppings in the weirdest places. (I found some today in my husband's car on the speedometer)

When I first get our conure out of his cage and move upstairs, I set him on the kitchen trash can and ask him to poop. He goes about 75% of the time and it makes me feel better -- one less poop to have to worry about elsewhere in the house.

I throw a sheet or small blanket over the back of the couch and chair where the birds like to hang out with us. It catches most droppings and a quick shake out side and wash in the machine takes care of cleanup. If we have visitors a quick removal of the sheets and we have clean furniture.

Our birds also like to hang out on the back of our kitchen chairs. They can see most of the activity in kitchen and living room area and can easily beg for bites if we are eating or prepping food. The linoleum is easier to clean than carpet and convenient to swipe clean with a napkin or rag or towel on the way to the wash.

Birds we have had in the past have really enjoyed perching on the curtain rods above the windows. But I think the poop gets too gross there.
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wyrinth (07-26-2014)
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Leave the cage door open and put a favorite treat on top or right next to the cage on a small portable basket or playgym. When he comes out walk over and close the cage door, if the treat was in a basket, it would allow you to move him around the house to a small room away from the cage to bond with him without having to touch him. Just you and him. Start with small sessions and try to end before he wants to end so they end positively.

As far as poop, I use receiving blankets on things and on my shoulder. I keep toilet paper around to just wipe the poop right away. Also transporting on baskets with handles in the center help because the poop goes in the basket
I keep newspapers in mine.

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wyrinth (07-26-2014)
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How about this? I have had Tango (sun conure) for almost a year. Never had an issue with him stepping up while in his cage and allowing me to take him out. The past two months he wants nothing to do with that. He now tries to bite me and even says no bite sometimes before I can (then he bites, lol). I am confused. But if I open the door he immediately comes to the door and sits and chatters away, but still won't step up. If he flutters to the floor he then let's me pick him up. What might be going on here? Anyone have any suggestion?
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I don't know brian. did something scare him ? I still have not been able to get skittles out of the cage..I guess i've had him about 1 month now..i am kinda lost for ideas..its no fun him never coming out of the cage? and other suggestions i've tried them all..
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My guess is to have patience keep trying using the step up command. I had a parrotlets that was given to me because she was mean and mean she was! I just kept patient and kept trying (boy did I have sore fingers) and eventually she calmed down. It took probably three months.
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