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Firstly, I wouldn't be sticking my hands in any birds cage whether they're biters or not. Birds tend to be a lot more confident if they can come out on their own terms

Secondly, I'd be armed with treats at all times. If you know that he will come to you for a treat, then give him them. Whatever you do make sure you don't give him the opportunity to think about biting first. Coax him out with a treat and leave it at that. Don't say, get bit, and then give him a treat when he comes out because he's going to associate biting with receiving a treat

Thirdly, conures are extremely nippy birds. You have to really persevere with them to get them to stop. Parrotletsrock told me that if you gently place them on the floor and ignore them when they bite you, that they stop biting. It worked like a charm for me. My birds learnt that if they bite me then they have to go on the floor and won't get my attention. You only have to do it for a few seconds, otherwise they won't know what they did wrong

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