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My Cage Choosing Dilemma

Okay, so I've moved buying two more flight cages to being my top priority. I want to buy the same one I got for Christmas ( because I absolutely love it. At first I was just going to get two more white ones, but the more I thought about it, the more OCD I got about it. See, if I have three white flight cages that look exactly the same, and then I buy my African Grey and I have to buy a bigger different cage, it will look odd among my other cages, ESPECIALLY if the one I buy happens to not come in white. It will be very uneven. But if I were to buy different colors of this flight cage, maybe it won't look so odd. I was thinking maybe buying a black one because Kiki's feet and beak are black and it would match, so I'd give that to her and give her white one to Minnie or the budgies. I think white would match the budgies and Minnie. But I can't have two white cages and one black cage. I really like the sandstone shade, as well as the platinum, but the platinum will clash with my white. I don't know who I would give the sandstone colored cage to, Minnie to the budgies? Minnie is white and she would match a white cage, but it might be difficult to find her because she might blend in with the white cage, so I could give her a sandstone colored cage. I don't think the budgies match the sandstone as well as they do the white. Then I'd have a white one, a sandstone one and a black one. I also sort of like the blue one, but I'm nervous about buying that one. But what if it turns out I don't like them? Would it be easier to just go with all white?

I am being very OCD, if you can't tell.
So, somebody give me advice. LOL!

DIGBY 4-year-old male Congo African Grey
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Personally I would get 3 different colors. I just like colorful things so I would get the blue and green. But that is just my opinion. It looks liken a great cage!

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I don't really like the green. The blue is okay, but I'd feel safer with the other colors. I think I definitely want black for Kiki, but I'm still unsure about the sandstone and such.

DIGBY 4-year-old male Congo African Grey
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Personally I would go with all white because I take allot of pics and my birds in black cages don't turn out as nice as they due in white cages. But for you I would get whatever color you want I'm sure you'll like them.

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wow abby . . . i got lost half way through reading it but id go with all different colours

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I like the white, it's very clean and sleek. Personally, I own one black and one green flight cage mostly because they did not have a black available when I bought the second cage. Chances are when you get the African grey, if indeed you do, you will eventually be wanting a stainless steel cage for him in which case matching colours would not really matter. so just go with what you like.
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I am ordering the black as soon as possible. I should be getting some money soon, and then I will order it. It will probably be a while after that until I get more money for the third cage, so I will have plenty of time to decide.

DIGBY 4-year-old male Congo African Grey
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I like platinum because it doesn't show dust as much as any other color, but that is me. You should get what you want. White is a common color, so you could certainly find some model of white cage for your grey if that is what you really want.

Cannary likes all different colors and she is always getting mad at me when I order platinum cages, because she wants all different colors. She wears plaids with patterns and stripes of all different colors when left to her own devices, which I allow even though my own mother never would, unless we are going to something where I think people will judge my parenting skills if I don't force her to match her clothes. (Thank goodness there is a very strict dress code for school which calls for only plain colored clothing!) Cannary has 3 cages. One is dark brown, one is platinum with a green trim, and the other is platinum, but that was the very first cage she got, so one platinum cage was ok. She really wanted blue then, but they had sold the blue one she wanted and she wanted to bring Stanley home right away. She wants to buy a sandstone cage and a white cage eventually. She doesn't know that one company makes a ruby cage - so DON'T tell her!!!!!

Thanks Shivani for the awesome siggy!
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hehe nanay that's great!

and Abby they'd all look pretty great! Mix and match!
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