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Question How to stop budgie from nipping at other budgie

I got Bud on November 1, Sam on November 8, and Lemon on December 1. They've gotten along very well for the most part.

The thing is: Bud and Sam have gone from sweet and playful budgies to biting snakes.

It's more of nipping than biting, but it could escalate sooner or later.

Bud has been:
chasing Lemon across the cage
nipping at him for no apparent reason
chasing him away from the food
keeping him off of the swing
knocking Sam off of the perch

He chased him from the food bowl, up the ladder, and onto the top perch until I went over and separated them. Lemon can be sitting on the perch preening himself and Bud will make that chattering noise and bite at him for no reason. He nipped at him until he flew off of the perch. Today, I was finger knitting with some yarn I got today and I just heard that chatter noise (whatever it's called) and looked up just in time to see Bud push Sam off of the perch.

Sam is also part of the problem, surprisingly. If she's on the food bowl and Lemon comes over, she'll do the same noise thing and nip at him. I saw her start to chase him yesterday but just scared him off. If they're on the wall of the cage like today, she'll go over to him and nip at him. Today, he was sitting there preening himself and Bud was playing with the mirror. Sam went over to Lemon and just nipped for no reason.

I've NEVER caught Lemon doing anything to them but one time. I had all three of them on the desk and Bud was doing something and Lemon nipped at him, and I used the "bad bird" method and he actually hasn't done anything since then. All he ever does from what I see is sit there minding his own business, preen himself, sleep, eat (or try to) and just be a budgie. He's really sweet, quiet, and curious. When they do this, he runs off. He never does anything to defend himself.

I'm honestly a little afraid that it'll get to the point of full blown attacking and biting and Lemon or Sam will be hurt. I'm worried about Lemon because he just doesn't do anything at all. He's just one of those budgies.

Is there a method I could use to stop this? I've been using the "bad bird" method but it doesn't really work and taking Lemon out is just a temporary separation. I can't afford another cage, so that's not possible.

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How many seed dishes and water dishes do you have in the cage? How many toys? How many perches? What size is the cage? Some budgies are moody little bugga's and get greedy and want the food dish all to themselves (if there is only one dish) so they attack and pick on the other birds. Sometimes birds will peck and pick on another bird that is ill. You don't know the bird is ill but somehow they do.

The larger the cage they live in means they have more room so the birds can go to their own corners or nooks they like and they can avoid each other. They all should have a seed dish and be able to eat treats from a few locations around the cage as this helps keep them apart and so they won't squabble as much.

If you see constant attacking and biting you may have to separate the bird that is getting harmed the most. Then watch how the other 2 birds get along, if you see the same aggression happen to the other cage mate then do a big change up and move the aggressive budgie out of the cage and put the victim bird back in the cage where it was originally.

When you move the scrapper into his own cage you will see how he behaves on his own.

I'd still let them all come out of the cage daily to have social interaction with each other. Time will tell if the aggressor calms down and stops bugging the other birds.
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I don't remember how big the cage is. There's one perch right now (keep forgetting to put the top perch back in). There are five toys including a millet holder that they play with. I have two star swings but I took them out because they chewed on one of the chain links and it came apart, and they didn't even bother with the other one. They never fight over toys except the mirror.

It may be the food, but then even when they're not eating this happens. Lemon can be on the swing and Bud will jump on it and make him get off.

Fighting over food has been a problem since Sam came in. One gets IN the food bowl, and two stand on it. Lately, that hasn't even happened. I just see Lemon getting chased away from the bowl a lot.

Bud is definitely the trouble maker from what I've seen. I may leave it alone until we can separate them.
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You may want to add a lot more perches and places for them to hang out without being too close to another bird should they want to get away. I would also have 2-3 bowls too, just to make sure that there is absolutely enough food in there. Some birds are known to bully others away from food and budgies are one of the worst for it. I've seen them bully cockatiels and other larger birds away from their bowls! They are all still very new to one another so it may take some time to establish a 'flock'. They may never get on but I'm sure in time that they will become more tolerant of one another

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I'm sure they will too. The extra perches and bowls will have to wait until January because the cage is a little small (I initially expected to own one bird ) and I'm gonna get both the tiels and the budgies new cages.

I have been moving the stuff around in the cage and trying to get them more space while having toys and stuff. I put their old perch back in the cage and they're spending time on it. Lemon's claiming the swing, so I don't have to worry about that part.

When I get a larger cage, I'll definitely give them more perches, toys, etc. Hopefully then they'll calm down.
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