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Lightbulb Getting too attached?

I've had Sparkle my GCC for almost two months now. She is a lovely cuddly and smart birdie. However, I've noticed over the past few days that she is starting to run away from anyone but me. She used to willingly go cuddle and stay with anyone, my bf, dad, mom... But now she runs away when they take her out with them and looks for me.
Also, she will stay with my dad when he comes over while I'm not home and be on his shoulder while he tinkers around in the basement. But as soon as she hears or sees me here she comes waddling over (she's still clipped from the breeders). Yesterday she even got diarrhea when she was with mom and bf! Came running to me like crazy and burried herself in my neck. Is she getting too attached to me?
How do I socialize her better? I don't want her stressing every time people are over and want to play with her.

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same thing happened when i got my GCC. I think they are more 1 person birds

when i got Ice from her previous owner a she was only 1 year old i believe, she lived alone so she was only bonded to the one lady, But when i took her home she loved to be picked up by everybody(except my brother for some reason she HATES HIM LOL she pierced his ears!) anyway, ice is now 2 and a bit and she only likes me and my mother, she snuggles in both of our hair, and loves to come to both of us.. but anybody else,whether it be my dad, my friend or someone else she likes to stay well clear of untill she "gets to know them better"

i always like to bring my gcc down to meet everybody just to maintain a little bit of socialization

sparkle is just being a normal crazy GCC i think dont worry! your doing great!

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Thanks Kennedy. I want her to be able to hang out with rest of the human flock without being stressed out. She is a little suck though.

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I think they're quite one person birds too. Sometimes I can get Dexter and Pickles (GCC & GCC x) to sit on other people but only if they're together as they're super bonded. They won't let them play with them but as Dexter has always been a nervous bird it doesn't really bother me. They will happily hang out on me and sit on me though. Amber, my most recent GCC that I got is pretty much wild and had not been let out of her cage for about 4 years, obviously she isn't too bonded to me I've just got to the stage where she will take food from my hands through the cage bars. Perry though is who I wanna tell you about. If I play with Perry he's over-confident. Nasty and nippy a lot of the time but I ignore him so he just minds his own business. He will happily boss me about. He's the same with my fiance. Now when anybody else (especially new people) come into the room he will run into his snuggle hut and sulk. If I get him out he will hide under my hair or in my hood. If I put him on my hand and try to bring him to them he will pull his body so far away from them he looks like a slinky or something he will fly away if I ask him to step up for them too. To socialize your bird better, she needs to meet more people really. Not many people come through my grandparents (still here though moving our stuff over to our house at the moment) except for the people living here

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This little one is strange. Neither skittish, aggressive, nippy or bold. She just wants me it seems. And when she gets to me she buries her head in my eye socket and mumbles to me. I do think she is my little birdie too. At least she tolerates others and won't bite them

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It's very common for most birds including Gcc to bond to one person and they may or may not become aggressive to others. My mother and I have both have birds, hers are attached to her and most do not care for me, case in point Sasha her almost 12 year old sun conure which was originally my bird and I also hand raised, She is completely attached to my mother and will become aggressive to me, will not let me hold or touch her. Case in point two would be my mom's green check, she is bonded to my mom but still likes to play with me and in the middle is my mom's african grey, she does not care for me but will tolerate me somewhat. It's the same with my birds, my teils will go both ways, but my Irn likes my mom and loves to fuss with me, my two greys, my cockatoo and my Senegal only like me. Each bird will respond differently in each situation, but most birds will bond to one person, who they consider there mate.
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She sounds a bit more normal then
I have a bunch of people coming over tonight for New Years. I just hope she will be social enough to say hi properly.

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The same exact thing happened with my GCC, Apple. He used to love absolutely everybody! He was so cuddly! Now he runs away from a lot of people, sometimes he'll even try to bite people who aren't me.

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