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Bibi you need to look at the eyes in the correct lighting to see if the eye has a brown iris, and not all species of toos have the different iris colouring. The main Australian ones that do are the Sulphur Crested, Galah's, Major Mitchell's and the Blacks. Corella's don't have different eye colouring. Gang Gang's can be easily sexed as male and female's are different colours at maturity, the hens don't have the red head and crests.

I agree with what Daisy said. Shelly you don't say what species of too you are talking about. The different species can have quite different personalities. I keep Sulphurs, Galah's, Long and Short Billed Corella's. One of my female Sulphurs is the sweetest bird around, but even she has her moments, not necessarily with me but with others, I can pretty much do anything at all with her and she has never even tried to bite me, she is 14 in September, I hand raised her from 2 weeks and she left me at 16 weeks and I got her back when she was 4, at the time I was the only female who could touch her, but after getting her back she was then fine with most other women.

Personally I would never use a harness of any type with a too, they don't really like them and will just chew them. I don't have a problem with screaming at all, but I have more than one too so they don't need to flock call even when the wild ones come over calling. A couple of the boys will have a very short scream in the morning and afternoon, but it wouldn't even be for 30 seconds at a time. It is usually lonliness or boredom that makes them scream and then it is more often the males, my girl Charlie has only ever screamed twice in all the time I have had her.

I don't feed pellets, and with toos their beaks are used like shovels, so they would just throw them around, very expensive waste with them. I feed a good quality peachface mix, which is basically a good quality budgie mix with the addition of 10% Sunflower and Safflower. Fruit and veges and occassionally nuts in the shell as a treat. They like Almonds, Walnuts, Peanuts and even Brazil Nuts. My Sammy knew just where to get his beak on a Walnut to split it in half.

As for small birds around them, I don't encourage it. But I have wild sparrows that will raid the toos cages and the toos basically ignore them, the bars of the cage are wide enough apart for the sparrows to get in. Mine are under a big awning at the back of the house so the wild birds can get under there.

Toos are extremely intelligent and they do understand when they have done something wrong. I can remember when Sammy was young and I was outside talking with someone and Sammy was yelling. I went inside to tell him off and to be quite, he got this really innocent look on his face and said, "Sammy not a good boy". I told him no he wasn't, and he stopped yelling. If my guys are naughty, they get time out in their cages. They understand more than people give them credit for.
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