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Thread Description: Lorikeet is just unsocial.

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I don't know what to do.

You've probably heard plenty about my royal pain of a Lorikeet by now.

Well over the last 2 days things seem to be at an all time low for the two of us and I'm very quickly beginning to not trust the small critter.

yesterday I had a day off college ad work so obviously I wanted to have him out most of the day because I hasn't had a lot of time out of his cage lately as I've been picking up more shifts at work and college and assignments have been so hectic that I cannot multitask between having him out and playing with him as well as doing my prac. I get him out every day for at least an hour or two to try and do some exercises with him and just socialise in general

but yesterday I tried to get him outand he came out as usual, we went into the bedroom and put him on the floor so I could move some things and he quite viciously pounced on my foot and bit REALLY hard. I managed to get him off, told him no, or bad or whatever it was, and the second I got him off he went for the other foot even drawing blood.
At this poit I was particularly upset because i feel as though I go two steps forward to be knocked 3 steps backwards and we just havn't bonded at all. So I left him on the floor and tried to approach him calmly. He appeared to have calmed down so I ut my hand down for him to climb onto. He climbed up and after a few seconds he just latched onto between my fingers. I realised that I wasn't going to be able to pick him up and put him back in hsi cage to cool down so I had to kind of, lure him back to his cage but he just chased me! Obviously I tried not to make it seem like he was in charge of me (though I totally felt like he was). I just couldnt get him without him trying to attack me so I had to get him in a towel and put him in his cage that way.

The thing is he didnt looka s thoguh he was about to go agro until he did ya know. from my experience they puff up and their eyes g all crazy, ya know, in that they give you a warning before they strike but he didn't he just, seemed normal and then just suddenly attacked and I know it was playfully attacking either.

I hoped that after a bit in his cage he might have calmed down but then I tried to go and socialise with him just stood their staring at me, the second my hand was anywhere near the door and ran at me all puffed up and agro again.

So yeh that upset me a whole lot, in that I've been trying so so hard to train him to settle or to just, be less nippy and bitey but nothing has worked and now this...

at almost 6 months I don't know if he is just going through that... phase you know? or if its because we have to move between places quite frequently and that he is alone during the day or what it is but the same thing happened today. He even attacked my feet while we were in the shower where he usually acts so calm. Though he seems to be fine around my boyfriend so is it jsut me he seems to hate or what I jut don't know and I obviously want to work through it. I really need help!

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Was he hand raised or just hand tamed from a young age. There is a huge difference in how tame they will stay if they are not hand raised.

There could be a number of reasons for this behaviour. He may be just playing. Unfortunately Lorikeets play rough. They play rough with each other and rough with their human flock as well. Often what we classify as a vicious attack to a lorikeet is a love pinch.

If he is under 12 months old he or she may be going through puberty and to complicate matters at this time of year it is full on breeding season. So the hormones would be going crazy.

If he is not biting your boyfriend and is fine with him it sounds like he has bonded to him and you are the third party in a love triangle.

It is a standing joke amongst lorkieet keepers, if you have a pet lorikeet be prepared that you are going to lose blood. And boy do they know the right places to bite to cause the maximum amount of pain.
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I don't know whether or not Darwin was hand raised (my black capped lory) but he is none stop crazy. He will go for feet and he is definitely playing rough with them. He will hop as fast as he can to chase them and then maul me! I just look past it though, I don't think your lorikeet is being aggressive and I certainly wouldn't take it personally. Mine doesn't know his own strength a lot of the time and he'll go from gently chewing a finger to rolling on his back trying to yank it off!

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As itīs been already said, donīt take it personally or your relationship will deteriorate notably.

Not knowing the age of your Lorikeet, I cannot say hormones are driving him (what could perfectly be), and my best guess is that he is just playing the Lorikeet way (I did have a rainbow one for some years, and yes, they are rough guys, IME the most agresive of parrots, its just their nature).

You must ask yourself if you are reinforcing that game in any way...

What you can do is trying to teach him another behavior incompatible with that one: donīt place him on the floor (as that was the antecedent of the bites) and teach him to play retrieve a ball (for example). That way if he try to attack you again, you can take the ball aout and try and play fetch with him.

Keep us informed.
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