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Budgies won't eat in their cage

So I have three English budgies and I've had them for a couple of months now and they're all settled in but the last few days they're just refusing to eat the food in their cage.

I'm volunteering part time at the moment so they can't be out of the cage all day but when they are in they won't touch their food. This started a few days ago when I got them some new food - it was different that what I had been previously feeding them. They wouldn't touch it. So I put some other stuff in their cage that I know I've seen them eat before and now they won't touch that either. However, when I let them out they head straight to the food bowls on the outside of the cage, - which contain the exact same seeds - and scoff it down. I know they're not eating when I'm out as there are no seed husks anywhere.

Any idea as to this sudden change in behaviour?

Also, I've tried getting them onto veg but they won't touch it. I've tried various things and in various ways - dish, kebab, pegging to bars - but they won't touch it. I got my last budgies into it by hanging up a couple of wet lettuce leaves but these ones aren't interested.

Any insight would be gratefully received. Thanks =)
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Being you have English budgies could you tell me about them.I lost my American budgie in June , and miss him very much, I also have two tiels do they get along with tiels? What is there temperament? What is there lifespan? How is there health? Can they learn to talk? Thank-you
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Hi, sorry to hear about your budgie. English budgies are much bigger for a start, very fluffy. They don't live as long as their pet budgie counterparts - maybe 8-10 years, but generally their temperaments are calmer. Out of the five I've had - none of which came to me hand tame - two of them stepped up straight away, both male actually.

As for the tiels, I actually think most budgies and tiels get along as they share the same space in the wild. I actually had a tiel in with my five budgies before - two of them English - and they got along great.

Health wise I think they're not much different than normal budgies. Sometimes you may have to trim the feathers around their vent as they can get poop stuck in it as the feathers are long. This varies budgie to budgie.

Please feel free to message me if you'd like more info. =)
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Could you send some pictures please.
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How are your guys eating now? I would take away the outside dish. They will learn to eat inside. As far as veggies go, I got my budgies to eat veggies by chopping it up to about the size of seed and mixing seed into it. They will go for the seed and get some veggies on accident. Be patient. It took almost a year of offering fresh veggies for mine to eat it consistently. I had to offer pellets for over a year before I was sure they were eating that too. Its a lot of waste but its worth it in the long run.
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At the moment the most important thing would be to get them eating anything. Birds have such high metabolisms that they really can't go too long without food, or at least smaller parrots like budgies can't. As Parrotletzoo said, take away the outside bowl. If you put just a bowl of seed in their cage (it's important they're eating anything, doesn't matter what as long as it's safe) then they'll eventually have to eat it. Hang a load of millet up in there too

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I think everyone is right, but what would happen if you put the new seed outside and left the seed they like inside?

I bet they still eat outside..

We got a Budgie slit to English in June. I finnnally got to see her eat out of the cup yesterday as she would eat hen I wasn't looking!

Hope all is better now.

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