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Birds and Organization

"Birds" and "organization" just don't seem to mix. Birds are messy, we all know that. Heck, we knew that the first day we brought our first bird home! Birds are messy, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to contain the mess, stay organized yourself, and even keep a schedule. It's well known that parrots do best when kept on a routine; I have some suggestions on ways to keep clean, organized, and to keep a schedule/routine to stick with. These are just the ways I do things, I'm not saying that they are right or wrong, but they have worked for me.

There are a TON of things that need to be done as an owner. Baths for the bird, baths for the cages, changing liner, feeding, rotating toys, all sorts of stuff. I, personally, want to make sure everything is done regularly. I have a dry erase calendar on my wall, in which I write down when every month/week I preform a particular task. For instance, Tuesday and Thursday, (unless its needed earlier) I switch the paper on the bottom of the cage. Rotate toys on Wednesdays. The end of every month, I wash the cage. Sometimes I'll add certain days I feed certain extra foods. On the extra space of the dry erase board, I write down things to remember, even simple things. Cover the cage at 9:30 PM every night, buy this, buy that. If kept to, all of this ensures that my birds have routine, I have routine, and mess is kept up with and taken care of.

After years of keeping birds, I'm sure you have noticed that the supplies you have really start to add up. For a while, I had a TON of extra toys, extra pieces of toys, extra dishes, treats. To maintain and keep track of all of this, I had a little plastic dresser type thing that had large drawers. In those drawers, I put boxes/bins in. I seperated toys from toy pieces, from dishes/perches/other cage accessories from treats/extra edible things. Some of our cages have shelves under them, and you can do the same kind of thing on those shelves. Every month or so, go through all of your supplies and throw out what you don't need and clean what you want to keep. You can personalize this idea to fit your needs. I really liked this system.

The every day mess of seeds/pellet/poop is so well known by us all. Like I said, we were probably hit with it the first day our bird was brought home. Although we can never be rid of it completely, there are some things we can do about it. I keep a sweeper by my cages all the time, and I sweep pretty much every day. Places where my birds hang out most outside of their cages, I put newspaper on the floor. Kiki sits on the cage door ALL the time. I put newspaper under her to reduce the poop that is stuck to the carpet. That newspaper is replaced often. There are lots of products released to help with that; I've see a door "skirt" which looks similar to a large, white plastic food dish that is on both sides of the door. It catches the poop. There are also cage skirts that can be bought and put around the bottom of the cage, to catch seeds and such. There are spray products that can be used safely around birds to remove poop and bacteria in the cages, such as "Poop-Off." I personally have a day set on my calendar every week when I take a we wash cloth or paper towel and I wipe down everything in the cage lightly, to get poop and dirt off but not moving things and completely washing the cage.

These are some tips I have, I really hope they've helped, I'll add more when I think of them, and I would like to hear all your comments and all your personal suggestions on how you stay organized with your own birds.

DIGBY 4-year-old male Congo African Grey
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Well, every morning, the first thing I do is change Scully's food, water and paper. Then, at miday, I change his water. I might put more food in his bowl if he eats a lot.
That's my food, water, and paper routines.

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Abby this is really good!!!

it should be a sticky!

For my cage i have a plastic "floor" underneath since my cage is in my room and there is carpet!

great topic! im going out to buy myself a dry erase board! thanks for the idea!
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great post Abby!

- Alexandrine parakeets Kona, Peaches, George (missing), Holly (RIP), & Orange winged Amazon parrot Paulie
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Aww..thanks guys! I'm so glad it helped. Feel free to add your own ideas to staying organized and cleaned.

DIGBY 4-year-old male Congo African Grey
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What a great topic and write-up, Abby! I seem to have a plethora of stainless steel bowls. I always have a few stashed toys on hand and lots of toy parts for making foot toys and filling stainless steel skewers!

~Kristen~ & Flock

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I put tacks in the wall to hang spare toys and such off of. Also beneficial because the birdies will sometimes start playing with one of the toys on it's hook, inspiring me to rotate that one into their cage next time around :P I also have a little handheld vaccum that I use to vacuum in, around, and under their cages every couple of days (the first few times I did it they were kind of freaked to see it come in their cages, but they just ignore it now)
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I have a smaller cage for a sleep cage. It helps with his attitude when he gets a good nights sleep. When he goes to the smaller cage it is a great time to work on his day time digs. Tidying up and changing papers etc. Helps alot.

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