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Sometimes budgies get an upset stomach and they start to throw up shaking their head and the seeds start flying, I just keep a close watch on the bird and check to see if there are long strands of drool or spit up around the birds mouth or face if you do see the drool and spit up hangind on them this shows you have a sick bird that needs to see an avian vet ASAP!

Also watch to see if your bird is puffed up and sleeping a lot or sitting very quiet and still for long periods of time as this also shows the bird is ill.

Summertime is a time when bacteria can form easily in plastic food and water dishes due to the heat, take all the toys and food dishes and water dishes out the cage wash them well and rinse them with boiling water to sterilize them. You can also give the dishes and toys a rinse with apple cider or regular white vinegar and then rinse this off with cold water.

Dry everything with a clean dish towel and replace it in the cage.

If your bird doesn't show the strands of drool or spit on or around his mouth in 24 hours and is acting normal singing playing and hopping around after a day then I wouldn't be too worried as I mentioned they do get sick from time to time and sometimes its not a big deal or concern. Get your birds some budgie seed as a tiels diet is not what a budgie should be eating.
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