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Can't decide which one to get

Hi everyone,

I'm at a crossroad on which parrot to get. Could anyone help me?
I want either a caique, quaker parrot, or green cheek/pineapple conure.

I'm looking for a snugglebug who won't pierce my ear if its on my shoulder, some noise will be okay though.
I live in a house with 4 other family members who'll tolerate noise to a certain extent, but not constant.
Since I have other family members, I need to know which one isn't too nippy and will get along with the others.
I also want a bird who'll get along with a budgie. I currently have a male american budgie and I would need a bird who wouldn't kill it lol!

Sorry for being so demanding lol, I'm just trying to do a lot of research before I buy another parrot

So, which should I get?

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Hello @HBxNinja !

My name is Nikki, I would love to help you... here is the thing.

I would say you need to do some of your own research into what you personally want but I'll help you out with what I know from personal experience and what I have researched. You're in luck that in my own way, I have wanted all of those parrots at one point and did quite a lot of research on my end regarding each parrot listed... The Caique, the Quaker and Green cheek/ Pineapple Conure.

I will let you know a little bit about my bird family... I currently have a Rose Crown Conure and a Parrotlet, I also used to have two Lineolated Parakeets, but due to breeding issues they were given back to the breeders for their protection and mine. If you want to know details I would be happy to share.

Now to get to the point. Caiques, Quakers and Pineapple/ Green Cheeks I'll call them Green Cheeks as they are all the same in personality for the generalized stuff. These parrots all have loud tendencies...

I personally won't get a Quaker; although, they have been the love of my parrot obsession for years, but due to their vocalization and myself living in a condo it's not an option. When they call you can hear them from a large/long distance away. They can have a fabulous vocabulary if you work hard with them although it doesn't guarantee they will talk. I would compare it similar to the range of a African Grey with a few exceptions in how many words and understandings. They have aggression tendencies, usually related to their home or cage and being a larger bird may not get along with a budgie. Anything is possible but please don't buy a bird on the assumption they will get along, buy for you and you only. There is no guarantee any birds will get along, even ones of the same species. I love Quakers and can give you any other information you desire or refer you to other sites.

Caiques from what I have looked up and personally seen also have loud tendencies and can be pushy and forceful with other birds. They usually aren't considered to get a long with many other species, but there are always exceptions to every rule when dealing with living animals or birds. They are very playful, and love to be interacted with... they love to walk and hop around on the ground so be careful if you have any other roaming animals as they could be more easily harmed with their ground walking tendencies.

The Green Cheek is probably considered the least loudest in some of the conure families, but with my experience in baby sitting my friends several times a year he is still very, very loud! They are very playful and affectionate and can have better socialization capabilities and be introduced to other birds a little more easily. Again this is never guaranteed! EVER!!! They are relatively easy to maintain, but they still require as much interaction as any other parrot. They can however usually keep themselves entertained for a while with toys, etc... They may not be as dependent on being with you as they can also like multiple people, where as others like Quakers and Caiques can have issues with in only letting one person get close and once that happens your it! No one else can get close... and in a household with family that can be challenging. Preventative measures can be taken in making sure everyone is potentially okay by making the family members handle the bird early and he/she gets used to everyone. This may or may not a work though.. Sometimes even when others interact the bird, the bird can bond with one person and it could be even someone else and not you... that has happened and it is also why some of these species have been placed in shelters or rescues.

I would recommend Rose Crown Conures (I am a little Biased ) I have had my female for a few years she is really docile, gets along with all my other birds, well tries to... they don't like her getting close. She can be handed to anyone... no matter who they are, kids, adults, males, females and loves to be scratched. She talks up a storm and is quieter in my experience than the Green Cheek when he visits. I can tell the volume difference and he is much louder in my opinion.

Linnies (or Lineolated Parakeets) also make great birds they are very quiet almost similar in temperament with budgies except they kind of gurgle and don't really call out a whole lot. They would be more likely to attach to or would have similar personalities that match a budgie. I had two and my one hand fed/tamed was super docile. They don't like to be handled as much as others, but will cuddle and step up ( they usually don't like to be petted or scratched) they love to cuddle and get close though. My female would always cuddle in among my neck and just sit comfortably... she never bit me. My other one wasn't as tame and would bite. I just didn't have as much time to work with her, so working with them is a must to prevent biting if not hand fed and tamed (this could be said for almost any bird though).

I hope this long boring ranting post helps, and please let me know if I was helpful at all or if you would like any other information!
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Thanks ~Drini~ (Other Forum)
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