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Hi Mik, it sounds like these 2 birds need to be separated into their own cages for a while. Do you have a spare cage or can you find another cage somewhere to keep these 2 birds apart for a few weeks? I see they are molting and growing in lots of pin feathers which can make them a bit irritated and moody but you've mentioned in your first post that one was chasing the other around and bullying it and that the birds did not come from the same breeding source.

If this type of behavior keeps happening the dominant bird might end up keeping the other bird from eating and drinking and this can be dangerous to the other bird. Also, budgies can do serious damage to each other with their beaks and you don't want to be rushing to a vets with a bird that has been seriously harmed by the other bird.

Sometimes separating them can help them cool down and adjust to each other if they are in 2 different cages that are placed side by side. They will talk to each other and visit between the bars and eventually one bird will leave the cage and fly over to the other birds cage and go in and hang out so hopefully they will get along.

If they don't get along after you've moved one bird to another cage then that's just the way it will have to be. Most of the time budgies are flock birds that like to be with each other but then once in a while there is that one odd budgie that dislikes its cage mates and causes havoc so you have to separate them.

You will see how it pans out in a few weeks or so.
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