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Chewy is home Here he was at the vet with his little baby blue splint

And here is his hospital cage that he has to be in for the next month, so he doesn't try to perch or climb while healing

So here is what happened:

I was out at a friend's, Mike was home. He put the birds to bed like normal. We had taken the ladders out of the bottom of the cage a few days ago because we thought that's what he was hurting his wings on when he was having his frights. Well soon enough as Mike got into bed, Chewy had a fright and must have flopped down straight across to the opposite side of the cage and managed to push the spring door open enough to get his leg through, then his leg band got him stuck and he couldn't pull his leg back out. Mike ran down right away and saw him flapping and hanging, he got his leg out but it was already fractured and bleeding everywhere. He called me in a panic and I zoomed home. After calling a few vets, we found one that could take him so we rushed over. We put styptic powder on his leg before we left and put him in the travel cage with a towel.

When the vet checked him she didn't even bring up the option of euthanasia so we asked just to make sure, she said because he is so young and we brought him in quickly that there is a very good chance his leg will heal and he will be able to walk on it again. We were just worried about his quality of life and living without a foot (worst case scenario). So we agreed to have him treated. She knocked him out, x-rayed him and splinted him. He made it through fine. I picked him up this afternoon and he will have to be in the hospital cage on his own for 3-4 weeks while he heals. He is on pain meds 3 times a day and amoxicillin twice a day for 10-14 days. He has to go back weekly for a check up for the next month and then they are going to re-xray in a month but they don't have to put him under again.

Poor little guy, he seems so miserable I hope he eats and drinks like he is supposed to. I'm trying to keep him quiet but we can't help but keep checking on him. He's just a fluffed up little thing. So stressful!

Moral of the story: If you have a cage, ANY cage, with spring-loaded doors, PLEASE please please zip tie them or secure them so that this doesn't happen to your bird Thank you all for your kind thoughts and words of encouragement!
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