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What kinds of things does your galah cockatoo like?

So, I am most likely getting a galah within the next couple of months. I happened upon this used cage at a local store (they had sold the resident conure) and the price was very good considering the condition. Went ahead and bought it, because even if I don't end up getting a galah right away I can always dismantle it and store it until I do get one. It's 40" wide, but I'm not sure what brand or model it is. I am also getting the boing that you see inside, but that is new (they just put it inside the cage for me until I can pick it up). I'll probably hang that up outside the cage.

So now, the question is, what else to get! I'm thinking an Atom or Orbit...but what size?? Medium or large? Also, do these play stands look good?




Link (Or maybe the medium??)

And obviously I will get lots of toys. If anyone wants to share your galah's favorite toys that would be great! Economical is always a plus of course. Thanks in advance!
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Well Sydney loves to chew leather, wood, table cloths....anything like that Button, zips and dimonties are all fair game too but you wont find them on most toys lol.

So I only give him wooden things if I want him to destroy them (I'm eyeing up that wooden play stand when I say that). Now he doesn't chew as much as some Galahs that I've seen but it will depend totally on your bird as an individual.

Galah's also don't really stay still. I know when I was asking about a stand for the 2nd room to give him somewhere to loiter I was basically told by other owners not to bother...and it's true, unless he's pacing the top of his cage (which he likes to do often and bark orders to us peasants down below ) he never stays in one place for long at all.

I gave him his first booing today and he was scared of it for several hours!

He has a coconut forrage toy, babble ball, general wooden bell chewy thing, real wood perch with the wooden blocks on the end that spin, erm....booing....old baby toy that has various textures...swing...some foot toys but he NEVER plays with them....a ropey preening toy... birdy kabob...I think that's everything at the moment.

The rest is just more perches, he has mineral x1, wooden x2, dowel x2 and rope x1 inside and 1 wooden outside.

Sydney doesn't know how to play with toys though, he has to learn. He likes to throw things and have me pick them up...but mostly he likes to shred paper, forage the carpet for dropped seeds (or biscuits if he's lucky from the kids!) and have cuddles

Some of the gang:

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Thanks! I'll have to experiment with different sorts of toys since I don't know what my bird's preferences will be, but shiny things and shreddy things seem like a must.

I know they are active birds, but I have to provide some landing spots for when he/she does feel like being somewhere other than in the air or on the floor. There won't be a whole lot of furniture in the room, apart from maybe a couch. And I don't think I can do much with this cage's top since it's dome-shaped (the only thing I dislike about it).
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Shredding safe newspaper toys you can make can be super easy for you and inexpensive. Cockatoos like to wreck stuff. I would have an orbit or atom hanging from the ceiling with some toys around it (I recommend you get large) and the boing too. Loads of natural perches around the outside of the cage and such good luck! The cage is nice

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My Karl Corella loves his swing. He has a round rope swing which he will either sit in and swing or hang onto the bottom with just his beak and do mad 360's with his wings out. I don't know how he doesn't get dizzy doing it but he loves it. Corella's are similar to Galah's in temperament.

Otherwise my Galah's mainly love to chew.
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Be prepared to go through a lot of toys! I would go for the first stand, I was going to get the second one when I had the chance to, but didn't because I was told it is not the best stand because of the plastic perches.

Some favorites of Bubby’s.. banksia, pine cones, lemanii, brush box, gum nuts, paper bags/kraft bags (so easy, and he finds them to be a ton of fun), untreated pine, shredder craft paper strips, natural raffia, balsa, raffia, wooden paddles, vine balls, vine rings, yucca, palm leaves, paper sticks, paper till rolls, plastic beads, wooden beads, plastic star rings, shredded paper, wooden blocks, pacifiers, wicker baskets. I would also suggest having a few foraging toys in the cage too.
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Thanks Renae, that gives me a lot of good ideas! Some of those, I don't know if I could find, but I will look into as many as possible. Wouldn't want my baby to be bored!!

I had a store credit at a local shop, so I picked up a few things there with my future pink monster in mind.

The toy is HUGE! Wonder how long it'll take before it's demolished? I think it's probably meant for the largest of parrots, which means maybe it stands a chance of lasting a little while (parts of it anyway, haha).

No luck finding good natural wood perches that fit my cage's width, unfortunately, but so far I have a rope one and a small java one. I'll have to keep looking elsewhere for the "main" perches.
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Here is a favorite that i find is a winner all the time.
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