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Originally Posted by Mr Peepers View Post
So New Caledonian Crows are actually the Tim the Tool Man Taylor of the BIRB World. They have their own crowcraftbirb tools they like and approve of.

I can see a business start up of this .... I can see some smartly dressed crow try and pitch it on The Dragon's Den and make some money and become RICH RICH RICH!

What I found interesting about these crows, is that apparently they enjoy the aspect of using tools to solve a problem and get their reward-treat, much like parrots or brainy dogs and cats. (I say brainy dogs and cats, because I know my highly inquisitive Maine Coon kitty looked forward to the games/tests I gave him with his passionate purrs and happy posture of his tail held high -- but I know that all cats might not respond in this way.)

I also think it funny to imagine that originally a New Caledonian Crow might of had a case of Woodpecker-beak Envy, so used sticks and leaf stems as a way to extend their proboscis further. (If you know of any New Caledonian Crows, personally, please don't mention this to them, as they might take offense. For once it would be a positive thing to be called a PECKER-HEAD.)

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