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Cool Snuggling, mini macaws, and children????

This is my first Severe Macaw and from what I read they are not very snuggly. This is the most stubborn bird I have ever encountered!!!! Although he does do something everyday to keep me laughing and I just look at him and say "Goofy Bird!"
One thing I would love to do is to snuggle with him more but he only wants to snuggle on his terms! Which means a good head scratching as long as he is on my finger or on his perch.
Now admittedly, a severe macaw would not have been my first choice for a pet bird. I want a bird who wants to snuggle in and be hugged-this is not a trait of the severe macaw!!!! But when he needed a home I was more than willing to take him in and he is most definately a part of our family! He even sleeps on our siberian husky which is totally hilarious!!!!!

Now I kind of have a second question to all the macaw owners out there. How would you introduce your bird to a new baby or prepare them for one. We are planning on starting our family next year and I refuse to give Tyson up. I couldn't do that considering he is family now. I ask this because he bites everyone except us and he seems like he was abused before my friend had rescued him. I play all the baby shows so he i gets used to crying and stuff like that. But what I'm worried about is when we have children I don't want him attacking little fingers that might make it into his cage.

Any help will be most appreciated!
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Unfortunately some traits can not be changed, however there is a chance it can be. Make sure you spend LOTS of time with him. Give him the scratch he wants and then try getting him to just sit on your arm whilst you talk to him. The closer he is to you the closer you are to him and the more likely he will allow you to pat and cuddle him.

It is not a good idea to keep a baby near a macaw and vice versa. However, you can still have a baby as long as you ensure your still spending LOTS of time with Tyson so that he does not feel neglected and make sure that his cage/he is out of reach from children. When your child is about 2 1/2 years old you can try introducing him/her to the bird. I know a Kakariki is a lot smaller but my 4 yr old niece and 3 yr old Nephew absolutely love him and with supervision hand-feed him and hold him. If he flies around the house freely he may need to be transported to a different room so that he doesn't come and investigate your child with his beak. When/if you do have kids PLEASE ensure your macaw has plenty of fun toys and maybe even a t.v to watch during the day so that he doesn't feel neglected at all, as macaws can be very emotional birds.

-Please know that I have never owned a macaw or large parrot species so my advice may be useless. Hope I helped!

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I think it takes a lot for a bird to accept cuddles and scritches, it may just be something that will never happen but it may happen any minute now and take you by surprise

Jamieleigh from BirdTricks wrote a blog post you may be interested in regarding your child ~

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I would start as you mean to carry on.
Have a certain amount of time you let him out.
Even a seperate room.
Try to vary the time if day so he doesn't expect it and begin to shout.
Limit time to the amount you will have when baby arrives.
Make sure you both handle and take care of him equally.
Vary his diet with different fruit and veg to interesting.
Sit near and speak to him in a googly baby voice.
So when you sit near talking to the baby, he will think you're talking to him.
Keep all small fingers out!
This may mean attaching perspex to the bottom of few inches outside of his cage.
If things stay the same arrives he won't even notice.


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The perspex will also help with mess

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You didn't happen to mention the age of your severe. I ask because the birds personality will likely change once it reaches three or fours years. That is an age many severes find themselves looking for a new home. My severe is somewhere between four and five. She is over bonded to me and as far as being my personal pet, she is excellent, smart, playful, extremely cuddly and snuggly. Although I initially found her somewhat rough to handle, I think some of that was testing me and later not knowing what my threshold of discomfort was. I handle her quite a lot, usually 2 1/2 hours per day on most days and more on weekends. She seldom bites me hard enough to bleed or cause real pain but likes to do this little pinching/drilling thing that's mildly painful. It's not the same as the "beak of correction" that she does when she disapproves of something I'm doing and sometimes her disapproval's can be absolutely indecipherable like her dislike of toilet paper to clean up accidents, (paper towels are fine) or what I choose for breakfast on a given day. She is bossy like that.

That's the way she is with me, to everyone else in the family she is perfectly hateful. She doesn't want me to speak with my wife and the more my grown son tries to win her friendship, the more aggressive she becomes towards him. Trying to win the bird over is counter productive and seems to only ramp up her methods of conveying that she wants nothing to do with the solicitor. She is nicer to strangers than she is to family members and what tolerance she shows is only because I immediately put her in a room alone if she makes any aggressive movement towards them. I'm pretty sure this is the same behavior that landed her on the sales floor. Her previous male owner, obviously distressed at selling her and the wife eager to close the deal at whatever price I was willing to pay. Although she seemed to immediately accept me as a friend (surprising), it was sad to see her cling to the side of her cage at a window facing a neighbors busy driveway, anxiously watching the comings and goings and become very vocal and animated when a man who physically resembled her previous owner came and went.

Every bird is different and I have read multiple accounts of people who say their severe is equally friendly with all family members. I don't think this is the most common outcome. I suspect that their birds may not have reached maturity. This appears to be really an issue with all the mini macaws and especially with the Severes. That's a shame because she is such a wonderful companion towards me but a source of friction for everyone else. I'm sure there are homes where this breed would fit in perfectly but the breed from what I have read and experienced is not a good choice for an all around family pet.

I hope your bird is not the one person bird these guys tend to be but I wouldn't allow a child to get within biting distance of mine. I warn all adults who attempt to charm her not to offer an extended finger or get angry when they get bitten. She seldom proves me in error.
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